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Oracle is eager to offer companies an Unlimited License Agreement that meet

the criteria of being a company with a large number of Oracle products in their
roadmap and anticipating a growing usage of Oracle products.

Upfront large payment for future usage

of products by the customer.
Notionally large discounts provided as
incentive to bring forward costs.
Collection of all support contracts into
one single support stream.
Persuade customer to standardize on
Oracle products so that non-renewal of
the is not an option.
Ensure ever increasing revenue from the
customer in perpetuity.

: One of the largest automotive companies engaged our services to review

their deployment of Oracles technology and application products under multiple existing ULAs.
Their mandate to us was to determine if they had deployed maximally ; review Oracles pro-
posals ; recommend a decision to renew or certify the ULA. The result was a 80% reduction in
Oracle future spend.

Founded by a former Vice-President of

The best Microsoft & Oracle licensing
: Cost analysis between ULA & transactional purchase of Oracle
knowledge in India.
products. Clients can make more informed decisions.
Best in class tools for discovery of de-
ployment inventory of all publishers. : ULA end-phase management to ensure accurate
No conflict of interest. No partnerships data collection and representation. Clients leverage the end -phase management to get a
or re-selling arrangements with any better commercial and contractual deal from Oracle.
: Optimize the ULA during the term to get maximum return on in-
Experts in Audit Defense - across all vestments and track licenses to avoid non-compliance surprises.
Have become market leader in license : Management of ULAs during the tricky phas-
es of Merger, Acquisitions and Divestment & Entity Addition or Mid-term ULA Audit
management in India by acquiring more
than 40 clients since Dec 2014.

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