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1. How should I organise my oral presentation.

There are many different ways you can organize your ideas and arguments in a
presentation. Which you choose will depend partly on how long your talk is going to
be but mainly on your topic.
In many ways, preparing a talk is similar to preparing an essay - the talk needs to
be organized and structured, with a beginning, a middle and an end.

2. How is the presentation organised?

1. Title.
The title of your presentation.

2. Greeting and introduction

Briefly state what your topic is.

3. Overview
Give a brief overview of the structure of your talk and how you will deal with the

4. Main part of the talk

The longest part. It should be clearly organized in a logical way.

5. Conclusion
Summarize your points. Make any recommendations or suggestions for further
work. Invite questions.

3. Exempli Grati


Good morning.
My talk today examines the benefits of learning a foreign language.

I intend to outline three important benefits of learning another language:

The first benefit I shall describe is practical - speaking another language means we
can communicate with other nationalities.
A further benefit is increased cultural understanding - when people can speak the
same language, this breaks down barriers and bridges the gap between cultures.
The final benefit that I shall describe is improved cognitive skills. Research shows
that learning another language increases our brain power.

My outline on the 3 benefits mentioned in the Overview is as follows:

1. In the first place, learning a foreign language has immediate practical uses for:

The Internet.
2. A further benefit might be stated as increased cultural understanding
(an explanation follows)

3. And the final benefit, but certainly not the least, is increased brain power
(an explanation follows)

In conclusion, I believe it is clear that there are huge benefits to be gained from
learning a foreign language. I would even go so far as to say that it should be
compulsory for all school children to learn at least one language for several years.
The benefits that it will bring to them and society in general are far too great to be
ignored. I have never regretted the work I have put into learning English.
If anyone has any questions I would be very pleased to try to answer them.