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Dublin School

Winter Comments
Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Student: Taya Kerwin Advisor: Tiye Cort Course: English 9

Exam Grade: A Trimester Grade: A- Academic Engagement Grade:
Meets Expectations

Our exploration of the English language took us into the depths of diverse genres and literary voices this winter.
We began our journey in late November by delving into the artistic and linguistic folds of Marjane Satrapi's
graphic novel, Persepolis. To start the new year, we shifted gears and were transported to Verona, Italy, via
William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. At times losing ourselves in a world of iambic pentameter, extended
metaphors, dramatic irony and star-crossed lovers, we emerged well-versed in the arts of love, tragedy,
figurative language and swordplay. My favorite stops (by far) on this winter journey were those which allowed
me to explore the diverse and powerful literary voices of my fellow travelers in English 9. They are learning to
embrace writing as a craft. By drafting, critiquing and revising their own work, these wordsmiths improve with
each essay, story and poem they write. I look forward, with great anticipation, to the next leg of our voyage in
the spring term.

An organized and diligent student, Taya proactively seeks feedback on her work and effectively incorporates
constructive criticism into her final drafts. Tayas writing steadily improved this winter, and she contributed
thoughtful comments and questions to class discussions. Her deep interest in both texts we read this winter
shone through in her participation and analytical writing. All of this is particularly impressive considering the
extracurricular obligations Taya had with Into the Woods and the Alpine Ski Team.

During the spring term, I would like to see Taya push herself to reach the next level of maturity and complexity
in her writing. We will turn our attention in earnest to developing diction, syntax, detailed description and the
incorporation of figurative language into prose. The mastery of these skills is certainly not easy, but I know that
Taya will not shy away from the challenge.

Alicia Hammond