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Term 3 Evaluation - Muslim Identity

This term, we focused on the theme of identity. Identity is the way that you see yourself and is
closely related to your self image. It is really important to develop a sense of identity at an early
age. It will helps to build self-esteem and learning self values.
As Muslim is the minority in Dunedin, it is really hard to create an islamic environment to help
the children learn about Islam.Alhamdulillah we are really lucky to have Annur Childcare as the
Muslim Childcare center where we can provide islamic learning environment and implement
the muslim identity in our children.

For the first few weeks of this term, we focused on

the 5 pillars of islam, which are the foundation of
being a Muslim. The children learned how to say
the shahadah through nasyeed, learning how to do
wudu and the salat position. Masha Allah i was so
proud that most of the children was able to do the
salat position which shows that they have been
practicing with their family at home. As it was
closed to Eid ul Adha, we practiced doing the hajj
rituals and making preparation for the event. The
children practiced saying the talbiya and most of
them were able to memorise the talbiya. Alhamdulillah, the event went smoothly and it was a
memorable event for all of the children.
Being a muslim means you are able to read and understand some
arabic as the quran was written in arabic. Arabic is such a
wonderful language to learn. It can express things that other
language can not do. It is really important to get the children to
learn arabic at an early age so that in the future they will be able
to read and understand the quran.
So for the last few weeks of the term, we revised short surahs
from the quran and learnt some arabic alphabets. Most of the
bigger children were able to recognise and pronounced all the
arabic alphabets.

We did some arabic alphabets and numbers using recycled foam puzzle play mat and put them
around the centre to give the center the identity of a muslim child care. The children love them,
the went around the centre reading and singing the alphabets song.
Islam is a way of life which emphasis islamic values. To be able to implement the muslim
identity in the children, we have to be a good living example of a true muslim identity as our
prophet, Muhammad S.A.W has taught us through hadeth. Muslim identity is an identity that
will never fade as it is not bonded by blood, nationality or race. All of muslim are all bonded to
something stronger which is the tie of faith.

By: Teacher Nur Aisyah