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Age of Fantasy Chivalrous Kingdoms v1.

by Gaetano Ferrara (http://onepagerules.wordpress.com/)

Background About OPR

The Chivalrous Kingdoms are ruled by religious fanatics that OPR (onepagerules) is the home of many free games which
consider technology to be heresy and prefer to stick to the are designed to be fast to learn and easy to play. This project
old fashioned ways. The majority of their forces consist of was made by gamers for games and it can only exist thanks to
valiant Knights, backed by dirty peasants that usually act as the generous support of our awesome community!
mere cannon fodder.
If youd like to support the continued development of our
Even though now religious fanaticism defines these kingdoms, games you can donate on patreon.com/onepagerules.
the religious prophetesses used to be derided when they
preached of a great evil that was to darken the land. It was Find more of our games at onepagerules.wordpress.com.
only when the great rift opened and daemons started to
Join the community by following us here:
spread across the lands that all kings started to listen to them
and fear the wrath of god. Facebook: facebook.com/onepagerules
Reddit: reddit.com/r/onepagerules
Now the prophetesses are the true rulers of the Chivalrous
Twitter: twitter.com/OnePageRules
Kingdoms, inspiring them in the fight to protect their lands.
If you want to give us your feedback or have any questions
Strategy feel free to contact us:

The Chivalrous Kingdoms are a mobile and aggressive army, Forum: onepagerules.proboards.com
with their main strength being on the charge. As long as you E-Mail: onepageanon@gmail.com
can get your cavalry to get the jump on your enemy victory
will be yours. Thank you for playing and happy wargaming!

The army has two main types of units, weak and unreliable Gaetano Ferrara (onepageanon)
infantry, and fast and powerful cavalry. A good strategy is to
use these two in combination, having your infantry grab
objectives whilst your cavalry protects them by actively
charging into the enemy.

In order to keep your forces effective the use of a Prophetess

is crucial, as she can boost your troops with her blessing,
whilst using magic to bring pain to the enemy. Other heroes
can also be very helpful by mounting them on a pegasus and
hunting down lonely unprotected units.

The Chivalrous Kingdoms are a difficult but very rewarding

army to play, and a great challenge to play for veterans
Age of Fantasy Chivalrous Kingdoms v1.1
by Gaetano Ferrara (http://onepagerules.wordpress.com/)

Name [size] Qua Def Equipment Special Rules Upgrades Cost

Lord [1] 3+ 5+ Hand Weapon (A4) Fast, Fearless, Hero, Tough(3) A 45pts
Paladin [1] 4+ 4+ Hand Weapon (A3) Fearless, Hero, Tough(3) B 30pts
Prophetess [1] 5+ 2+ Hand Weapon (A1) Hero, Ladys Blessing, Tough(3), Wizard(1) C 50pts
Men-at-Arms [10] 6+ 3+ Hand Weapons (A1) - D, E 40pts
Pilgrims [6] 6+ 3+ Hand Weapons (A1) Grail Relic - 50pts
Bowmen [5] 6+ 2+ Longbows (30, A1) - D, F 25pts
Light Cavalry [5] 5+ 3+ Spears (A1, Impact(1)) Fast D 55pts
Heavy Cavalry [6] 5+ 4+ Lances (A1, Impact(2)) Fast, Fearless, Lance Formation D 110pts
Knights [6] 4+ 4+ Lances (A1, Impact(2)) Fast, Fearless, Lance Formation D 130pts
Quest Knights [6] 3+ 4+ Great Weapons (A1, AP(2)) Fast, Fearless, Lance Formation D 145pts
Grail Knights [6] 3+ 4+ Lances (A2, Impact(2)) Fast, Fearless, Lance Formation D 180pts
Pegasus Knights [3] 4+ 5+ Lances (A1, Impact(2)), Hooves (A2) Fast, Fearless, Flying, Tough(3) D 135pts
Trebuchet [1] 5+ 6+ Trebuchet (48", A1, AP(2), Blast(6), Indirect) Artillery, Tough(3) - 135pts
Horse [-] - - Hooves (A1) Fast - -
Pegasus [-] - - Hooves (A2) Fast, Flying, Tough(3) - -
Hippogryph [-] - - Claws (A4, AP(1)) Fast, Fear, Flying, Tough(3) - -

A Replace Hand Weapon: Special Rules

Lance (A4, Impact(2)) +5pts Grail Relic: The Grail Relic is a special model that
Great Weapon (A4, AP(2)) +15pts is part of the Pilgrims unit. The model counts as
Mount on: having Hand Weapon (A6) and Tough(6).
Pegasus +40pts Ladys Blessing: The hero and her unit may ignore
Hippogryph +55pts wounds on a roll of 6+.
Lance Formation: This model takes one Quality
B Replace Hand Weapon: test when Charging, if successful it deals 2 hits.
Lance (A3, Impact(2)) mounted only +5pts
Great Weapon (A3, AP(2)) +10pts
Wizard Spells
Leech (2+): Target enemy model within 12 must
Mount on:
take a morale test. If failed it takes D3 wounds.
Horse +5pts
Wild Form (3+): Target friendly unit within 12
Pegasus +35pts
gets AP(+1) in melee until the end of the round.
Magic Blood (3+): Target friendly unit within 6
C Upgrade Wizard(1):
gets Regeneration until the end of the round.
Wizard(2) +20pts
Protection (3+): Target friendly unit within 24
Wizard(3) +40pts
counts as in cover until the end of the round.
Mount on:
Fireball (5+): Target enemy unit within 24 takes
Horse +5pts
D6 automatic hits.
Pegasus +15pts
Rusty Weapons (5+): Target enemy unit within
D Upgrade with any: 24 gets Defense -1 until the end of the round.
Sergeant +5pts
Musician +10pts
Battle Standard +10pts

E Replace all Hand Weapons:

Halberds (A1, AP(1)) +5pts
Spears (A1, Phalanx) +15pts

F Upgrade all models with one:

Skirmisher +5pts
Defensive Stakes (Phalanx) +10pts
Upgrade all models with:
Fire Braziers (AP(1) when shooting) +10pts