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Sub : ME6010-ROBOTICS Date & Time: 15-09-2017/ 3 Hrs
Year/Sem: IV/VII (SEC A,B&C) Maximum: 100Marks
PART-A (Answer ALL the Questions) 5x2=10 Marks
1. Define EUAC Method. (Anna Univ. Dec 2012)
2. List out the safety planing check list (Anna Univ. Nov 2015)
3. What are potential applications of robot in economically?(AnnaUniv.Dec2005)
4. Why companies ignore preventive maintenance?(AnnaUniv.MAY2013)
5. What are thetypes of AVG Vehicle. (AnnaUniv.Dec2010)
6. Write a note on ROI Method. (AnnaUniv.MAY2005,Nov 2009)
7. What is monorails.(AnnaUniv.MAY2011)
8. What are the three levels of safety sensors in robotics defined by NBS. (May 2010)
9. Define material handling.(AnnaUniv.MAY2008)
10.Write a note on potential safety hazards (AnnaUniv.MAY2014)

PART-B 5x16=80 Marks

11.a). Explain the steps to be followed by the company in order to implement robot
programming operations. (AnnaUniv.MAY2004) (OR)
b). Explain the preventive maintenance with hour based preventive maintenance. (Anna
Univ. NOV 2004)
12. a). Explain the different types of safety training for robot implementations. (Anna Univ.
NOV 2008) (OR)
b). Explain the safety guidelines can help to hazardous solutions to robot personnel, factory
workers, visitors and to the robot itself. (Anna Univ. MAY2008)
13. a). Explain briefly different methods of economic analysis. (Anna Univ. MAY2013) (OR)
b). Explain the direct cost and indirect cost of robot implementations. (Anna Univ. Dec2011)
14. a). Explain briefly about elements of cost that must be considered in any robot installation.
(Anna Univ. MAY2005) (OR)
b). Explain the expected hazards of machine to humans can be expected with several
additional variations. (Anna Univ. MAY2007)
15. a). Explain briefly about monorails with features must be available for the system. (Anna
Univ. MAY2006) (OR)
b). Explain the several performance measures used to analyze the requirements of material-
handling System. (Anna Univ. Dec 2012)