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Baby, It's Cold Outside

from the Motion Picture Neptune's Daughter



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MPL Communications, Inc.

1948 (Renewed) FRANK MUSIC CORP.

All Rights Reserved

Authorized for use by David Wray

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from the Motion Picture NEPTUNES DAUGHTER

Moderately slow Swing

N.C. A maj7 C /D Cm7(add4) F7 5 A maj9/B

3 3 3

With pedal

F 69( 11) E maj7

I real - ly cant stay.

simp - ly must go.

Ba - by, its
Ba - by, its

Cm7 Fm7 A /B B9

Ive got to go way. This

The an - swer is no. This

cold out - side. Ba - by, its cold out there.

cold out - side. But, ba - by, its cold out there.

1948 (Renewed) FRANK MUSIC CORP.

All Rights Reserved

Authorized for use by David Wray

E maj7 E 6 E maj7 Cm7 B m7

eve - ning has been so ver - y nice.

wel-come has been so nice and warm.

Been hop-ing that youd drop in. Ill hold your hands;
So luck - y that you dropped in. Look out the win -

B m7/E E 79 A maj7 A 6 A maj7 A 6

My moth - er will start to wor - ry, and

My sis - ter will be sus - pi - cious. My

theyre just like ice. Beau - ti - ful, whats your hur -

- dow at that storm. Gosh, your lips look de - li -

A m7 A m6 A m(maj7) A m6

fa - ther will be pac - ing the floor.

broth - er will be there at the door. My

ry? Lis - ten to that fi - re - place roar!

cious, waves up - on a trop - i - cal shore.

Authorized for use by David Wray

Gm7(add4) G 13( 11)

Real - ly, Id bet - ter scur - ry...

maid - en aunts mind is vi - cious. Well,

Sweet - heart, whats your hur -

Ooh, your lips are de - li -

F13 A /B B7 5

may - be, just a half a drink more. The

may - be just one kiss more. Ive

ry? Why dont you put some rec - ords on while I pour.
cious. Nev - er such a bliz - zard be - fore!

E (add2) E maj7 C7 9

neigh - bors might think... Say,

got to go home. Say,

But, ba - by, its bad out there.

Youll freeze to the bone out there.

Authorized for use by David Wray

Fm7 G 95 Fm B 13 E maj9 E maj7/D

whats in this drink? I wish I knew how

lend me a comb. Youve real - ly been grand,
3 3

No cares to be had out there. Your eyes are like

Its up to your knees out there. I thrill when you

Cm7 B+ B m9 B m7 G7 5

to break this spell. I

but dont you see, theres

star - light now. Ill take your hat; your hair looks swell.
touch my hand. How can you do this thing to me?

A maj7

ought to say, no, no, no, sir. Well, at

bound to be talk to - mor - row. Well, at

Mind if I move in clos -

Mak - ing my life - long sor -

Authorized for use by David Wray

Cm7 F13 A /B B 13 9

least Im gon - na say that I tried. I

least there will be plen - ty im - plied. I

er? Whats the sense in hurt - ing my pride?

row if you caught pneu - mo - nia and died.

E maj7 Fm7 Gm7 C7 9

real - ly cant stay; oh, but its cold

real - ly cant stay; ba - by, its cold

Ba - by, dont hold out. Oh, but its cold

Get o - ver that old out! Ba - by, its cold

Fm9 B 13 9 N.C. A maj7 C /D Cm7(add4)

out - side.

out - side.

3 3

Authorized for use by David Wray

F7 5 A maj9/B F 69( 11) F13

B 13 9 N.C. A maj7 C /D G7 5

out - side.

out - side.

3 3

Cm7(add4) G7 5 Fm11 F 69( 11) E maj13 8va


Authorized for use by David Wray