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1) Refer codes ,standards, procedures and inspection plans which are applicable to the

project.(API1104, SAES-W-012,ASME 31.3, ASME 31.4 ,ASME 31.8 and SAES-W-011 etc)
2) Receiving inspection of incoming material (welding consumable) and review the test certificate
to ensure it complies with the approved purchase order and project material specification.
3) Monitoring the calibration of welding machine, oven and measuring equipment.
4) Check the approved WPS and PQR packages prior to start of fabrication work.
5) Check the JCC with welder matches with the applicable WPS.
6) Monitoring the JCC,Renewal and Revalidation of welder qualification cards,
7) Making and monitoring the weld summary, welder performance and NDT Tracking system.
8) Monitoring weekly weld rejection status by both linear and joint basis method.
9) Allocating weld joint number and preparing weld map.
10) Check the fit up and pre welding inspection, witnessing the in process welding as per WPS,and
inspect the post welding.
11) Continuous monitoring and surveillance of welding and analyzing cause for welding defects and
improve the quality of weld metal.
12) Witnessing of Preheat temperature, interpass temperature and post weld heat treatment.