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Table of Contents Paganism is the use of Products
sprinkling or blowing mentioned here:
I. Introduction
II. How to Use Herbs powders often called Herbs, Roots and
III. How to Use Oils Curios
sachet or bosom
IV. How to Use Incense Ritual Oils,
V. How to Use Bath powders. Although these Astrological Oils and
Crystals and Washes powders seem to be a Essential Oils
VI. How to Use Powders Self Lighting Incense
recent import, they really
VII. Free Spiritual Spells Bath Crystals for
VIII. Index just combine both Protection, Love and
European and African Money
Waters and Washes
magical traditions and for Spiritual
have been a part of the Protection

Hoodoo tradition Sachet Powders

practiced by the old Spell Kits in the

Hoodoo Tradition
conjure workers for a very long time. Now these Ritual
Powders have started to find their place amongst the
ritual tools of Witches.

The oldest kinds of these Powders are mixtures of natural Anointing Oils
Baths, Overview
mineral and herbal components taken directly from Gaia. Baths, Ritual
The best known of these really old time formulas are Baths, Types of
Being A Witch
Sulfur, Sugar, Anvil Dust, Salt, Black Pepper, Saltpeter, Red Blessing for Pets
Pepper, and Ancestor Dirt. In the beginning of the modern Condition Oils
Conjure Incense
age it became popular to start compounding these Conjure Oils
Powders with Talcum Powder so they could be used as Conjure Powders
part of a womans dressing rituals. The richly scented Coven Kyklos
Essential Oil
Sachet Powders gave a purifying scent to the ladies room, Fragrance Oil
or herself, and often a little Powder was dusted on the Free House Cleaning
Free Love Spells
body every morning or sprinkled into dresser drawers to Free Magic Spells
help keep her clothes sweet smelling and fresh. Free Magick Spells
Free Money Spells
Sometimes these powders were, and are, worn in a small Free Spells
bosom bag to help bring positive magickal influence for Herbs & Roots,
romance, finance, or a peaceful home environment. A lot Herbs & Roots,
of rural practitioners will sprinkle Powders in each of the Overview
Herbs & Roots,
four corners of a room or ritual space or on and at their Witchcraft
Hoodoo Incense
doors to help drive out darker works that may have been Hoodoo Oils
Hoodoo Powders
placed on them or their space. Incense, Conjure
Incense, Hoodoo
Incense, Overview
Incense, Pagan
Incense, Witchcraft

How to Use Spiritual and Ritual Introduction

Lucky Mojo Bag Spells

Sachet Powders Oil, Essential

Oil, Fragrance
Oils, Anointing
Oils, Condition
There are several different ways that these kinds of Ritual Oils, Conjure
Oils, Hoodoo
Powders can be used and most of these methods come Oils, Overview
down to us from various African and European Oils, Ritual
Oils, Types of
American folk magic traditions. The simplest of these Pagan Incense
methods is the powdering of ourselves or an amulet, Pagan Powders
Powders, Conjure
candle, or ritual tool with a particular ritual Powder, more Powders, Hoodoo
complex methods can involve full magickal rituals, with Powders, How to Use
Powders, Overview
the casting of the circle, calling and invocation of the Powders, Pagan
elements, the burning of Ritual Incense, anointing with Powders, Witchcraft
Ritual Oils and then the blowing of Ritual Powders to Prosperity Spells
Protection Spells
affect particular circumstances, people or spirits. Ritual Baths
However, in general Powders are use in one of a few basic Ritual Oils
Sachet, How to Use
ways, Sprinkling, Blowing, Dressing items, Making Sachet, Overview
Drawings, Wearing, or as part of a larger ritual or magickal Witch, Being A
Witchcraft, Herbs &
spell. Roots
Witchcraft Incense
Witchcraft Powders
Sprinkling is done in a number of ways. It can involve
laying down powders while walking backwards, placing
small piles in the corners of rooms, making a line at the
doors, casting powders out over walkways, or even onto
carpets to then be vacuumed up.

Blowing is done normally by placing a small amount of the

powder into the palm of the hand, or onto a sheet of paper
and then blowing the Powders towards a person, place,
direction, or the Sacred Four Quarters.

Dressing items is often as simple as sprinkling the

powders over items (or lightly dusting the items with
sachet powders on a makeup brush) and then blowing or
shaking off the extra for collection and reuse later. This
method can be used on almost anything; ritual candles,
paper money and coins, business cards, job applications,
mortgage papers, handkerchiefs, and especially love

Making Drawings with powders is done in a number of

ways; powders can be used to mark out the circle for
rituals, to make magickal patterns on the altar, or to mark
out visually the intentions of a spell. Although this can
take a little artistry to pull off it can be visually stunning
and often well worth the extra effort of getting it just right.
Wearing powders is as easy as using normal Talc or other
cosmetic powders and you can dress your body with
perfumed Ritual Powders or carry them in an old fashion
bosom bag sachet bag but you can also carry them along
with other magickal items in a bag in your pocket or even
hidden in your shoe.

The following is a list of powders and their properties that

can be used in assistance of your magickal work.

Pagan and Witchcraft Powders and

Here are some of the oldest Powders you might want to
have amongst your ritual tools:

ABRAMELIN POWDER comes down from an ancient

Jewish formula specified by Abramelin the Mage
from a medieval grimoire called "The Book of the
Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage". This powder,
and its accompanying ritual oil, is highly esteemed by
those who follow more ceremonial magickal
traditions and is of great benefit to those who follow
the course of ritual activities.

SALT is a common household item but it has a long

history of use for Purification and Protection. Some
magicians particularly those from ceremonial
traditions believe it is better to use Kosher Salt and
that it has more power to it.

SALTPETER is often mixed with two other minerals to

make a Sprinkling Powder. One very popular mixture
consists of a teaspoon of SALTPETER, a cup of SALT,
and a tablespoon of POWDERED BLUEING to help
remove negative influences and for Spiritual Cleaning.

SULPHUR POWDER is a naturally occurring mineral

dust and can be mixed with Salt and then sprinkled or
laid down to help clear and clean out an area of
negative spell work.

WITCHES SALT, also known as Black Salt, is a

mixture of Salt and Charcoal, Salt and Iron Pot
Scrapings, Salt and Black Pepper, or Salt that has
been dyed black and is used to drive away evil, or to
make an enemy leave you alone.
Hoodoo Powders
and Conjure Sachet Powders
Here are some more modern Powders which are really
great to have on hand:

BANISHING POWDER: Never call anything up you can

not put down. How often have we been taught this
and how often do we find ourselves having to put
down the negative actions of others? Banishing
Powder is a must! It helps remove unwanted people
or situations and is strong without being heavy
handed or destructive.


out a magickal Powder called Bewitching? Obviously
we cant! Bewitching Powder is a ladys best friend it
adds just the right blend of mystery, fascination, and
sexual allure to love spells. This is a great one to use
during the full of the moon on that certain partner.


succeed and achieve recognition in school, career, or
your magical work there is no finer magical formula
than the Crown of Success family. This traditional
Powder is tried and true and helps crown you and
uplift you in all endeavors that you might undertake.


Powder that is an invaluable tool amongst any set of
tools. Too often we allow fear to climb up on top of us
and rob of our intent and will and this powder helps
increase one's personal determination, courage, and
bravery. Always good to have on hand particularly
when one must face darker, negative powers.

KISS ME NOW! SACHET POWDER: This old fashion

Sachet Powder helps to rapidly bring about a sexual
encounter or increase desire in marriage. It has a firm
draw to it and some might find it a little coercive but it
works more with Venus natural feminine allure and
sometimes you just need a good time, you know?


great ritual and daily use Powder, its just the right
blend of soft attraction without being coercive and is
very useful in glamouring spell work and to help
attract the visual admiration of men. Use this one
after a Ritual Bath, for an extra oomph use this at the
time of the full moon and shell help make the men

TRANQUILITY POWDER: This is a very handy powder

to have in your ritual arsenal to help calm situations
down and return a peaceful environment. It is a good
smelling powder that traditionally has a soothing,
quieting scent that helps invoke calmness, gentle
thoughts, and tranquility.


planets (the five visible planets plus the Sun and
Moon) relate to the days of the week and also
planetary hours within days and seven sacred planets
were associated with ancient Gods and Goddesses.
The use then of these planets and their hours has an
ancient history in Witchcraft and Paganism. These
powders help invoke the powers and characteristics
of the individual planetary power. You can use these
powders to draw ritual symbols; dress ritual tools;
dust on candles, papers, letters, or your Book of
Shadows; or wear them as a personal scent to help
convey the power of the deities represented by the
Planets. They may also be combined with Zodiacal
Sachet Powders when one is working an
astrologically-based spell.

Sun Sachet Powder - Sun, Sol, Apollo; Sunday;

ruler of Leo
Mercury Sachet Powder - Mercury, Hermes,
Wotan; Wednesday; ruler of Gemini and Virgo
Venus Sachet Powder - Venus, Freya; Friday; ruler
of Taurus and Libra
Terra Sachet Powder - Terra, Gaia, Earth; our
Moon Sachet Powder - Moon, Luna, Artemis;
Monday; ruler of Cancer
Mars Sachet Powder - Mars, Twi; ruler of Aries;
co-ruler of Scorpio
Jupiter Sachet Powder - Jupiter, Zeus, Thor;
Thursday; ruler of Sagittarius; co-ruler of Pisces
Saturn Sachet Powder - Saturn, Kronos; Saturday;
ruler of Capricorn; co-ruler of Aquarius
Uranus Sachet Powder - Urania; co-ruler of
Neptune Sachet Powder - Neptune, Poseidon; co-
ruler of Pisces
Pluto Sachet Powder - Pluto, Hades; co-ruler of

ZODIACAL SACHET POWDERS relates to the various

signs of the zodiac and helps symbolize and invoke
the kind of activities and characteristics with which
the various signs of the zodiac are associated. You
can use these powders to draw ritual symbols, dress
ritual tools, or wear them as a personal scent to help
strengthen weak astrological characteristics or to
help heighten strong astrological characteristics.

Aries Sachet Powder - The Ram; March 21 - April

21; ruled by Mars; Element Fire.
Taurus Sachet Powder - The Bull; April 21 - May
21; ruled by Venus; Element Earth.
Gemini Sachet Powder - The Twins; May 21 -
June 21; ruled by Mercury; Element Air.
Cancer Sachet Powder - The Crab; June 21 - July
21; ruled by the Moon; Element Water.
Leo Sachet Powder - The Lion; July 21 - August
21; ruled by the Sun; Element Fire.
Virgo Sachet Powder - The Virgin; August 21 -
September 21; ruled by Mercury; Element Earth.
Libra Sachet Powder - The Balance; September
21 - October 21; ruled by Venus; Element Air.
Scorpio Sachet Powder - The Scorpion; October
21 - November 21; ruled by Pluto and Mars;
Element Water.
Sagittarius Sachet Powder - The Archer;
November 21 - December 21; ruled by Jupiter;
Element Fire.
Capricorn Sachet Powder - The Seagoat;
December 21 - January 21; ruled by Saturn;
Element Earth.
Aquarius Sachet Powder - The Water Bearer;
January 21 - February 21; ruled by Uranus and
Saturn; Element Air.
Pisces Sachet Powder - The Fishes; February 21 -
March 21; ruled by Neptune and Jupiter; Element

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