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Fall 2017

Tutor Professional Development

Fridays 2:00-3:15 in the Rowan Writing Center

September 7
Full Staff Meeting
Class Visit Script Workshop

September 15
Read: Chapter 1 in the Bedford Guide: The Writing Center as a Workplace
Year 1 Tutors
The Many Hats Tutors Wear
This session focuses on the many roles that tutors play in the writing center. From
coach and mentor, to learner and collaborator we will discuss how to manage
these identities in a tutoring session and in your professional relationships with other

September 22
Taking Tutoring on the Road: The Writers Workshop and the Class Visit.
One of our most valuable aspects of our work as tutors is being able to provide students
with individualized and immediate feedback on their writing. This session addresses how
to shape peer review (writing workshops) most effectively during class visits.

September 29
All Modes: Providing Feedback using Visual-Spatial Awareness.
Explore what you already know about tutoring, learning, and visual-spatial awareness in
order to work across many modalities.
Speaker: Mikaela Langdon, Multimodal Tutor Coordinator
Read: To Be Determined (PDF on weebly site.)

October 6
Professionalism in the Writing Center
Writing Center environments have often been framed as comfortable spaces where
students can relax in a non-judgmental space. We will brainstorm the following: how do
we view our space professionally? what image do we wish to portray about our space?
How do we wish to be treated by our colleagues? And what is our professional duty to
our student writers? From the second a student enters our space to the moment we write
the client report form, how do we maintain our professionalism?

October 13
Prepare for National Day on Writing!
Discuss Mid-Atlantic Writing Center Association Conference Presentations!
October 20:
Writing for MAWCA proposals.
Read: BGChapters 8 and 9: Research in the Writing Center and Writing Center as a

October 27:
All Bodies: Valuing Learning Differences/Tutoring Students with Disabilities
Rachael Gagliardo
John Woodruff from the Academic Success Center
Read: English for All by Hailley Hughes
and Learning Disabilities in the Writing Center: Changing our Perspective? by
Christine Hamel

November 3:
All Languages Special Series: Valuing Language Difference in the Writing Center
This workshop will focus on strategies for working ELL students in the writing center.
You will learn how cultural and social differences can impact writing and tutoring. We
will leave with ideas for integrating student-centered practices into studio and one-on-one
Read: PDF on weebly

November 10:
All Modes: Online Tutoring in the Rowan Writing Center
This session explores synchronous online sessions. We will discuss the advantages of
online tutoring as well as the challenges that tutors face when working with students
writing in online environments. You will use rowan.mywconline to practice online
tutoring strategies.
Read: Chapter 6 in BG: Tutoring in the Information Age and PDF on weebly.

November 17th
Tutor Identities
Tutors, like our student writers have many ways of knowing and learning. This session
focuses on issues surrounding identity and tutoring writing and provides tutors with time
to reflect on their tutoring style and philosophy.
Read: TBD

Over break: MAWCA Groups

Make Progress on Tutoring Reflection Portfolios
November 24th
No Sessions

December 1:
Workshop: Tutoring Reflection Portfolios
Workshop: MAWCA Proposals

December 8:

Finals Friday!
Last Staff Meeting of the Semester. Finals Survival Holiday Grab Bag!
Turn in Tutor Reflection Portfolios: Share and Reflect