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Kode Mata Kuliah: 11150962

Kode Dosen: 8677
SKS: 2
Dosen: Herwindo Haribowo, Ph.D.
Email Address: haribowoh8@gmail.com
WA/phone #: 081387448230.
Gd. KD 308 (Halimun), hari 2, jam 1, 2.


1. Describe the history and the development of the entrepreneurship.

2. How do you define entrepreneurship? Is entrepreneurship can be teach, trained, formed, and
3. How do you relate and compare between entrepreneurship and psychological variables such as
motivation, creativity, self-efficacy, innovation, and need-for-achievement? Use relevance
theories to answer this question.
4. What are strategies uses in entrepreneurship? Explain in detailed and give some examples.
5. What is meant profit or benefit in entrepreneurship?
6. What is meant wealth in entrepreneurship?
7. What are the characteristics of entrepreneurship? Give some examples.
8. What are and how do you differentiate between business and small business?
9. What is business plan? How do you develop one? Describe the stages in detailed.
10. What is risk in the entrepreneurship? How do you cope with the risks?
11. Describe in detailed what are the factors influences production?
12. Identify based on theoretical foundations the psychological variables in entrepreneurship.
13. What is Leadership in entrepreneurship? Can an entrepreneurship leader trained? Explain using
psychological theories.
14. Explain the role of communications in entrepreneurship.
15. Explain the role of producer, consumer, and the market influences entrepreneurship.
16. What are the criteria of success in an entrepreneurship?
17. How do you considered the entrepreneurship ecosystem, technology, economic development,
rules and regulations for the future development of entrepreneurship in Indonesia?
18. What do you think the roles of government to accelerate the development of entrepreneurship
in Indonesia?
19. Is education institutions such as schools and State University of Jakarta (UNJ) needed to be
managing by entrepreneurship approach? What are the rationales?
Individual Assignments:
1. Write in no more that 3 (three) pages the summary describing what do you know regarding
2. Develop a business plan in one of business sector, stressed on the psychological variables in
your plan. Write your business plan in no more than 5 pages.
3. Those two assignments are due one week after the end of class/course.

-e-books and softcopies given in this course.
-find references from library and website.