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Operators Arithmetic
Boolean Logical Operators
Bitwise and Bitshift Operators
Increment and Decrement
Conditional Operator
Operate-Assign Operators

Control Flow statements Selection statements - if, switch

Iteration statements - while, do-while, for
Jump statements - break, continue

Data Types and Variables Primitive Data Types - byte, short, int, long, char, float,
Non-primitive Data Types
Usage of Data Types
Literals - string, numeric, character, floating-point, boolean
Declaring Variables
Variable Names
Scope and Lifetime of Variables

Arrays Declaration of Arrays

Construction of Arrays
Initialization of Arrays
Elements of Arrays
One and Multi-dimensional Arrays
Alternative Arrays

Classes Class Declaration

Declaring Member Variables
Defining Methods
Scope of Methods
Method Parameters
Static Methods
Final Classes
Object Classes
Abstract Classes
Nested Classes:
Static Member Types
Non-static Member Classes
Local Classes
Fundamental Classes:
Object, Wrapper, String Class

Objects Creating Objects

Using Objects
Access Modifiers
Using the this Keyword
Object Finalization
Field Initializer
Return Value
Method to Box Class
Garbage Collection

Interfaces Declaring an Interface

Interface Implementation
Extending Interfaces
Using Interface as Type
Rewriting Interface
Runnable Threads
Variables in Interface

Inheritance Member Access and Inheritance

Overriding Method
Hiding Members
Using the super Keyword
Object Class

Packages Defining Packages

Creating Packages
The Import Statement
Static Imports
Scope of Packages

Exception Handling Declaring Exceptions

Exception Hierarchy
Exception Matching
Exception Methods
Exception Types - Try, Catch, Finally
Throw Statement
Erros and Runtime Exceptions

File and Streams File Class

Recording and Writing Files
Input and Output
Byte Streams - Input Streams and Output Streams
Character Streams - Readers and Writers
Basic and Filtered Streams
Converting Byte Streams to Character Streams

Threads Creating Threads

Threaded and Non-Threaded Applications
Thread Priorities
Thread Synchronization
Coordinating and Interrupting Threads
Runnable Interface

Type Erasure
Type Boundaries
Parameterized Types
Generic Methods and Constructors
Strengths and Weaknesses of Generics
Legacy code and Generics

Inner Classes Inner Classes

Member Classes
Local Classes
Anonymous Classes
Static Nested Classes
Instance Initializers

Strings String Class

StringBuilder and the StringBuffer Classes
Strings and Memory