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Three-Year Strategic Plan

Peoples Vigilance Committee for Human Rights:
A program unit of Jan Mitra Nyas
2015- 2018

In cooperation with the Management Team of PVCHR

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Five-Year Strategic Plan

Five-Year Strategic Plan

Peoples Vigilance Committee for Human Rights (PVCHR)
2015 2018

PVCHR has already been in existence for eighteen years, and for all those years, the organization has steadily
grown in size, in depth and in breadth together with its mass base. It has likewise gained recognition by regional and
international organizations in the field of peace and human rights. This is now a new phase for the organization, gearing
for a new leap forward by taking decisive steps on the OD process with change management and targeting the
implementation of a five-year strategic plan.

The management of PVCHR took on a daring and optimistic option on its SWOT analysis. They chose the
combination of S/O (strengths and opportunities) as their guide in the formulation of a five-year strategic plan. This option
is such a challenging one as it would take on the tasks of expansion, integration, intensification and acquisition.
Expansion would mean, broadening their mass base and reach inclusive of learning from the experience and developing
them as model villages and blocks. The integration component would mean merging, harmonizing and complementing
programs, projects and similar concerns to make the work more focus, concentrated, cost benefit and can create greater
impact. Intensification would cover raising the current work at a different level, achieving a level of intensity and scale with
daringness and boldness. Acquisition would require the organization to gain new knowledge, skills and experience, and
reaching out to new resources to achieve the targets in the strategic plan.

For PVCHR, the S/O combination provides all the positive conditions and elements internally and externally to
make the organization ready to take on the greater challenges that are in store to achieve its desired goal for five years.
Utilizing the strengths and opportunities at hand, the organization would be in the best position to manage its weaknesses
and possible threats that could provide the hindering factors towards the achievement of its goal.

The greatest strength of the organization is its human resource that are fully committed and embracing the
organizations vision, mission and goals. It has established partnerhips and networks at varying levels, from local to
international. It has organized, model villages and blocks and strong advocacy for human rights and justice for the
women, children and Dalits people. Opportunity wise, various funding organizations are looking forward for greater
collaboration and cooperation with PVCHR.

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Five-Year Strategic Plan

From Vision to Performance Indicators

Normally, strategic planning can take the or

bottom-up approach. But PVCHR took
process of right to left planning in its
planning process. This process follows the
always begin with the end in mind. As end
Performance Key in mind is the vision, mission, and the
Indicators Result organization. On the basis of the
(PIs) Areas mission, goals, clear objectives are set,
(KRAs) the key results areas. Based on the key
areas, performance indicators or
outcomes are formulated followed by

Performance Key Result

Indicators Areas

Full Spectrum of Right to Left Planning

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Five-Year Strategic Plan

From the vision, mission and goals, objectives are set which are measurable end results that usually cover expanding the
reach, increasing resources, satisfying clientele for quality services and providing reasonable compensation and benefits for the
organizations staff. The key result areas on the other hand are the manifestations or proofs that the set objectives are being
achieved. The performance indicators or performance outcomes are the exact quantification of the key result areas which is an
evaluation of the results or a by-product of carrying out the strategies to achieve the objectives.

Within the three-year period, PVCHR will strengthen its position as a reputable human rights organization contributing to
poverty alleviation and sustainable development of its model villages and blocks.

The three-year strategic plan integrates the internal goal of the organization to strengthen into a more professionalized and
dynamic organization. In 6 years the organization grew and developed within its approved mandate, the head of its organization
has an ardent desire to level up and professionalize the whole workings and conduct of the organization by going through an
organizational development process. PVCHR had undergone a thorough-going transformation -- from the more activist positioning
and perspective to a more professionalized conduct of promoting human rights in this new generation. Such decisive action of
PVCHR is in keeping with the challenges of the signs of the times.

Today, the organization is better equipped and are more professional for the greater challenge of assuming the
leadership role in the context of India and South Asia. The organization can serve as a knowledge hub serving not only
India but the sub-region (South Asia) or even the whole region (Asia) as well. It will sustain its position achieved as a
reputable human rights organization demonstrating its contribution in alleviating its covered communities from poverty and realizing
sustainable development.

Fleshing out the activities and assigned tasks after the action program are undertaken with the staff in a participatory
process and approaches.

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The performance indicators/performance outcomes can still be fleshed out in greater detail in a time frame, e.g., first year
(2015); after one years (2017); and after the strategic plan period (2018). Such is important in order to track down the performance
targets towards achieving the desired goal for the period.

These performance indicator targets can also be adjusted on the basis of an assessment on an annual basis or after the
mid-term implementation of the strategic plan.

Comprehensive Program for model villages and blocks

1. To establish model blocks through enhanced and broad-based model villages
2. To institutionalize knowledge management culling from best practices of model village processes and
from its rich organizational experience
3. To sustain and strengthen the ongoing process of the model villages
Action Program Performance Key Result Area Objective
o Base line survey o 92 choice villages in 9 o 92 villages in o To establish
o Key informant interview/Focus blocks of 5 districts of 5 districts model blocks
group discussion o Self sustaining village levels (9 blocks) through
o Area situational analysis through community and two urban enhanced and
o Participating dialogue with leaders leadership and slums in broad-based
partner communities supervision Varanasi model villages
o Intervention on the problem o Women, youth, children districts. o To sustain and
identification and situational and survivors o New selected 10 strengthen the
analysis demonstrate villages in ongoing process
o Organization peoples empowerment in these Domchach of the model
organization; womens, youth model villages. villages
and childrens group
o Exposure visit
o Skill training and perspective
buildings of cadre.

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o Membership drive
o Mapping of the all schemes
related to the concerned
o Identification of the critical o Demonstration of 300 folk school for
issues. empowerment of the men, women youth
o Situational analysis marginalized section of and 20 children
highlighting critical issues the population against parliament.
o Discussion on the various injustice, exploitation
laws, acts, guidelines and and caste and gender
schemes through poster and based discrimination.
pamphlet. o Voice of men and
o Strengthening of children women, youth and
parliament discussion and children reverberating
brain storming on child on various sectoral
protection and participation. related issues and
o Campaign on caste and gender broad based human
based discrimination; women, rights issues.
youth, children and minority
o Meta legal intervention on the
minutes of folk school, minutes
of children parliament and
o Situational analysis, o Active engagement of 500 women
highlighting critical and women in model block participating in the
sensitive issues. process and concern village affairs
o Identification of 500 active o Women empowerment
women demonstrated in various
o Active women organized in sphere of work
womens organization in all o Comprehensive women

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blocks. platform formulated for
o Training on gender perspective lobby, campaign and
for women leaders; training on advocacy.
self-governance and
o Formation of cultural team
among women
o Organization building and
development for women
o Women leaders interface with
allied system
o Encouragement of women for
election and participation in
the various groups formed in
various acts.
o Case selection and case o Food security scheme in o 350 feeding
documentation village context program
o Campaign against hunger and o Root cause of hunger
malnutrition and malnutrition
o Documentation of cases of addressed as interlinked
hunger and starvation with condition of
o Meta legal intervention and livelihood for
advocacy for the emergency intervention by policy
assistance of Rs. 1000/- makers.
o Release of hunger alert o Contribution to hunger
o Identification of the case and malnutrition
supported on the basis of prevention
background information and
o Study the root causes of
hunger and malnutrition for

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policy advocacy.
o Interface with different
corresponding concern
authorities such as
departments on child
development and health.
o Folk school for women; o Women visibility voice Various capacity
ladderized training and active participation building for 350
development on the basis of in various issues and women
training needs assessment concern in the country
(TNA) o Vibrant role and
o Identification of women leaders participation of women
o Active women leaders role in in model block
various campaign such as processes
feticide; physical and sexual
abuse of women and children;
early marriage
o Organizational development for
o Strengthening of womens
o Developing womens
perspective on key important
issues facing women in the
country most especially the
dalits and minorities
o Institutionalized sharing and
learning experience among
women in different villages and

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o Full time centers, PPC and o Growing awareness of
remedial as direct support to dalits and minority 5000 children
children communities on provided with
o Campaign for more teacher childrens right to education
and more school for childrens education
education o Increased awareness of
o Campaign and monitoring for parents and other girls
the implementation of RTE at on the right to
grass root level. education
o Integrated computer education o Children articulating
(ITE) in Madarsas their situations, needs,
o Duniyawi talim (modern dreams and aspiration
education) in Madarsas
o Media support on the right to
education campaign
o Teachers training and
community awarding of best
o Initiative to enrol and retain
children in School
o Special identification of the
girls to be supported with
o Capacity building of teachers
o Documentation of experience
for policy advocacy
o Training of community on the
role of SMC
o Bridge course for the droup out

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o Site identification o Sustainable 12 sites of Kitchen garden
o Formulation of rules and food grain
regulation on food grains o Food security for
o Activation of public communities most
distribution system especially in times of
o Community advocacy and emergency
support to food grains most o
especially in times of
o Case selection and o Active PVCHR 35 torture free
identification committees on freedom village in 7
o Case documentation from TOV blocks
o Identification of villages to be o Bridging the gap
declared as torture free between the police and
villages. the marginalized
o Identification of Aguwas communities.
Community leaders o Sustain peoples
o 50 % intervention achieved in campaign on freedom
these villages from TOV
o Monitoring and reporting of o Massive promotion of
cases of rights violation and Torture free villages
TOV declared to serve as
o Study and analysis of the root models for other villages
causes of TOV with focus on
cased based TOV
o Interface with police
department, human rights
institution, policy makers and
o Strong people campaign on
freedom from TOV with focus

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on UNCAT ratification and
enactment of a domestic law
o Multi dimensional and multi o 140 testimonies Psychological and
layers psycho social and o Sustainable peoples legal intervention for
legal support to survivors of initiative on freedom 420 individuals
TOV through testimonial from TOV
therapy o Decrease in the number
o Folk School of torture cases and
o Community support to rights violations
individual cases
o Active public debates on
celebrated cases of TOVs
o Deeper understanding and
study of the gaps and violation
in TOV and caste based and
gender based discrimination.
o Capacity building workshop
o Participatory learning appraisal o Contextual strategies 70 villages in 9 blocks
through folk school and approach applied to exercising self
o Initiative towards activation of unique particularities of governance and
Gram Sabha (Village Council) villages empowerment
o Strengthening and sustaining o Villages raised demands
peoples forum at the village on the gaps of states
level obligations
o Support of partners and o Vibrant self governing
network for village level village and blocks
development geared towards
developing their offices.
o Documentation of notable o Dalit women ventured Introduce sustainable
cases of dalit women into sustainable agriculture to dalit
o Brainstorming/discussion of agriculture women

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possible livelihood o Reasonable access to
o Capacity building for 200 land, credit and market
women beneficiaries o Sustainable agriculture
o Facilitation of linkage to donor contributing to
and partner- supporters livelihood and food
security of women and
their families.

o Site selection on the basis of o Increased peoples Introduce

intensive study awareness and reforestation
o Explore linkages with MNREGA understanding on
and possible schemes for rural environment and
development reforestation
o Folk discussion reforestation o 50 % implementation in
target areas
o Situational analysis and study o Women intensive Right to water and
of appropriate schemes on the engagement in the Sanitation spear
right to water and sanitation context of their own headed by women
o Campaign on right to water villages.
and sanitation o Designed strategy on
o Folk School and awareness the right to water and
program sanitation
o Implementation of suitable and o Peoples participation on
appropriate schemes in the schemes addressing the
context of villages right to water and
o Lobby and advocacy with sanitation
policy makers
o Situational analysis with focus o Alternate schemes Provided support to
on worst form of cases against bonded system livelihood.
o Mapping of resource livelihood o Food security for women
purposes. and village families

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o Participatory process for o Positive experience
strategizing contributes to possible
o Activation of MNREGA and replication
other government schemes for
livelihood support
o Gaps identification for sharing
with policy makers
o Case documentation
o Folk School
o Study of cultural and o Notable culture Indigenous culture
traditional practices of activities for psycho revival in 70 villages
indigenous groups social support to
o Program to revive humanist communities
indigenous culture and o Recognition of
practice indigenous culture and
o Folk School groups among
o Identification of indigenous communities, by the
group and individuals. administration and the
o Area selection of health camp o Community awareness Reduction of IMR,
o Case documentation on vaccines for infants CMR and MMR
o Recruitment and tapping of and pregnant women
doctors o Direct medical support
o Organizing health camp; to women and child
separate health camp for referred by health
women, youth and children camps.
o Activation of 9 PHC , 2 CHCs o Study the outcome of
in 9 blocks; I regional hospital campaign on the right
o 100 % activation of health to primary health care
services and ICDS for promotion and
o 100 % vaccination; 50 % replication

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increase in service delivery by
trained personnel
o Urgent appeal and health alert
including updates
o Campaign for right to health
o Multi dimensional and multi
layer approach to hunger and
o Folk School and training on
health services
o Interface of corresponding
department on child
development and health
o Sustained monitoring of IMR
and MMR
o Folk School with partner o Twice a year major Yearly learning events To institutionalize
communities; sharing of learning events by the for management and knowledge
narratives organization staff management culling
o Organizational Conference on participated in by from best practices of
OD and Strategic Plan management and staff model village and
o Documentation and o Publication output of process and from the
publication of learning the outcome of learning rich organizational
conference/workshop outcome events experience.
o Conference/workshop on o PVCHR consolidation of
lessons learnt for management through organizational
and staff enrichment
o Folk school for women leaders
o Youth summit at the level of
o Women Summit at state and
national level

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o Folk School for Youth
o Training of NATT members
organization on the process of
model villages
o Strengthening of PVCHR as an
activist knowledge centre
o Collection, collation and o Publication of output Summing up of more
analysis of all information from o Sharing of publication than a decade
primary and secondary with policymakers and experience of PVCHR
sources. with other stakeholders (18 years)
o Summing up conference at national and
involving organizational international level
o Collection and documentation o Publication of analysis Data Banking of
of torture cases report torture cases
o Analysis of collated information o Systems improvement
enhanced analytic
o Identification of individual o Sizeable single women Documentation of
stories from 70 covered villages articulating their cases of single women
o Documentation of role models situation and their
o Organizing single women rights
o Voice of women heard.
o Documentation and collation of o Recognition of model Documentation of
ongoing process in model blocks and villages at best practices of
villages and model blocks national and model villages and
o Sharing with policy makers international level. blocks
and international donor
partners of the output
o Utilizing urgent appeal; health o PVCHR recognized at Case studies and
alert and updates in blogs and varying level as an caselets: torture;

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international posting organization in pursuit discrimination;
o Report in UN bodies, of the rights and hunger and
international organizations freedom of the malnutrition; conflicts
status report and report marginalized Indian areas
projection to media both local population
and international
o Response to case projected
o Study and documentation of o Indian tradition within Produce a book on
oral tradition framework of popular popular wisdom on
o Sharing of publication with wisdom promoted and the basis of oral
other fraternal and partner disseminated tradition
organization at varying level

Comprehensive program for survivors of torture and organized violence

1. To integrate the benefit of testimonial therapy into national campaign got UNCAT ratification and the OPCAT
2. To strengthen PVCHR as a knowledge center at the core of a coalition that advocates and applies testimonial
therapy for rehabilitation and prevention
3. To declare torture free villages and blocks in key areas of India (Interface with comprehensive program for model
Action program Performance Indicator/ Key Result Area Objectives
o Yearly commemoration o Sustained lobby at UNHRC; Peoples campaign for 1. To integrate the
of the international European Parliament and UNCAT ratification benefits of
day against torture SAARC Human Rights and enactment of a testimonial therapy
with street protest, Mechanism domestic law into the national
demonstration and o Visit of the UN Rapporteur campaign for
play against torture in India UNCAT ratification
o Folk School and o Enactment of a domestic and the OPCAT
Peoples Tribunal law within the CAT frame

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o Sustain Urgent Appeal and freedom from torture
and communication
with UN office
o Train approximately o 500 survivors benefiting Capacity building with 2. To strengthen
30 community from testimonial therapy the publication of a PVCHR as a
worker/human rights and promoting its benefits manual Giving Voice knowledge centre at
activist on testimonial o Increased capacity of staff in a regional language the core coalition
therapy in three focal and fellows in writing, that advocates and
centers. documentation and applies testimonial
o Training and advocacy and the use of IT therapy for
orientation of o National data base rehabilitation and
management and key established prevention
o Analytic report and
publication of manual
and newsletter
o Strengthen PVCHR as o Breadth and depth of the Strengthening of
NATT secretariat national alliance; sphere of National Alliance of
o Dialogue within influence of the alliance Testimonial Therapy
National Alliance on o Recognition and strategic (NATT)
testimonial therapy presence of the national
o National Consultation alliance
on the outcome and o Reporting cases utilizing the
lesson learned on Istanbul protocol
testimonial therapy
and further promote it
o Initiate debate on
psycho social aspect of
TOV towards medico
legal documentation of
TOV cases

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o Collection of laws and o Usability and justiciability Reprinting of
jurisprudence on TOV of laws and jurisprudence publication of law
and women and towards justice for the handbook and
children survivors of TOV semestral bulletin
o Impact documentation o Test case of TOV
of testimonial therapy;
highlight voices of

Comprehensive program for women and children sector

1. To establish vibrant communities from violence against women and children (Interface with comprehensive
program for model villages and blocks
2. To advocate and campaign at varying levels and dimensions the rights of women and children issues concerning
women and children
3. To provide multi dimensional and multi layers support to women and children
Action program Performance Indicator/ Key Result Area Objectives
o Area situational analysis: o 80 % intervention in Three district in Uttar 1. To establish vibrant
5 blocks in Varanasi; reported cases Pradesh communities from
additional 2 blocks in o Alliance formation violence against
2012 against VAWC women and
o Engagement of partners children (Interface
organizations and with comprehensive
networks program for model
o Selection of critical o Women and youths 20 folk school of women villages and blocks
issues in the context of voice on issues and youth; three children
villages and blocks related to women and parliament
o Children parliament to children rights
help empower children o Women and
o Participatory dialogue on childrens

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women and child right to empowerment
protection demonstrated in
village and blocks
o Peoples tribunal; o Women and children Peoples campaign on the 2. To advocate and
formation of jury taking the lead role in right to education campaign at
o Gaps identification for campaign and varying levels and
policy recommendation advocacy for their dimensions the
o Monitoring, rights and welfare rights of women
documentation and and children issues
reporting rights violation concerning women
o Lobby with appropriate and children
o Identification of children o Good numbers of 150 children in primary
o Capacity building of children availing their and 375 at pre- primary
teachers rights to education at levels
o Study for advocacy on the pre- primary and
right to education primary level
o Documentation of o Pilot test cases of Direct and immediate 3. To provide multi
individual cases of hunger and support to 10 key dimensional and
hunger and starvation starvation childrens cases multi layers
o Hunger alert support to women
o Livelihood support to and children
help address root causes
of hunger and
o Area identification for o Direct medical 25 health camp
health camps; separate support to 50 women
health camp for women, referred from the
children and youth health camps
o Recruitment of doctors

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o Urgent appeal and
Hunger Alert
o Campaign for the right to
primary health care
o Fact finding mission o Relief and rescue Intervention in 300 cases
and documentation of intervention to of women and childrens
individual cases women and childrens rights
o Utilization of testimonial cases
therapy to women o Testimonial therapy
o Analytic report on gaining
women and child abuse appropriateness and
cases suitability to various
o Policy recommendation cases needing healing
at the national and and recovery
international level

Program for national lobby, campaign and advocacy

1. To sustain a vibrant alliance that observes and monitors the implementation of the rule of law and participatory
2. To build a strong lobby and advocacy at varying levels and dimensions on urgent issues of hunger, malnutrition,
torture and organized violence and rights of the marginalized section of the population most especially women
and children.
Action program Performance Indicator/ Key Result Area Objectives
o Discussion with o Increased membership of Formation, 1. To sustain a
organizations on the PVCHR considering the contribution and vibrant alliance
formation and vibrant leadership participation at the that observes
strengthening of the o Peoples declaration on pre- alliance initiative and and monitors
alliance dominant issues campaign the
o Formation and o Peoples campaign against implementation

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strengthening of PVCHR TOV of the rule of
national and state law and
committees participatory
o Utilizing the issues democracy
articulated in testimonies
in public debates
o Folk School at national
o Promoting the anti TOV
peoples centric campaign
to challenge pre- dominant
o Training of approximately o 500 survivors benefiting Comprehensive
30 community from testimonial therapy capacity building at
worker/human rights o Alliance spear heading the alliance level
activist on testimonial testimonial therapy within
therapy in three focal allied organizations and with
centres other partner organization
o Supervision of testimonial of the alliance
o Setting up of national data
o Network of survivors and
active participation in
campaign on TOV
o Dialogue with partners o Consolidation and Strengthening of
within the alliance positioning of the NATT
o Consultation to sustain alliance on freedom
testimonial therapy from TOV and
testimonial therapy
o Campaign against o Ratification of UNCAT Peoples campaign To build a strong

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TOV, malnutrition and enactment of and advocacy lobby and advocacy
and hunger domestic law at varying levels and
o Campaign for the o Policy decision by dimensions on urgent
promotion of women government on hunger issues of hunger,
and child rights and malnutrition malnutrition, torture
o Direct support to and organized
survivors for legal violence and rights of
and meta- legal the marginalized
proceeding section of the
o Peoples Tribunal population most
o Policy changes in the especially women and
context of hunger children.
and malnutrition

Program for international solidarity, partnership and networking

1. To launch multi layers and multi dimensional campaign and advocacy for the ratification of UNCAT and the
enactment of a domestic law; plus campaign on freedom from hunger, malnutrition, caste and patriarchy
2. To consolidate and strengthen partnerships and networks at the regional and international level
Action program Performance Indicator/ Key Result Area Objectives
o Documentation of cases o Voices of the 100 hunger alert and To launch multi layers
o Regular release of marginalized urgent appeal in an and multi dimensional
hunger alert and urgent section of the intensive manner campaign and advocacy
appeal population for the ratification of
o Study of root causes heard UNCAT and the
o Folk discussion enactment of a domestic
o Analysis report law; plus campaign on
preparation freedom from hunger,
o Urgent appeals o Strong lobby at the Three analysis report malnutrition, caste and
o UN Rapporteur on torture UN, European submission patriarchy

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cases for lobby at the UN Parliament and
Human Rights Council and SAARC human rights
CAT committee mechanism
o Peoples Tribunal coinciding o Visit of UN
with the UN Rapporteur visit; Rapporteur against
creation of jury torture in India
o Case documentation o Sustained dialogue 50 major media
o Folk discussion with media with media and coverage in main
o Establish and consolidate strengthened media stream media and
media relations; consultation relationship alternative
with media o Significant media
o Posting of cases on online projection of the
news portal campaign at varying
o Acting as a columnist in levels regional,
online media international
o participatory discussion and o Grass- root voice Vibrant campaign both
planning heard on various at grass- roots and
o Petition campaign issued at campaigns national levels
o Bringing voice of voiceless in o National projection of
corridor of policy makers. the campaign,
o Commemoration of the reverberating at the
international day against regional and
torture 26th June international level
o Folk School at national level
and with key community
partner leaders
o Online library o Policy changes on the Broad public debate at
o Issue based public debates basis of highlighted the local and
and projected issues international levels.
in public debates
o Promotion and

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sustainability of
thematic issues
o Donor mapping o Accreditation to the PVCHR accreditation To consolidate and
o Mapping of international various International, and membership to strengthen partnerships
organization in similar field regional and national regional and and networks at the
o Exploratory communication organization. international regional and
and talk with these o Expansion of donor formations and international level
organizations base for purposes of network
o Building relationships and resource mobilization
partnerships with these and sustainability
organization o Sustain
communication and
partnership with
donor partner and
International partner
o Consistently pursue the o Nomination already Nomination and
organizations mandate sere as recognition of recognition through
o PVCHR always at the forefront the organizations international award
on human rights issues and contribution and bodies.
issues on discrimination track record in
pursuit of its
o Award are real
experience of
recognition of the

Internal Organization Targets

1. To streamline PVCHR structure towards more responsive and professionalized management of programs.

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Projects and specialized concern
2. To comprehensive develop the whole organization and work out its sustainability
Action program Performance Indicator/ Key Result Area Objectives
o Performance o Three assembly Representative assembly for To streamline PVCHR
appraisal of the meetings within time democratization of structure towards more
management, new period; expansion of assembly of the responsive and
promotion to assembly mid- way organization professionalized
management level through the timeline management of programs.
o Strengthening the till end of plan period; Projects and specialized
skill and capacity of increased number of concern
management team representative from
o Finalization of chapters and
performance thematic concerns of
measurement of the organization.
management o Semestral Governing
committee (semestral Board meetings and
appraisal) quarterly
o Strengthening of management
governing board committee meeting;
o Reflection monthly staff
sessions/reflexive meetings and bi
actions monthly executive
o Management committee meeting
responsive to urgent o Formation and
concerns strengthening of

o Implementation and o Systematized and Enhancing systems,

strengthening of organized processes and policies of

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various manuals: methodologies and the organization
operations, human approaches to the
resources; finance organizations
and administrative conduct of work for
o Improvement of office effectiveness and
set up for more efficiency
conducive work o Instituting work
environment among ethics and discipline
management and from among the
staff organizations
human resources
o Selection of o Leadership and Enhancing leadership and
competent focal managers of the management capacities of
person/s for different organization serving the management committee
management as models to the
functions organizations
o Collective and shared membership and staff
responsibility o Renewed commitment
between and among and dedication of the
management people management
o Lateral movement/job committee
rotation o Demonstrated
o Cross exposures and confidence of
learning visit with management
partners committee in leading
organizations and managing the
o Inter- o Sustain co-ordinating Co-ordinating mechanism
team/committee mechanishm for organizational activities
adhoc bodies o Co-operation and and concerns
o On the job training team spirit of involved

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for assigned focal staff
persons in key
o Film viewing: o Awardees from among Informal set ups for
reflection sharing the staff, facilitating staff and
o Birthday celebration management, board managements get together
o Anniversary of the and partner activities
organization as organizations
occasion to honor and o Consolidation and
reward important strengthening of
contribution to the human resources of
organization the organization
o Sustained effort in
motivating and in
spring the
o Staff identification for o Organizations Developing second liners in 2. To comprehensively
second line of reliable bench of leadership and develop the whole
leadership/managem leadership and management organization and
ent management work out its
o Competency o Quality (KSA) sustainability
enhancement for development from
management among management
committee people of the
o Bold and daring organization
assumption of role
and function as
leaders and managers
of the organization
o Resource o Facilitating effective Developing infrastructure

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identification for and efficient service for PVCHR
short term and long delivery and advocacy
term development of of the organization
the office
o Liasoning with
various donors both
current, new and
o Considering new o Sustained Explore new venture for the
ventures on the basis germination of organization
of the organizations innovative ideas for
VMG the organizations
o Expansion in mandate and
strategic areas of program

o Venturing into new o Consolidation of Multi layer and multi

fund raising initiative current donors dimensional approach to
o Exploring income o Continuous exploring fund management
generating project of of new and developing
the organization. relationships and

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