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Sunday Tuesday (Cont.) Thursday (Cont.

9:15 AM Back to Basics Group 12:00PM United Sobriety Group 7:00PM Strictly the Steps
O, D 191 Bridge Street O, M, SS 1st Congregational Church
O, D 345 W. 3rd. Street
United Methodist Church 171 W. Pulteney Street
Corning N.Y.
Corning, NY Corning, NY
7:00PM Addison Community Center
7:00 PM Young at Heart Group 7:00PM Womens Steppin Up
O, D 110 Front Street
O, D Christ Episcopal Church C, W, SS 1st Congregational Church
Addison, NY
33 East First Street 171 W. Pulteney Street
7:30PM Sober Sunday Big Book Study
Corning, NY
O, BB Concord Meeting Room Corning, NY
Corning Hospital (I86, Exit 48) Wednesday
7:30PM Outer Group 12:00PM United Sobriety Group
12:00PM United Sobriety Group
O, D Main StreetTown Hall O, D 191 Bridge Street
O, D 191 Bridge Street
Campbell, NY United Methodist Church
United Methodist Church
Monday Corning, NY
Corning, NY
12:00PM United Sobriety Group
8:00PM Friday Night at Bill's Place
O, D 191 Bridge Street 7:30PM Wednesday Night Reprieve
O, D North Baptist Church
United Methodist Church O, D Salvation Army
127 Sly Avenue
Corning, NY 32 Dennison Parkway
8:00PM Friday Night Live Group
7:30PM Beginners Meeting Corning, NY
O, D Rogers Hall
O, B, D Christ Episcopal Church
Thursday 115 East High Street
33 East First Street
12:00PM United Sobriety Group Painted Post, NY
Corning, NY
O, D 191 Bridge Street
(Please enter from rear door off the alley) Saturday
United Methodist Church
7:30PM Living Sober Group 12:00PM United Sobriety Group
Corning, NY
O, D Victory Hwy Wesleyan Church O, D 191 Bridge Street
5:30PM Crossroads Meeting
150 Victory Highway United Methodist Church
O, D Caton United Methodist Church
Painted Post, NY Corning, NY
1186 Hendy Hollow Road
7:00PM Young at Heart Group
Tuesday Caton, NY
BB Study
11:00AM Jasper House Meeting
O, D 1st Congregational Church
C,D 3784 Main St (Rte. 417)
You are not alone
Alcoholics Anonymous
Call before you pick up a drink

1 (877) 501 - 1249
CorningPainted Post
Daily Meetings
Monday Saturday AddisonCampbell
United Sobriety Group
United Methodist Church
191 Bridge Street

Meeting Codes
O Open (Anyone can attend)
C Closed (Alcoholics only)
M Mens Meeting
WWomens Meeting
D Discussion Schedule current as of June 2015
SS- Step Study
Tool Free:
B Beginner

Corning Area Intergroup

P.O. Box 244
AL-anon Meetings Corning, NY 14830

Monday 7:30pm Intergroup Meetings:

Addison Community Center First Thursday Monthly at 6:15PM
Addison, NY 171 West Pultney St.
Tuesday 8:00pm Corning, NY 14830
Al-anon/ Ala-teen
Christ Episcopal Church All Meetings are in Corning unless otherwise
noted. For more information visit the Intergroup
33 East First Street Website at:
Corning, NY www.AACorning.org
(Please enter from rear door off the alley) Other area web information:

I am responsible. Driving Directions to meetings:

When anyone, anywhere reaches out for www.aacorning.org/find-a-meeting
help, I want the hand of AA always to be
there. And for that: I am responsible.
Alcoholics Anonymous World Services