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Islamic Website

Project Proposal

I. The Background

There are tendencies among few Muslim intellectuals to

understand Islam from the perspective of Western mind and try to
propagate it through various ways. The impact is not only confusing
the Muslim mind but also motivated them to question and even
attack the fundamental sources of Islam, namely the Quran and the
Sunnah of the Holy Prophet. The establishment of Non Government
Organization mostly funded by Western foundations which focused
on Feminism or Gender, Humanism Liberalism, Pluralism, Post-
Traditionalism and the like, are in parallel direction with the ideas of
anti hadith, anti shariah and that of deconstructing Tafsir and
others. The dangers are manifest for they have enough funds to
disseminate their ideas and concepts through various media of
communications. They hold a dialogue in TV and Radio programs;
publish books or articles on news papers, magazine, or conduct
social service and others. Recently they start utilizing the Website
and Mailing list with worldwide membership.

These intellectual tendencies and movement should necessarily

be responded. However, to task is not so simple that requires not
only the serious elaboration from the science of the Quran and the
Sunnah, but also extensive explication of the metaphysical,
epistemological and ethical foundation of Islam that refer to Islamic
intellectual tradition. Prof.al-Attas has identified and discussed
profoundly these matters and offered his brilliant solution in
conceptual, practical, individual and institutional level. It is from his
ideas and concepts that we could cope with this situation, and it is
through his sophisticated approaches towards understanding Islam

that we could rebut those misleading opinion, insya Allah.

Therefore, it is proposed to launch a routine updated Website
focusing on these matters.

So far, there is no single Website on Islam that tries to offer such

a kind of approach and at the same time tries to respond, repudiate
or counter attack those misleading ideas and vindicate the Quran
and the Sunnah.

II. The name of the Website: ISLAH

Literally means: correction, reconciliation, reformation,
improvement, remedying.

III. The Motto of Website: Penerus tradisi Islamisasi

This mean that this Website tries to carry on intellectual tradition
in Islam which always in the manner of Islamizing or liberating the
ummah from foreign element that generally contain magical,
mythological, animistic, national-cultural tradition which are secular in
nature. This obviously include correction, refutation, analysis of
secular misleading ideas in the field of religious sciences, philosophy
and civilization, which connote the meaning ISLAH.

IV. The mission and objective of the Website:

Relevant to its name, ISLAH, the missions of this Website is to
identify the root of the problem of the ummah, which obviously is of
knowledge related problem and try to offer solution by liberating their
intellect from doubt (shakk), conjecture (zann), and vain
argumentation (mira). The objectives of this Website are:

1. To protect the fundamental sources of Islam, al-Quran and the

Sunnah by analyzing, repudiating or criticizing any idea that
denies their validity, or correcting (ISLAH) any misleading idea
that endanger them.
2. To offer solutions to the problem of ummah by providing an
Islamic response to the intellectual and cultural challenges of
the modern world and various school of thought, religion and
ideology, and exposing concepts and theories.
3. To carry on the intellectual tradition of Islam by acknowledging
respective authorities in all field of Islamic sciences and
introducing a sound approach towards understanding Islam in
order to achieve betterment (ISLAH).

V. The language of Website:

The language of the articles in this Website will be either in English
or in Malay. The display of the Menu will also be in English or Malay.

VI. The Menu of the Website:

The Menus of the Website is divided into three main headings and
five supplementary menus:

The main menu headings:

1. Contemporary Issues / issue terkini / issue semasa:
This is the front page of this Website. This page requires a
concise but comprehensive article that discus, analyze the
current issue, or may refute an idea or opinion that is frequently
discussed in the national or international medias. Therefore,
this page will be up dated once or twice a week.

2. al-Quran and al-Hadith:

This page is the most fundamental and vital in this Website and
will contain articles on the sciences of the Quran (Ulum al-
Quran), Tafsir and Tawil; articles that respond the misleading
opinion about the Quran; article on new approaches of
understanding the Holy Quran and the like. Also articles that
re-elaborate the science of Hadith, (riwayah, dirayah); that
respond and rebut ideas brought by those who try to question
the validity of Hadith or those who deny Hadith, (anti hadith)
either from among the Muslim scholars or from among the

3. Islamic Intellectual traditions:

a. Islamic Thought/ Pemikiran Islam:
This page will be divided into three sub-links namely
Kalam/Falsafah, Philosophy, and Tasawwuf. The articles in this
sub-links can be in the form of response to the current issues,
or metaphysical and epistemological discussion relevant to
the present discourse of Kalam, philosophy, and Tasawwuf.
Such as the refutation of the idea of Pluralism, Transcendent
Unity of Religion,

b. Islamic Civilizations/ Tammadun/ Peradaban:

This page will contain articles that discuss the issues on
Islamic education, economic, politic, social problem. The
articles could be in the form introducing new concept or

responding other concept. There will also be routine article

responding the Western ideas that infiltrate to the Muslim
mind such democracy, gender or feminism, Islam and
terrorism, human cloning, and the like.

c. Islamic Sciences / Sains Islam:

This page will contain articles that re-introduce the scientific
invention in the history of Islam, critique of Western scientific
methodology, new concept on Islamization of psychology,
economic, sociology and the like.

1. Book Review / Resensi Buku:
The books that will be reviewed are of old and new book on
Islam, old and new book of the Western civilization that are
mostly referred to by the Muslim scholars.

2. Interview / Wawancara:
This page contain a transcript of interview with any reliable
Muslim scholar concerning specific issue

3. Figure / Tokoh:
This page will introduce the experts from prominent Muslim
intellectuals from various fields of religious sciences, who
would voluntarily contribute their ideas in this Website.

4. About us / Tentang kami:

This page will show the objective and the mission of this

5. Contact / Kontak:
This page is the place where the reader can communicate
with the Web administrator for inquiry on various matters.

VII. The contributors of articles:

The contributors of articles in this Website are:
1. Muslim intellectual who master Arabic, English, and other
languages and are conversant of both Islamic and Western
2. Muslim intellectual who are able to go through the original

3. Lecturers and post-graduate students of various areas of

specialization in Islamic studies.

VIII. Term and condition for contributors:

1. The article for the link of contemporary Issue should be no more
than three pages and typed in double space. Reference, if any,
should be put in the text.
2. The articles for the link of Ulum al-Quran, al-hadith, Islamic
Thought, Islamic Civilization and Islamic Science should be
concise not more than five pages of double space. Reference
should be made in the form of bibliography.
3. The article should be submitted to the Websites editor in the
form disk, or submitted through e-mail.
4. For technical purpose, the editors and the administrator have
the right to cut parts of an article without prior consultation with
the contributors.
5. The contributor of an article is responsible and ready to respond
any question or refutation from the reader of this Website. In
this case, discussion or consultation with the authority in
respective field of studies is encouraged.

VIII. Personnel:
The personnel required to operate this Website are:
Advisory board : Dr. Ugi Suharto
Mohd.Zaidi Ismail MA
Chief editor : Hamid Fahmy Zarkasyi MA. MPhil

Editor of the Quran and Hadith : Shamsuddin Arif MA

Editor of Islamic Intellectual tradition : Adnin Armas
Editor of issues, book review, interview and figures: Nirwan
Secretary and treasury : Haris Susmana
Professional administrator : Faishol Zainuddin

X. Editor Address: Hamid Fahmy Zarkasyi

Lot. 8465, jalan Menteri, Sg. Ramal Baru Kajang,
Tel. 03-87349825, HP 013-3841974
e-mail: hamidf@tm.net.my & hfz@softhome.net

Adnin Armas
Tel. 03-62504608 HP: 016-2947349
e-mail: adir@tm.net.my

IX. Closing
The Website oriented purely to intellectual discourses and has no
political interests. It will display, therefore, the ideas are mostly
come from post-graduate students and in some occasions will
present that of the professors. While maintaining the spirit of
sincerity and voluntarism, the personnels of this Website will work
professionally. Therefore, this Website need continuous funds to

Damansara, March, 21, 2002

Proposed Budget

Annual budget:
1. Internic domain subscription RM 50
2. Hosting subscription for 40 MB RM 450

RM 500

Designing, Programming and editorial works:

1. Design Website graphic RM 500
2. Lay out HTML page RM 60 x 25 RM 1,500
3. Programming ASP database RM 300
4. Editorial works, typing, editing, etc RM 1,000
5. Contributor fees (approx. 25 articles) RM 1,250*
RM 4,550
* Subject to the availability of budget

Total budget for the launching the Website RM


Monthly budget:**
1. Up dating database of min. 10 articles, RM 60 each RM 600
2. Operational budget (editing, typing, interview, responding
letter, browsing other websites for issues etc. RM
3. Fee for article contributors RM 50 each, (max 10 articles) RM
Total budget for updating the Website RM

** Subject to the availability of articles and budget, the more article

collected the more budget is needed.

Damansara, 21, March, 2002