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Press Release

Dr. Maestas Response to the A.G.s Letter

On September 25, 2017, the Attorney General drafted a public letter

demanding that Dr. Maestas resign from her position on the APS Board.
Tellingly, his letter does not quote a single law or court case in support of
his conclusion that Dr. Maestas must resign. If the Attorney General had
read the State Auditors report, he would understand that Dr. Maestas is
innocent, and that the State Auditor did not make a single finding suggesting
that Dr. Maestas participated in that reports allegations of embezzlement or
fraud. The Attorney Generals letter is more concerned with capturing a
headline than it is with the pursuit of the truth.

Dr. Maestas has not engaged in any conduct that violated her oath of office
with the APS Board, or any other law. Dr. Maestas has brought over 45
years of experience and commitment to childhood education to uphold her
oath to APS and maintain the publics trust, and used her APS office only to
advance the public benefit. The Attorney General is wrong to suggest