When it comes to green living, what you put in your home is as important as how you build it.

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When it comes to the lifecycle of clothing, Levi’s were surprised to find that most of the environmental impact of a pair of their jeans was not in their materials, manufacture or transportation but what happens when they go home. They found that over 60 per cent of the impact comes from laundering, and 80 per cent of that impact came from using a clothes dryer! The sturdy usethings drying rack is stacked at waist length to then be hoisted up to the ceiling – to catch all that rising warmth – with a simple manoeuvre. It’s made from plantation sugar gum and can be delivered Australia-wide in an easy-toassemble kit for $250 plus delivery.

While many readers will be aware of the benefits of louvre windows, they will also be familiar with the draughty downfalls. Breezway have responded to this with Altair louvre windows, which have the ventilation benefits but significantly less draught. With an air infiltration rate of 1.5 l/m2/sec, they only let in a third of the airflow of the required Australian standard, meaning you won’t have to worry about cold or hot air flooding in. Altair louvres also have built-in drainage channels and guarantee high levels of water resistance. Unfortunately, even the best louvres on the market can’t match the average air infiltration rate of standard, well-sealed windows, but these do get close. Price on application.





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Oliver Field’s latest creation for Schiavello is the Hedge seating collection, made in accordance with the company’s Environmental Management System. Its squiggly cushions envelope you into its shape to form a comfortable seat with arm rests. The high-memory foam will hold its shape even after many uses, and is compliant with GECA standards for materials. Schiavello have a newly-established e-cycle system, which means any pre-loved furniture by Schiavello will be collected and recycled, reused or resold. Hedge has been designed for disassembly which means each lounge can be completely disassembled, allowing the parts to be easily recycled. Hedge’s seating range is available in a range of colours and includes nestling tables for ultimate functionality. Made in Australia. POA.

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Furniture and landscape artist Greg Hatton describes his style as “practical environmentalism, functional but beautiful”. His furniture creations evoke the same feelings as a stroll through the bush and they’re now available to bring right into the comfort of your living room. Greg’s pieces are all made from reconstructed materials, found objects and non-native tree species. While a tan-bark carpet won’t suit everyone, his art deco armchair, constructed from hardwood mill off-cuts, reclaimed Baltic pine floorboard cladding and cushion-mattress ticking, with a foam/feather filling, would make a great addition to any lounge room. It retails at $950, or $1200 for a couch version.

munk felt is the side-project of Miriam Borcherdt, creator of the munk fashion label. A collaboration between Borcherdt and the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, a range of munk felt products are made by asylum seeker women who are receiving assistance from the centre and wish to support themselves by working. The result is a series of stunning homewares that are hand-stitched by the employed women, who work from the comfort and freedom of their homes. On completion, each item is signed by its maker. The felt laser-cut lampshade pictured retails at $312 and includes a 1.2m cord and light fitting.

On a hot day, regular roof paint can absorb enough heat to reach 81ºC, making the inside temperature of a house close to unbearable. In an effort to combat this, Nutech Paint has created NXT Cool Zone, a roof finish which reflects up to five times more heat than standard roof finishes, keeping your home 6 to 10ºC cooler. It does this without the use of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Like all new finishes, residue is likely to gather in drains after application, so it might be helpful to avoid using a tank-water system for a few days if your water contains any run-off. The price for a full roof restoration using NXT ranges from $5000 to $10,000.