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Exhibit 6-5.1
PM, DPM, Site Engineers, Site Inspectors Site Safety and Health Inspection Checklist
Contract No: Inspection Date; Inspection Location: ARAE 1, AREA 2 &AREA 3
Work in Progress: Vacuum Sewer, Rider Sewer &Property Name/Designation K.PARANI DHARAN/S.E Photographs attached? NO
Any items that have been found deficient must be corrected by the, where applicable, before work or use. This checklist includes, but is not
limited to, the following:
S Description Satisfact Unsatisf N/ Comments
. ory actory A
1 Excavation clearance permit is available at site. √
2 Excavation warning signs /Barricades and Traffic diversion boards if necessary are in place. √
3 Is the Excavation pit/ trench is properly sloped / Benched as per standards or protected with √ No Sufficient shoring materials available
shoring arrangement. at site.
4 All the excavation / pits / trenches are provided with sufficient number of ladder for access √ No Sufficient ladders available at site.
or egress. Usually labours are jumped into the
5 Excavated soil or sand is kept at a minimum of 2 ft (0.6 Mt) meters away from the banks of √
6 Are the contractor identified utilities and services √ No. underground utilities are frequently
damaged during excavation.
7 Are Man-hole openings properly protected √
General work Environment
8 The scaffolding used is inspected & certified. √ In VS scaffolding are not inspected and
9 Are scaffolds robust, crossed braced, with ladder access to the work platform? √
1 Are footings, standards, ledgers, bracing, putlogs, couplings, ladders, guard rails, mid rails √
0 toe boards are erected as per the standards.
1 Is a permit to work operation in place for confined space √
1 Is the atmosphere inside the confined space frequently tested √
1 Is there an in/out confined space register? √
1 Is there a method Statement? √

3 Are there areas in the workplace where continuous noise levels exceed 85 dba? √ 0 3 Is fire protection system adequate √ 1 3 Are clean and fresh drinking water. PROJECT SAFETY PLAN 1 Are experienced and trained riggers available during lifting activity? √ 5 1 Does all lifting equipment and lifting gears marked with the valid current colour code? √ 6 1 Is banks man provided while movement of vehicle. 2 Necessary precautions are taken for handling. and toilet facility available? √ No drinking water and toilet facility 2 available at site. not 9 properly interlocked and not filled with water. 60% of barriers are damaged. Excavated soil 2 not removed from site. plant & equipment? √ 7 1 Are drivers & operators in possession of Valid ROP license & company driving permit for √ 8 the type of vehicle/equipment being operated? 1 Have all over head high voltage lines been identified with warning/prohibition signs? √ 9 2 Are barriers erected to prevent contact from high voltage lines √ 0 2 Are all distribution boards earthed. power tools triple insulated? √ 1 2 Are all worksites clean and orderly √ Housekeeping not done. √ 4 2 Are employees wearing the standard issue PPE items? √ 5 2 Daily site safety briefing (toolbox talks) √ 6 2 Are first Aiders are available with first aid box at site? √ First aiders and first aid boxes are not 7 available at site 2 Is lighting adequate √ 8 2 Are there hard barriers between the work zone and live traffic? √ No. and waste stored safely and removed from the worksite √ Housekeeping not done. . storage & transportation of material. 2 Is combustible scrap. shaded area. debris. Excavated soil 3 promptly? not removed from site.

PROJECT SAFETY PLAN Item Comments/Recommendations Target Closed Item Comments/Recommendations Target Closed No Date Date No Date Date Signature of Person Conducting the Inspection: Paranidharan Date: __18.10 Completed Inspection Form to be returned to the Site HSE Engineer .12.