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The poet Dilip chitre is nostalgic about the eutting of an age-old banyan tree, which they had in the

compound of their in Baroda. This particular incident had been picked up by the poet as the topic for his
poem because of his concern for merciless of trees of concretes.

The tenants wereasked to leave to so that their houses could be demolished probably to build
multistoreyed buildings. The poet learnt from his grandmother to respect the trees since they are holy.
But he was pained to see the massacre of the varieties of trees around his house. The only problem for
the tree-cutters was the huge banyan tree which had lived for its many had been ordered by his father to
be cut We respect theelders inour familoy. They are so helpful on our lives. Thisbenyan tree, according
to the poet, also desevrd its removal.The removal of the tree, as he liiks back, ios related to his own life
since they have also shifted from their root Baroda to Mumbai.