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1. How did you decide to become a pilot?

2. Who did you inspire yourself in? (or: Who was your reference in aviation?)
3. What will you do as soon as you receive your ICAO approval?
4. What do you expect to be doing in aviation in 5 years?
5. Tell me a little bit about your experience in aviation.
6. How do you conduct your profession as a pilot?
7. What was the most difficult part of your pilots course?
8. How important is a briefing before a flight?
9. What do you think about pilots that dont care about CRM?
10. How can ICAO change your life as a pilot?
11. How would ICAO level 4 or 5 increase your chances to get a job?
12. Would it be good if the companies had an English training?
13. Have you ever had any training for emergencies?
14. Are you working as a pilot at the moment?
15. How often should pilots train for emergency situations?
16. How do you handle with pressure in the cockpit as a pilot?
17. Which were the aircraft you flew?
18. How can meteorology help the pilots in aviation?
19. Why do you think it is important for a pilot to study meteorology?
20. Which is the airport you most like to land at? Why?
21. What would happen if you had a first officer incapacitation?
22. Why is it important to maintain a situational awareness?
23. Where and when was your last flight? (Tell me). When is your next flight? (Tell me).
24. When and where was your last simulator course? (Tell me about it).
25. When will you attend for your next simulator?
26. What should companies do to increase the safety?
27. What would you say for pilots initiating their careers?
28. How is technology connected to aviation?
29. Do you think technology ensures safety in aviation?
30. Which phase is more critical for you: landing or takeoff?
31. What emergencies can appear during takeoff?
32. What emergencies can appear during landing?
33. What are the duties of a good pilot?
34. What are your goals as a pilot?
35. Why did you decide to become a pilot?
36. How do you see the international air traffic in 20 years?
37. Describe your aviation background. (Since Private Pilot)
38. What aircraft have you flown so far? Which one do you enjoy the most?
39. Tell me about how it is to fly single-engines. And twin engines?
40. Tell me about the aircraft you fly. (flew in your CPL/PPL/airline)
41. Talk about the last aircraft you flew.
42. What was the most complicated situation you have ever had flying?
43. What is the most difficult part of being a pilot?
44. Do you think English is important for aviation?
45. Do you think it is important to make a decision as soon as possible once you have a
46. Do you think that chopper pilots earn more that airliners?
47. How do you see aviation in 20 years?
48. What changes do you see in aircraft in 10 years?
49. How do you see the training for pilots in 10 years?
50. What are the difficulties of flying abroad (overseas/out of the country) ?
51. Why is the subject meteorology important for the pilots?
52. What is the influence of the FAA regulations on our national regulations?
53. What are the good and bad things about being a pilot?
54. What is the difference between May Day and Pan Pan?
55. Do you intend to become an instructor?
56. Have you ever faced an emergency? Which was the worst emergency? Why?
57. What kind of emergencies may you face in a flight?
58. Which is your favorite destination?
59. What was the most challengeable airport you have ever landed? Describe the issues.
60. How was your first solo flight?
61. How do you incentive a boy who would like to be a pilot? And your children (if you
dont have, say if you would or not.)
62. What do you do before your flight? (i.e. explain what consist of the pre-flight
inspection, briefings)
63. Why is CRM so necessary now a days?
64. How was your preparation for your solo flight?