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DAY : Friday
DATE : 16 January 2015
TIME : 10.20am 11.20am.
CLASS : 3 Dinamik
SUBJECT : Science
THEMES : Management and Continuity of Life
LEARNING AREA : Chapter 1. Respiration
LEARNING OBJECTIVE : 1.1 Analysing The Human Breathing Mechanism
LEARNING OUTCOME : By the end of this lesson,
-Students able to identify the respiratory structures in human
-Students able to describe the characteristics of respiratory surfaces in human
-Students able to describe the breathing mechanism in human

a) Students has knowledge about the respiratory system in Form 1,
b) Students know the structure and breathing mechanism in organisms (mammals, insects, fish and amphibians)
(1) Being responsible about the safety of oneself, others and the environment.
(2) Being thankful to God
(3) Appreciating healthy living
(4) Being cooperative
(5) Being systematic
1. Power point slide show
2. Software of computer simulation (video)
3. Model of human lungs
4. Rib cage model
5. Manila card
6. HOTs Question

Sequencing Students able to arrange the air passage from the nostrils to alveoli.

Critical thinking and communication, Students able to think critically and cooperative with their group members when the
active interaction between students activity is carry on
Comparing and contrasting Students able to compare the breathing mechanism of human.
Development Lesson Content Teachers Activities Students Activities Teaching Notes
of aids /
Lesson materials
Induction set Basic concept of breathing Teacher obtains ideas Students share their ideas Powerpoint Approach:
(5 minutes) from the students on what on what they might do slide Cooperative
we need to do everyday everyday for 24 hours. learning
for 24 hours.
CCTS/ Noble
Teacher prepares 2 Students try to answer values:
questions for students to these two questions by Generating ideas
investigate through out brainstorming their idea. -Open Minded
the lesson. (accept any acceptable -Appreciate
1. What happen to answer) Creations of God
our lungs during -Respect Others
breathing? -Co-operation
2. How the atmospheric Voabulary:
airs travel through our Lungs,
lungs? Respiration