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A Detailed Lesson Plan in T. L. E.

Beauty Care

March 3, 2015

I. Objectives
At the end of the lesson, the students must be able to:
A. Identify the materials and implements used in Daytime Makeup;
B. Follow procedures accurately in applying Daytime Makeup; and
C. Appreciate the importance of Daytime Makeup.
II. Subject Matter
Applying Daytime Makeup
Reference: Technology and Livelihood Education IV by Velasquez pp. 106-107
Materials: Makeup Kit (Cake Foundation, Eye Liner, Eyebrow Pencil, Makeup Brushes, Eye Shadows,
Sponges (makeup applicator), Scissors, Comb, Blade/Razor, Cape, Towel, Head Band, Water Spray, Hair
Brushes, Blower, Rubber Bands, Hair Spray, Lipstick, Lip Gloss, and Lip Balm), Apron, and Hand Towel.
III. Procedure
Teachers Activity Students Activity
A. Preparation
Roll Call
Motivation (Ask Questions)
Name the makeup implements that I will show you. Sir, those things are Cake Foundation, Eye Liner, Eyebrow
Pencil, Makeup Brushes, Eye Shadows, Sponges, Scissors,
Comb, Cape, Towel, Head Band, Water Spray, Hair
Brushes, Blower, Rubber Bands, Hair Spray, Lipstick, Lip
Gloss, and Lip Balm

Why are these things important? Sir, they are important because they are the things that
we use for makeup application

B. Presentation
Before we proceed, could someone guess what are we
going to do today? Sir, we are going to learn how to apply makeup.

Can one of you read the procedures in facial makeup?

The procedures in facial makeup are:
A. Preparatory Procedure
1. Wash hands and towel dry.
2. Assemble all materials needed.
3. Drape the patron. Cover the head and seat her
4. Analyze the natural and color texture of her skin

Why do we have to do the preparatory procedure? Sir, to make the client as comfortable as possible and to
prevent any discomfort, health hazards and infection.

B. Artificial Procedure
1. Eyebrow shaping This is done to eyebrows that are
unevenly shaped. Extra time is needed to reshape the
eyebrows through plucking or shaving before proceeding
to the makeup process.

2. Facial cleanup Cleaning the face of the customer

a. Apply cleansing cream to remove the makeup or dirt
then wipe it off with a tissue.
b. Apply cleansing cream again and give a facial massage.
Wipe it off again.
c. Apply astringent.
d. Apply moisturizing cream. Let it dry.

3. Application of foundation Water-based foundation is

used for oily skin, and the oil-based foundation is used for
dry skin. The shade of foundation must be one degree
darker than the skin tone.
- apply oil-based foundation with the finger. For water-
based foundation, use a wet sponge. Apply the cream
evenly on the face, neck, ears, back of ears, and nape.

How do we apply cake foundation? Sir, we apply it by using a wet sponge and always with an
outward motion.

4. Work on the eye makeup Apply eye makeup base for

longer stay of the eye shadow. Eye makeup includes
eyebrow, if penciling is to be done. The shade of the eye
shadow depends on the shape and the position of the
eyes. For small eyes, use bright shades. Darker shades are
for bulging and big eyes. Avoid frosted shades for big
eyes. Use liquid eyeliner and mascara last to avoid

What are we going to remember when applying eye Sir, we should remember that blending is the key to a
makeup? beautiful eye makeup.

5. Cheek contouring Cheek rouge is applied upward,

starting from the inner cheek towards the outer corner of
the eyes and ears. Always consider the shape of the
cheekbone when applying rouge. Blush-on or cheek
rouge helps much in facial contouring. Use a blush-on
brush instead of a powder puff in contouring.

6. Lip coloring Lip colors are in stick or in a cake pan. Lip

colors come in various forms, colors, and nature. The
colors are warm or cool, and the nature is either matte or
glossy. A lip brush is used to shape the lips neatly. An
illusion of shaped lips may be created if the lip brush is
effectively and artistically used. Select bright color for
thin lips to emphasize the fullness of the lips. Use less
dark shade of lipstick to subdue the fullness of thick lips.

7. Finishing touches After applying everything and

checking, pat the face with cake, pressed powder, or
loose face powder to dry off the oil on the face. Double
check and note the effect of the makeup on the wearer.

8. Lashing to ensure that the liquid eyeliner and

mascara do not smudge the eye area due to sweat or
tears, which may unexpectedly flow, apply lash thickness
to prevent smearing.

C. Generalization
Why is it important to follow the procedures in facial
makeup? Sir, it is very important to follow the procedures in facial
makeup to avoid mistakes that can prolong the
application and to prevent dissatisfaction of the client.

Why is it important to practice Clean as you go? Sir, it just means youre expected to clean up after
yourself immediately following every task to be efficient
and professional.

D. Application
The students will now face their partners and observe
and take note of the skin tone and texture of their
partners face and identify the kind of foundation their
partner should use.

IV. Evaluation

In a sheet of paper, answer this question:

1. How does makeup affect facial appearance?

V. Assignment/Agreement

Everyone should bring their apron, hand towel, cake foundation (follow the rule in choosing a
foundation tone for your partner), and sponge (makeup applicator).

Prepared by: JULIUS S. GOLOCAN

Teacher applicant