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Kate Wendleton is
President and Founder of
The Five O’Clock Club, a
national outplacement firm
where every client gets one
full year of outplacement—
at affordable prices. She is
the author of six books on Kate Wendleton,
career development and president,
has appeared on the Today The Five O’Clock
Club, the coaching-
Show, CNN, CNBC, the based, national
Early Show and in the New outplacement firm
York Times, Wall Street
Journal, and other national press.
Recertification Credit
Hours Awarded: 1.25
This program has been approved for
1.25 recertification credit hours
toward PHR and SPHR recertifica-
tion through the Human Resource
Certification Institute (HRCI). For
more information about certification
or recertification, please visit the
HRCI homepage at www.hrci.org.
Past Topics and the Names of All Presenters
2003 fill Scholastic's mission--to instill lifelong
learning in children.
most companies to speak up more. You'll
need more regulatory, compliance and
• Jordan Vargas, Vice President Human legal help, and will see an increase in HR-
January 31, 2003: Resources, Publishers Clearing House. related hotline complaints. He'll tell you
New Trends in Restrictive Jordan joined PCH in March of 1999. what else to expect.
Covenants Jordan has over 25 years of Human • Robert I. Harwood is a partner in the
HR executives and managers: Get both Resources experience with Fortune 1000 law firm of Wechsler Harwood LLP in
sides of the story companies. New York. He specializes in the plaintiffs'
securities class action field and has exten-
• Steven Mitchell Sack, Radio Host, is June 9, 2003: sive experience prosecuting all types of
a practicing labor attorney with 22 years' The Changing Role directors and officer's liability claims.
Definitely a man to listen to! Rob will tell
experience. He is the author of 18 books of Human Resources you how plaintiffs' litigation strategy is
on employment. He also hosts a national And How You Can Get More Power
radio show and has made frequent appear- developing in the aftermath of Sarbanes-
ances on radio and television shows. Oxley.
• Eric Jacobson, a Marsh management
• Pearl Zuchlewski represents individ- consultant, has observed that HR has to
ual employees. She is on the Executive interact - or even report to - the financial
December 5, 2003:
Committee of the NYS Bar Association's person more and more. Information is Generational Issues in the
Labor and Employment Law Section, co- taking on a different dynamic. What is Workplace
chairs the Section's EEO Committee, and that CFO looking for? • Michael L. Dolfman, Ph.D. is
chairs the NASD's National Arbitration • Steve Atamanchuk, VP, Human Regional Commissioner of the Bureau of
and Mediation Committee. Resources for Sithe Energies, has experi- Labor Statistics (for NY, NJ and CT). He
• Peter N. Hillman, of Chadbourne & ence turning the HR role from Personnel will tell us how the recession and the
Parke LLP, principally represents manage- to a Business Partner, and he'll tell you recovery have affected the prospects for
ment in counseling, negotiating and, how he did it. older, younger, and middle-aged workers.
when necessary, litigating a wide-range of • Wendy Murphy, Partner and Global • Marian Stoltz-Loike, Ph.D. is the
employment issues. He has extensive expe- HR Practice Head for Heidrick and Chief Executive Officer of Senior
rience with restrictive covenants arising Struggles, will tell you what companies say Thinking, a consulting company focusing
both from his role as head of the firm's they are looking for when they are hiring on the concerns of mature employees and
employment practice, and as a general liti- today's HR exec. their organizations. She'll tell you how to
gation partner. He is a frequent lecturer spread the word that your company
and author for publications such as September 8, 2003: embraces mature and younger workers
Andrew's and Mealey's. alike.
and how it impacts HR in public, private • Dr. Deb Cohen, Ph.D., SPHR, is the
and not-for-private organizations Vice President of Knowledge
April 9, 2003: Development for the Society for Human
How to Manage Your • Peter N. Hillman, of Chadbourne & Resource Development. She's coming in
Compensation in Difficult Times Parke LLP, has addressed the HR Network from Virginia! and will make a case for a
And Motivate Employees at All Levels before on the subject of Restrictive balanced workforce, with less emphasis on
Covenants. This lively speaker will tell the older worker. She'll help you under-
• Peter A. Lupo, is a member of the you the Sarbanes-Oxley-related issues that stand who your workforce is - not just by
Performance, Measurement and Rewards you should address in your own firm -- age, but by perspective.
Practice at Mercer, where he specializes in whether or not you are covered by the • Deb Russell, Manager of the
incentive plan design and total reward Act. He is a frequent lecturer and author Economic Security/Work section of
studies. for publications such as Andrew's and AARP, will cover two recent AARP studies
• Deborah Fuller, Director, Human Mealey's. on how long older workers expect to work
Resources, Scholastic, Inc. Deborah cur- • William Henderson, SVP, Marsh, is beyond retirement and what are their
rently manages a staff of generalists, an attorney and CPA and former federal workplace needs. She'll also tell you some
recruiters and HR coordinators, all prosecutor. Because of the impact of company "best practices" for Workers
charged with supporting employees to ful- Sarbanes-Oxley, Bill expects people in Over 50 that speaks to the needs of multi-
ple generations in the workplace.

2004 response to the post-9/11 world.

• Bill Hartman, Senior Director,
be as simple as a Consumer Report or
Zagat type of guide, ranking doctors as
Cushman and Wakefield will present well as hospitals.
January 30, 2004 trends in the real estate marketplace
Trends That Affect HR, 2004 downtown and mid-town (vacancy rates, 9/10/2004:
• Linda Barrington is Labor asking prices). He will give you a flavor of
real estate development ideas since 9/11,
Legal Issues That Affect HR
Economist, Research Director, and Special • Andrew Lerner on Immigration Law
Assistant to the President of The and prospects for the future.
- top 5 things for HR to consider when
Conference Board. Her recent publica- dealing with foreign employees - security,
tions include "Global Workforce Trends: 5/7/2004: family issues, immigration policy proce-
Demographics and U.S./E.U. Worklife Balance dures and processing. Andrew is
Productivity;" "Technology, Opportunities Helping employees manage the details of Immigration Counsel for Pavia and
and Challenges of the New Economy: their lives-or not Harcourt.
Global Position, Domestic Concerns;" • Michael F. McAllister, an expert in • Peter N. Hillman on Understanding
"Workforce Diversity and Productivity: worklife balance issues and the and Complying with the FLSA Overtime
Analyzing Employer-Employee Data;" Communication Unit Practice Leader for Exemption Changes - Class action suits
"Changing Demographics-Poverty Risk Mercer's South Unit, will tell you the lat- and DOL audits on company compliance
for Full-time Workers in the New est trends. with the FLSA have been dramatic in
American Economy." • Patrick Wilkinson, Head of Human scope. Do the new regulations--the first
• Samer Hamadeh is co-founder, presi- Resources and Managing Director for major changes since 1938--clarify things?
dent, & CEO of Vault Inc., which HSBC, Corporate Investment Banking Make litigation less likely? What are the
Newsweek says is the most comprehensive and Markets, will speak against worklife major "do's" and "don't's" for employers?
free site for employers. With the up-tick balance benefits, which are highly sensitive How best and most efficiently can you
in the economy, employees will have to the economic cycle. ensure compliance? Peter is a frequent
power again, but Samer can advise HR • Melanie Hughes, SVP of Global speaker at the HR Network and is the HR
how to avoid repeating the mistakes made Human Resources for Doubleclick, has Practice Head at Chadbourne & Parke
in the 1999-2000 frenzied job market. helped build an entrepreneurial and cus- LLP
• Susan R. Meisinger, SPHR, is tomer-focused culture by paying attention • Charles H. Kaplan on Reducing
President and Chief Executive Officer of to worklife balance issues. Legal Risks When Investigating
the Society for Human Resource Workplace Misconduct and Disciplining
Management, (SHRM). Sue's coming in 7/30/2004: Problem Employees. Charlie will suggest
from Virginia, and will tell us what
SHRM sees as the competencies necessary
Helping Your Company With Its how you can avoid discrimination, harass-
Bottom Line ment, retaliation, whistleblower, defama-
for the HR profession in the future. She tion, unjust discharge, workplace tort, and
will also have a few words to say about the What employers are doing about
Healthcare Costs other employee claims when investigating
hot topic of outsourcing. and disciplining workers for misconduct.
• Harry Spencer, VP, Global Benefits
and HR Operations for Time Warner. Charlie is a partner in the New York office
3/12/2004: of the law firm of Thelen Reid & Priest
Harry is a well-known speaker and is
THE EFFECT OF 9/11 ON often quoted in the press. Time Warner LLP, where he heads the East Coast-based
THE NEW YORK MARKET has nine divisions, each with their own attorneys in the firm's national Labor and
A closed-door meeting of the HR needs. Here's how they do it. Employment Practice Group.
Network. • Harry Glantz is SVP, Human
• Dr. Michael Dolfman, the Head of Resources of Atari, Inc., a 700-person 12/3/2004:
Economic Analysis and Information for company. Earlier, Harry had been VP, New Thinking about Diversity
the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has Human Resources for Citibank's Quotron • Joy Bunson, SVP, Organizational
agreed to share the results of this study subsidiary and Director, Human Development at JPMorganChase, is on
with the HR Network long before they Resources for Steinway Musical Properties, the Corporate Diversity Council chaired
are released to the media. Inc. Here's what Harry is doing to help by JPMorganChase CEO, William
• Kathryn Wylde is President and CEO control costs at his firm. Harrison. Joy will tell us why Chase is
of the Partnership for New York City, the • Dave Rahill is the head of the Health known for its diversity programs and give
city's premier business leadership organi- Care and Group Benefits practice at you some ideas.
zation founded by David Rockefeller. Mercer's Northeast Unit. Dave will tell • Wanda Jackson, head of HR for the
Kathryn will comment on developments you about Doctor Scorecards, a ground- National Urban League, will speak about a
in the NYC economy since 9/11 and tell breaking effort to use claims data provided new, extensive study that shows employ-
you how the economic development poli- by insurance carriers to measure how indi- ees' attitudes about diversity programs and
cies of the city have been reoriented in vidual physicians are doing. The result will policies in their organizations. In fact, this
study was featured in Sunday's New York • Diane Wooley, Human Resources on that? Courts require companies to keep
Times. Manager for Times Microwave Systems, a their emails. Are you in compliance?
• Lenora Fulani, founder of the All member of the Smiths Group of compa- • Disability Discrimination (Dennis
Stars Project, will tell you how they help nies and a divisional representative on the Lalli, Kauff McClain and McGuire) --
inner-city teenagers get into the world of corporate steering committee, will tell us There are major differences between New
work - with the help of HR people just how she addressed workers comp locally York and Federal Law, and a clear under-
like you. That positive work experience in this highly decentralized company. standing can help you reduce FMLA and
gets young people started on the right • John Morel, SVP and Senior Claims other claims.
path. Consultant, Marsh, has over 14 years as a
claims professional. He will give you the September 9, 2005:
inside scoop on reducing claims and your Retaining High Potentials and
2005 workers compensation costs.
High Performers
• Evelyn Rodstein, who has headed
May 6, 2005: Leadership (corporate and division level)
January 28, 2005: HR Metrics: in 5 Fortune 100 companies in 5 different
What your Board and CEO need. ways. She'll tell you the various techniques
The Current State of HR • Jim Murray, head of Human used, and the simple things you may be
Outsourcing: Resources Decision Support at Merck and overlooking. Evelyn is currently a leader-
What HR is doing and how it affects Co. Jim will tell you why Merck has such ship consultant while looking for her next
them. a department in HR, the kinds of projects position the tri-state area.
• Dan Schreibman, Principal, AT they work on, and give you simple steps • Jim Hinthorn, SVP, HR at F
Kearney. Dan will cover best practices and for implementing such a function in your Schumacher & Co., a 1500-employee
challenges, and where the market is. He own HR department, regardless of your firm, will tell you how to retain high
will also report on a survey that Kearney size. potentials "when you can't afford the very
conducted on HR outsourcing. • Tony Politano, author of "Chief best:" how to retain people when you have
• Mike Downey, Managing Consultant Performance Officer" and a consultant on a small budget, and broaden their experi-
for HR Outsourcing Solutions with performance measurement with Niveo, ence when you can't send them to
Hewitt-Exult, will tell you the trends they will tell you how to gather the data and Harvard. Also: how to engage line man-
see in their HR integrated outsourcing then explain the data to both line clients agers in the process.
practice. Hewitt-Exult is the leader in and senior management. This is crucial • Ellis Chase, a master executive coach
business process outsourcing for the HR because if you can't make your case, noth- for the Five O'Clock Club, has been with
area. ing happens. the Club since 1987! He has coached at
• Mike Bryan, is Director of Employee • Jordan Vargas, Vice President of the most senior levels in small as well as
Relations at Burns & Roe, a 1700- Human Resources for Publishers Clearing major organizations. The issues he has
employee firm specializing in engineering House, will tell you what he does so he addressed range from the mobility of high
and design. Mike will tell you his experi- can have those serious business conversa- potentials, team building, staffing, and
ence with outsourcing: the mistakes tion with the Board and the CEO.HR is a corporate decision-making to resolving the
they've made, what worked, what didn't. strategic business unit at his company, and problems senior executives may have. In
• A representative from Marsh-Mercer he'll tell you how he made this happen. addition, Ellis is great at Presentation
will tell you about their specific outsourc- Skills Training!
ing services. July 8, 2005:
Hot Legal Issues That Affect December 2, 2005:
March 11, 2005:
Human Resources Working with Your CFO
Reducing Workers • Conducting Internal Investigations • Vivianna Guzman. Executive Vice
Compensation Costs: (Roxane Marenberg, DLA Piper Rudnick) President, Chief Financial Officer and
A Human Resources Management - How to make internal investigations bul- Treasurer of the AMA, a not-for-profit
Perspective let-proof to thwart claims and litigation. with 800 direct employees and 2000 con-
• Andy Foy, VP of HR for North Roxane will provide a ½-inch handbook tractors. Vivianna is also responsible for all
America, Smiths Group. (with 50 compa- covering every situation you may face and international operations (1/3 of the orga-
nies in the U.S. including security detec- how to handle it. nization's staff). She will tell you how HR
tion equipment, aerospace manufacturing, • Electronic Communications Policies works closely with the top management
medical products manufacturing, and spe- (Claudia Cohen, Epstein Becker and team.
cialty engineering).Andy will tell us how Green) - How can you monitor electronic • Steven M. Looney, is Managing
he harnessed division managers' energy to communications? Employees may have Director of Peale Davies & Co. Inc., a
focus on the overall goals of the organiza- camera phones and use blackberries and strategic advisory and consulting firm and
tion. instant messaging. Do you have a policy is a director and member of the audit and
compensation committees of Sun blocks innovation but leadership can Cases. (Bill Milani of Epstein, Becker &
Healthcare Group, a $1 billion publicly- accelerate the innovation process. Joel will Green, PC). HR is more important than
traded nursing home and related health- be coming in from Philadelphia and often ever in determining the success or failure
care services firm. He is the former CFO consults in New York. of discrimination cases (FMLA, disabili-
of Pinkerton Computer Consultants Inc., • Elise Walton, Ph.D., is a Partner with ties, sex, race, and so on). HR personnel
a Director and CFO of WH Industries Mercer Delta Consulting. Dr. Walton con- can make or break a case because of train-
Inc. (manufacturing), and General sults at the CEO level, working primarily ing, communication with management,
Counsel of A.G. Becker, Warburg Paribas in the areas of change management, investigations, documentation and testi-
Becker, an investment bank. Steve will tell organization design, executive leadership mony. Bill will cover best practices for
us his experiences at these large firms. and team building, and global strategy. HR.
• Frank Thoelen is CFO of JAD Corp. There have been major power shifts at the • Employee Benefits: The Liability for
of America, a 100-person, $30 million rev- top of organizations, and senior executives HR. (Mark Brossman of Schulte Roth &
enue firm, and also manages HR. He has with competing agendas are resorting to Zabel LLP). In handling employee benefits
been CFO for other small companies and more overt conflict than ever before. It's (401K, pension plans, etc.), HR is often
is a former division head and practice critical for HR to clarify its own role in all named as fiduciary and is therefore
leader for Arthur Anderson where he had of this. Elise holds a Ph.D. from Harvard exposed to a lot of liability. Here's what
extensive contact with the HR as well as Business School. HR can do to protect themselves.
the CFO functions in client companies. • Lisa Danels, Director, Leadership • Workplace Romance (Mark Jacoby,
Development, Pfizer, has been leadership Weil Gotshal & Manges LLP). One of the
2006 director at four companies. Hear from one
of your own! Lisa will give you real-life
most delicate issues faced by employers is
dealing with the widespread phenomenon
examples from the corporate front and tell of romance in the workplace. For HR
January 27, 2006: you how it is played out at various compa- professionals, it's all about minimizing risk
Executive Compensation Issues nies. for the organization.
• Alan L. Sklover, Partner, Sklover &
Associates, LLC, a law firm that represents May 5, 2006: September 8, 2006:
and counsels executives on how to negoti- HR Metrics: Termination Practices:
ate with their employers. Alan will tell you Advancing the Power of HR What Works and What Doesn't
why today's executive compensation is not (for senior HR professionals only) • Michael Lewis, Director of HR, Weil,
working. • Jean Ebersole, EVP, Human Gotshal & Manges LLP, a firm of 1000
• Diane Lerner, senior executive com- Resources, HSBC will tell you how they attorneys. Michael is like you: he handles
pensation consultant, Watson Wyatt will are moving from lagging to leading indica- people with dignity when letting them go.
address "Negotiating Employment and tors and from dashboard to analytics! In addition, he is an attorney by training
Severance Contracts with Senior HSBC is making an evolution from so he brings that perspective to his
Executives." Diane will cover the dos and Business Process Management to more approach.
don'ts for executive employment con- predictive analytics: the better and right • Patty Bradley, Director, HR, Pharma
tracts--how to avoid having the next Dick kind of hiring, how quickly someone can Development, Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Grasso or Michael Ovitz situation. be productive, and so on. Corporation, a division with 7000
• Jose Irizarry, Vice President, • Warren Davis, head of HR at a num- employees. Patty has spoken at a previous
Worldwide Compensation Consulting and ber of small companies, knew the value of HR Network event. Like many of you, she
GMSA for American Express. metrics even though the senior manage- has become a "subject matter expert" on
• Gangadei Deonarine, Executive ment didn't. Warren's message: Know terminations.
Director, Compensation & Benefits for your numbers better than anyone else and • Alan L. Sklover, Partner, Sklover &
Estee Lauder. go beyond the numbers to the real issues. Donath, LLC, a law firm that represents
He'll tell you how he did it. and counsels executives on how to negoti-
March 17, 2006: • Barbara Spitzer of Watson Wyatt, will ate with their employers. Alan will talk
Leadership and Organizational help you quantify the value of HR and about mistakes companies make in the ter-
Politics align HR to serve business objectives. You mination process that prompts senior
At the Highest Levels of the can measure your ROI and talk to line executives to bring lawsuits. What can you
Organization leaders about the value of HR in your do to keep your employer from getting
• Joel DeLuca, author of Political Savvy organization. sued?
and a corporate consultant, will report on
the latest academic research on the subject, July 7, 2006: December 1, 2006:
tell you how you can use leadership devel- Hot Legal Issues That Affect Intergenerational Issues in the
opment to deal effectively with organiza- Human Resources Workplace
tional politics, and show how politics • The Role of HR in Discrimination • Donna J. Dennis, Ph.D., an expert

on intergenerational issues, will discuss Leadership Team colleagues. May 4, 2007:

current studies on the multi-generational • Peter Reichman from Russell Effective Talent Management and
workforce. Her consulting firm, Reynolds will tell you what companies are
Leadership Solutions Consulting, LLC has looking for when they hire top HR profes-
Retention Practices
attracted clients such as Lehman Brothers, sionals, and what a person can do if he or • Building a Foundation for Talent
British Petroleum, Becton Dickinson, she doesn't have the specific skills Management. Presented by Ron Thomas,
KPMG, American Express, Boston required. Peter is a member of the VP, Organizational Development, Martha
Scientific, C.R. Bard, Inc., New York Corporate Officers Sector of Russell Stewart Living Omnimedia, a publishing,
Public Library, and Princeton University, Reynolds. Prior to joining Russell TV and merchandising company. The Six
among others. Reynolds Associates, he had 20 years of Cornerstones of Effective Talent
• Florence Stone, editorial director, human resources experiences including Management at Martha Stewart Find out
AMA, author of 14 books Executive Director of Human Resources at what's really happening inside this exciting
• Gene Boccialetti, Ph.D., Senior UBS Investment Bank, and HR positions company.
Executive Portfolio at the American at Time Inc., GE Capital and in the public • Employee Career Architecture for
Management Association will give you a sector. KPMG Employees. Joe Maiorano,
management perspective on managing a Executive Director, Human
Resources/Workplace Solutions, KPMG,
multi-generational workforce. March 16, 2007: will tell you how KPMG is developing a
Hot Topics in Executive culture in which employee career develop-
2007 Compensation ment is pre-eminent. They not only build
What every HR professional should employees careers inside, they also help
January 26, 2007: know! employees think about alternatives outside
• Hot Topics in Executive KPMG! The program innovations have
How to be a player Compensation at American Express. included weekly radio shows on develop-
at the highest levels: Vyshali Mokadam, Vice President, ment topics.
What is expected? What do I do? Compensation Consulting, American • Practical Tips for Developing and
How do I do it? Express Retaining Great Management Talent
(for senior HR only) • Five Things You Should Care About When Talent is at a Premium. Robert
• Harry Glantz, Senior Vice President in Developing a Compensation Packages Rigby-Hall is SVP, Human Resources,
and General Manager, Human Resources for Managers and Executives. Marc Hodak, Lexis-Nexis, a 12,500-person research and
Division, for ITOCHU International Inc., of Hodak Value Advisors, LLC, will give publishing company. Robert will tell you
the $3.5 billion North American sub- you advice on how to structure an effective how Lexis-Nexis has created a business
sidiary of a major worldwide Japanese cor- compensation package. Marc's research strategy and culture that is attractive to
poration. After 25+ years experience in shows that the way compensation is paid is candidates. They have developed straight-
U.S. companies, with some of those years more important than the amount paid. forward ways to supplement talent from
"at the table" with public companies and • How to Protect your Company and outside and then manage it internally,
now a member of the Executive Your Executives since the passage of the ensuring that there is clear accountability
Committee of ITOCHU International, 409A Deferred Compensation tax law. between HR and line managers. Robert
Harry will share with you his experience Richard Schwartz, partner, Epstein, Becker will tell you how they retain high perform-
and the importance of understanding and Green, will tell you the issues you ers, balancing financial and cultural levers.
some important "C's" when you're at the need to consider. Deferred compensation
table: Culture, Current Considerations, is no longer part of the Wild West but is July 13, 2007:
Communications, Climate, Customers, now highly regulated. If HR makes mis-
CEO, Confidence and, finally, one "P,"
Hot Legal Issues That Affect
takes, your executives - the very people
Priorities. you want to keep happy -- could incur
Human Resources
• Bill Arlington is Senior Vice large penalties. Richard will tell you the • Domestic Violence and Bullying in
President, Human Resources for John next steps you should take. the Workplace. (J. Michael Riordan of
Wiley & Sons, Inc., a $1 billion (soon to • An Overview of Compensation in Greenberg Traurig). Perpetrators of domes-
be 1.5 billion) publicly traded (NYSE) the Volatile Financial Services Sector. tic violence come to the workplace search-
publishing company. Bill has been a mem- Edward O'Dowd, Managing Director, ing for the intended victim, causing dis-
ber of the Wiley Leadership Team for the Human Resources, is in charge of all com- ruption, loss of productivity and worse.
past 15 years. He attends Compensation pensation and benefits for UBS in the Workplace bullying (bosses and co-work-
and Development Committee meetings Americas. There has been great play in the ers who abuse others) is becoming more
and the Operations Review portion of all media about the generous Wall Street politicized and legislative efforts are taking
Board Meetings. Bill will share ideas on bonuses paid this year, and perhaps place at the state level to combat it - the
the variables that influence credibility for Edward could get a discussion going about often highly-productive boss or co-worker
HR with outside directors, the CEO, and that. who abuses others. Mike will tell you what
the law is, how the workplace is regulated • Lindsey Cotter, Director, Human are all in the same boat. It’s almost impos-
concerning these issues, and the liability of Resources, and Robert Defendorf, Human sible to keep up, so what can you do?
the employer. Resources Manager at Scholastic • Barbara Kurka, SVP, HR, Katz Media
• Whistleblower Complaints and The Publishing, a company of 10,000 employ- Group, Inc., an organization of 1350
New Employee Retaliation Claim. ees. Lindsey and Robert will tell you how employees. Barbara will talk about the
(Charles H. Kaplan of Lowenstein Scholastic handles people with dignity often-missing step that makes it possible to
Sandler). Whistleblower Complaints - when letting them go. Most former align HR management with your compa-
Sarbanes-Oxley is the most well known of Scholastic employees are sad, but not angry ny’s business strategy. With 10 divisions,
a panoply of federal, state, and local laws about leaving – a sign of being treated very each operating independently, insuring
that protect employees who "blow the well. strategy alignment is a challenge at best.
whistle" on alleged unlawful conduct by • Denise Kaback, Director, Human Clearly defining the standards for employ-
their employers. Workers who complain Resources, Schulte Roth & Zabel, LLP. ee behavior, and then using them, has
about safety and health violations, financial Denise has plenty of advice to give you, proven to be the key to insuring that HR
fraud, insurance scams, government con- having been through this more times than and the divisions align their day-to-day
tracting abuses, employment discrimina- she likes to remember. It’s never gets easy, work with the business strategy.
tion, and other purported unlawful con- but it can get better. Denise will give you • Scott McElhone, SVP, Human
duct by their companies are all protected concrete examples of how she treats Resources at HBO, will discuss HR’s role
by laws that prohibit retaliation. We will employees with dignity on their way out. in removing systemic barriers between an
discuss how management can best respond • Alan L. Sklover, Partner, Sklover & organization’s leadership and effective exe-
to a whistleblower's complaints and defeat Donath, LLC, a law firm that represents cution of strategy. HR must be viewed as
false claims. and counsels executives on how to negoti- adding value or will itself be perceived as a
• Current Immigration Trends. ate with their employers. Alan will talk barrier or unnecessary contributor. The key
(Andrew R. Lerner of Paparelli & Partners about some of the bad practices he sees is translating HR objectives into actionable
LLP). Proper immigration planning can be when people are being let go that prompts business language leaders can’t afford to
critical to a company's brand name and its senior executives to bring lawsuits. And he ignore.
ability to compete in the international will tell you what departed employees are • Christina Murphy is Director, Talent
marketplace. Andrew will cover current telling him as an attorney. Hear the other Management, NA for Cognizant
immigration trends and the steps HR can side of the story! Technology Solutions Corp., an organiza-
take to protect and develop their compa- tion of over 50,000 employees, where Tina
ny's use of foreign talent within the United December 7, 2007: is responsible for talent management in the
States. You will learn: Create the Vision: US and Canada. Cognizant has a highly
• How to structure your foreign- mobile and global workplace working on
worker hiring strategy to gain maximum
What Companies Have Learned client engagements both onshore and off-
benefits with minimum risk; about Moving Ahead! shore therefore; succession planning and
• How to select the best work visa Experience a top training team that retention are a challenge. Tina will also
category for your company's and candi- has worked with Google since 2001 and address cultural diversity’s positive and
date's unique situation; and many other fast moving, ambitious growth challenging points in a global business
• How to continue recruiting even companies! What are some of the secrets community.
when immigration quotas are full. they use to move managers and teams to • Jordan Vargas is SVP, Human
the next level? Resources and Call Center Operations at
September 7, 2007: Hanover Direct. Jordan has worked at
Termination Update: 2008 many companies and can address how to
handle an organization making a change in
Best and Worst Practices February 8, 2008: the core business model. As Jordan says,
Hear both sides of the story. Hear best
practices from the HR side and worst prac-
Linking Your Organization’s “How do you change the tire on the car
Changing Business Strategy and while the car is still moving?” The organi-
tices from an employment attorney who zation may need different product sources,
represents fired executives. Our survey of Human Resources Management different marketing techniques, different
human resources executives and displaced Your organization’s business strategy workflow processes – and new skill sets for
employees shows quite surprising results. changes continually and each organization employees. What do you do when you
For example, HR assumes the employee faces specific challenges that HR must don’t know how the company will work in
will recommend the company to a friend address. How can you possibly stay in step? the future? After all, you don’t know what
who is looking for a job even if the How can you cope when your organization will work until you test it.
employee was handled poorly during the is undergoing major directional change?
exit process. The employees say the oppo- Learn from this team and also hear what
site. Learn from our esteemed panelists and your colleagues in the audience have to say.
from each other. Many of the organizations we meet with

March 14, 2008 sure they are accessing services, and pro- June 20, 2008
Mental Health and Productivity in vide you with flyers that you can make Onboarding:
available to all employees.
the Workplace Its Impact on Productivity,
HR is on the front line of mental May 2, 2008 Alignment and Engagement
health issues. How can you recognize a Research indicates that new hires
mental health problem and what should
Talent Management: decide how long they will stay with a com-
you do? Mental health conditions affect Developing a Leadership Bench in pany within the first 30 to 90 days of
HR, fellow employees and the organiza- Good Times and Bad employment. Therefore, organizations are
tion’s bottom line. Absence and disability When a company is tightening its belt re-evaluating their onboarding process to
losses constituted 29% of the total health and not focusing on leadership develop- better engage employees from day one.
and productivity related expenditures for ment, what can you do to bring it to the According to a survey by HR software
physical health conditions, and 47% for all forefront? On the other hand, when you company Vurv Technology, sponsored by
of the mental health conditions examined do have leadership buy-in, what should Workforce.com: “Getting people acclimat-
in a study of 375,000 employees. (Journal you focus on? How can you gain traction? ed to their new jobs, and bolstering the
of Occupational & Environmental And when you have the traction, how can odds they won’t jump ship, are the top
Medicine. 45(1):5-14, January 2003.) Our you capitalize on it? Renee and Tara have concerns of organizations for 2008. Nearly
panelists will address the savings associated seen the "good times" and the "bad times" 40 percent of companies cited “mastering
with the treatment of mental illnesses, how with respect to Leadership Development. the onboarding process” as a primary area
you can make better use of EAPs, They will tell you what they have experi- of focus, with nearly the same percentage
Timothy’s Law, and other mental health- enced and how they have managed these devoted to “executing a successful reten-
related topics. unique situations. The conversation will tion strategy.” If retention is key for most
• Fran Furman is the Head of EAP at focus on their current organization; how- companies, getting people started out on
St. Vincent’s, which services 2000 employ- ever, between them they have worked for the right foot may be an important key to
ees and over 15 companies on contract. over a dozen companies in HR roles. Bill the retention process.
Fran will tell you how to recognize mental will cover the extensive research on the • Joy Kosta, Senior Director of Talent
health issues, give you some guidelines on subject. Communities for the Human Capital
handling the person, and help you make • William (Bill) Pasmore, PhD, has Institute, has moderated HCI’s
better use of an EAP. After all, what the been the Organizational Practice Leader Comprehensive Onboarding e-learning
employee tells you is the problem is not for the Center for Creative Leadership track and webcast series, interacting with
necessarily the problem. Fran will tell you since he joined the company in January thought leaders and corporate practitioners
how to make EAP visible to all employees 2008. Prior to that, Bill had served since for whom onboarding is a tactical catalyst
and accessible to senior execs as well. Fran 1997 with Oliver Wyman Delta, where he in their talent management. She will share
finds that she may make 20 or 30 phone headed the global research practice. Bill her insights into companies’ strategic
calls to find the right therapist for a per- will cover CCL’s new talent sustainability actions that make their onboarding best in
son. model, reveal the results of research on class, key performance indicators of com-
• Jeffrey P. Kahn, M.D., Clinical executive education regarding the talent prehensive onboarding, and the implica-
Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Cornell, development / leadership pipeline, and tell tions for the onboarding socialization of
CEO of WorkPsych Associates, and Co- you CCL’s latest stance on leadership multi-generational talent. The Human
Editor of “Mental Health and Productivity development and the bottom line. Capital Institute (HCI) is a global network
in the Workplace: A Handbook for • Renee Russell is Executive Director of of more than 115,000 members in 40
Organizations and Clinicians” (John Wiley Global Talent Development at Avon countries committed to shaping the
& Sons). Using case studies, Dr. Kahn Products Inc. where she is building the world’s new talent economy.
will talk about how diagnosing the under- next generation executive committee. She • Mila Baker, VP, HR of Sourcemedia
lying causes of employee distress is more will tell you how she gained traction and (former), and also formerly with J&J and
helpful, faster, and cost-beneficial. In the buy-in following Avon's 2006 delayering Pfizer. Onboarding is Mila’s passion,
same way, a formal "Root Cause Analysis" and turnaround process. Renee has been in preparing candidates for coming in: from
can improve the employer bottom line by HR leadership positions at Cendant, the end of the negotiation to navigating
improving organizational productivity and Prudential, Blue Cross Blue Shield of the first thirty days. Mila focuses primarily
mental health, and by reducing disability North Carolina and TRW. on the most senior levels, such as prepping
and general medical costs. • Tara Stevens is currently VP/HR, someone for the Executive Committee, the
• Vera Oziransky, the advocacy associate Consumer Media Group, Dow Jones & corporate office, or the next tier down.
at NAMI-NYC Metro, will provide an Company. She has also held leadership Even the way the negotiation is handled
update on the benefits covered under positions with the Miami Dolphins, Time- can hurt the dynamics of what executives
Timothy's Law, which has recently become Warner Books, Time Warner, Inc., may face 30 days prior to and 30 days
effective in New York State. She will tell Newsday, Mastercard International, and after starting new jobs.
you how to educate your employees, make the Washington Post. • Ron Thomas, former VP,

Organizational Development, Martha • Jill Connors, Director, Human impact."

Stewart Living Omnimedia, (currently HR Resources with over 25 years at White & Responsibility" panel includes:
Strategy Consultant and The Five O’Clock Case. Jill has handled both individual and • Carolyn Cavicchio, Senior Research
Club HR Hero of the Year for 2007). Ron group terminations, including department Associate for Global Corporate Citizenship
is currently developing an Onboarding and office closings. She will tell you what in The Conference Board's new Center on
Model for a client in the media and enter- she has learned from her 25 years of expe- Corporate Citizenship and Sustainability.
tainment industry. At Martha Stewart, Ron rience, including mistakes she made early Carolyn will cover the findings from recent
transformed the orientation process to the on. Thank you, Jill. Conference Board research on corporate
current OnBoarding Program. The mission • David Schwartz - former head of HR citizenship and sustainability and its inter-
behind the program was "The whole cycle for investment banking at Goldman Sachs section with HR.
of employment, from recruiting, to hiring in Europe will give you the details of a suc- • Ellen Flamholz, Director of HR at
and orienting, through developing and cessful downsizing he handled, reducing a ABC Carpet and Home will cover the
career transitions.” Ron will talk about team of 600 bankers by 20% over a period plusses and minuses of working in an
building the foundation for onboarding, of one year. Even though quite a number organization dedicated to corporate social
the manager’s and company's roles, were in protected classes, there were no responsibility. For example, this stance may
onboarding metrics, and how onboarding lawsuits. attract more recruits, but are they the most
fits into the scheme for talent manage- • Alan L. Sklover, Partner, Sklover & competent people for the job despite their
ment. Ron will travel to China this fall as Donath, LLC, a law firm that represents allegiance to the vision? If they are compe-
part of a US-China HR Executive and counsels executives on how to negoti- tent, but not green, will the Director of
Exchange. ate with their employers. Alan will talk Social Responsibility approve their hire?
about some of the bad termination prac- Are proposed HR programs "green
September 5, 2008 tices he sees that prompt senior executives enough, so to speak?
Best and Worst Termination to bring lawsuits. And he will tell you what • Jeff Cohen, Vice President, Labor
departed employees are telling him as an Relations, Mount Sinai Medical Center
Practices: An Update attorney. Hear the other side of the story! believes in doing the right thing. For
Over time, HR professionals learn example, instead of the typical notice that
what works and what doesn't work with "We're an equal opportunity employer,"
regard to terminations. Hear HR execu-
December 5, 2008
Mount Sinai says "We foster diversity" - a
tives tell what they've done well and what HR'S ROLE IN CORPORATE much stronger stance. They have also
they have learned not to do. And you will SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: developed protocols which support the hir-
also hear from an employment attorney An Often Missed Opportunity ing of applicants with criminal convictions
who represents fired executives: He'll tell HR professionals miss a key opportu- provided there is no nexus to the job.
you how to avoid having your former nity when they are not central to the social • Tani Mills is the Chief Program
employees use his services! responsibility decision-making process, in Officer from The Center for Employment
Our survey of human resources execu- all of its aspects. Ultimately, the desire to Opportunities, which provides job readi-
tives and displaced employees shows quite attract and retain talent is a main driver of ness, employment opportunities and place-
surprising results. For example, traditional corporate social responsibility ment services for ex-offenders, parolees and
• HR assumes the employee will recom- efforts. Therefore, it makes good business ex-convicts, to name just one category of
mend the company to a friend who is sense for HR to be actively involved in the often-shunned individuals. Just as compa-
looking for a job even if the employee was corporate social responsibility process and nies had to go the extra mile to hire diverse
handled poorly during the exit process. partner with other strategic leaders in the populations, it takes effort to hire ex-
The employees say the opposite. 69% of organization. felons. Although some companies are
workers said they would not recommend But it goes further than that. HR is in restricted by statute from hiring ex-felons,
the organization to fellow job seekers charge of who gets hired. And labor, in 70% of private-sector employers refuse to
because of the way they were handled dur- most companies, makes up the lion's share hire ex-felons! Most HR professionals sim-
ing the termination process. of the corporate budget. By not getting ply don't want to ruffle any feathers. Yet, 1
• In the exit interview, job performance involved in "doing what's right" with out of every 100 Americans has been or is
was covered 94% of the time. But 82% of regard to labor, HR leaders are missing in the penal system. Are we part of the
the time employees were not given any another opportunity to raise their profile recidivism solution or part of the problem?
positive feedback about their performance. and influence company strategy regarding
In fact, only 11% of long-term employees- non-traditional labor policies.
people who had worked at the company Engaging the entire labor force is criti-
for over five to 20 years-received a positive cal to the success of any company's
word. Corporate Social Responsibility effort;
Learn from our esteemed panelists and ambitious HR professionals and executives
from each other. Your “Termination” panel who are out of the CSR loop are missing
includes: the opportunity to have a tremendous

2009 Development for the organization. She is

asked to take a strategic, yet operational
in-depth experience on this important
topic. Your panel includes:
view of the workforce and to "get the right
January 23, 2009 people into the right roles in right timing • Maritza Diaz is SVP, HR, for BBVA,
Talent & Impact - for strategy execution." one of Spain's top banks. In the U.S.,
• Jeff Summer, Principal, Price Maritza is in charge of a workforce of 220
How HR Is Even More Important Waterhouse Cooper's Human Capital employees representing 33 nationalities.
During Difficult Times practice. He is the U.S. Human Capital There is a huge difference in style between
(for senior HR only) Industry leader for Financial Services and Spaniards, Spanish-Americans and Latin
These difficult times are an opportu- the global leader for Talent Management Americans. But Martiza is also working
nity for HR to be an even stronger strate- services. For two years, Jeff served as the with Chinese, Indians and Russians, a
gic partner to the organization. Strong director of Human Resources (HR) for the Chinese Brazilian, a Japanese Peruvian,
leaders remember that times of crisis are Deloitte U.S. Firms. In this role, he was among others. What are the obstacles she
opportunities to make significant changes asked to build the foundation for the next faces? What are the legal implications of
in talent upgrades, reorganizations/stream- generation People Strategy, Talent behaviors that are acceptable in other
lining: Management and HR Effectiveness. countries but not acceptable here? How
• Reorganizations (change organization • Ken Goldstein, Labor Economist, The can she help advance the role of women in
structures and the way things have "always Conference Board. A decade ago, we were the company, as well as those employees
been" to create more effective/efficient discussing the change from 500k/week ini- who are not Spanish?
organizations; broaden roles) tial unemployment claims down to 300k • Dr. Christina Murphy is the Director
• Motivating (create cultures that sup- and yet the problem for business was not of Staff Development at Realogy (Century
ports risk taking, try new things and where are the jobs but where are the peo- 21), Christina will draw on her experiences
reward breakthrough behaviors; make ple. Look where we are now: Despite 500k working for global companies to identify
compensation recommendations that sup- unemployment claims, employers still the cost-cutting strategies that have
port/reward business achievements - i.e., worry about finding enough skilled help worked and those that have failed, as well
Now is not the time to eliminate all over the next decade. Ken will address the as ways to strengthen your own skill set to
bonuses, if possible) outlook for labor in various industries in aid your company in the recovery process.
• Talent upgrade (capture talent that the New York area. Think about what 2009 will bring for
otherwise wouldn't be available in the Strategic HR initiatives in your own
market, move people into stretch roles, March 13, 2009 organization, such as diversity programs
swap out low performers, and so on) Getting the Best from a and talent development. What impact will
those decisions have on the organization's
Multicultural Workforce future?
HR can come to the fore and be a
more powerful player in a market like this.
In Difficult Times • Dr. Mary Anne Walsh, Cross-cultural
Many employees are hunkering down, Top companies have realized for some consultant and senior Five O'Clock Club
becoming disengaged and hoping their time the importance of creating a work- coach, deals with the human challenges of
jobs are safe. But HR can be true partners force as broad and diversified as the cus- a multicultural workplace and the develop-
to business leaders and bring tools that can tomer base they serve. In addition, the ment of leaders who possess global mind-
deliver true impact and can help to moti- global economy demands a workforce that sets for building optimal business relation-
vate those who are still in roles to become may operate in many parts of the globe. ships. Mary Anne will describe cross-cul-
a stronger part of the on-going organiza- Especially in tough economic times, tural learning solutions that have enabled
tion. Employers who hire correctly and get when organizations are struggling to meet employees to optimize cultural differences.
their people to pull together to move the their quarterly goals and prepare for the She will present the most important les-
organization forward are the ones most future, HR needs to think strategically sons she's learned over 10 years of coach-
likely to survive the downturn and thrive about initiatives such as diversity programs ing international clients. These insights
once the economy gets back on its feet. and talent development. Will your organi- will have implications for HR managers as
The Five O'Clock Club presents a zation be ready when the economy they look for new ways to leverage global
team of informative and lively experts and rebounds? Will you be able to compete in talent to create "hot spots" of innovation
innovative thinkers on this important this increasingly global marketplace? How and productivity.
topic. Your panel includes: can you leverage cross-cultural teamwork • Sherazade Langlade, is Manager of
and collaboration to increase an organiza- Employer Partnerships, Upwardly Global,
• Jennifer Suarez - Senior Vice tion's success? a national organization that helps U.S.-
President, Workforce Development -- Our panelists will share their experi- based employers maximize the emerging
CBS - Jennifer heads Workforce ences about how to make that happen, global skilled talent pool. Today's econom-
Development for CBS and, among other whether the employees are state-side or ic environment is the perfect time to con-
things, is responsible for Recruiting, abroad. The Five O'Clock Club presents a sider professional-level immigrant talent.
Performance Management and Learning & team of informative and lively experts with Sherazade will tell you how to recognize

and broaden your cultural mindset to talent? NYS's new Article 23-A, Section 753, the
make your company's hiring process more • Etty Burk, Ph.D., Chief Learning & Licensure and Employment of Persons
inclusive of diverse candidates. She will Talent Officer and Vice President, Human Previously Convicted of One or More
also present retention strategies, ways to Resources for Continuum Health Partners, Criminal Offenses.
leverage diversity, and management tech- Inc. Etty will tell you how executives • Mitchell H. Rubinstein is an Adjunct
niques for promoting inclusivity. (including HR) can develop themselves Professor of Law at St. John's University
Upwardly Global has partnered with more and prevent their own derailment, and School of Law and at New York Law
than 100 employers, ranging from Fortune how you and other executives can help School. He is also a union lawyer who has
100's to small enterprises and has success- younger leaders develop behaviors that will been practicing labor and employment law
fully placed more than 400 skilled immi- lead to more success later. for over 23 years. Prof. Rubinstein will dis-
grants (representing over 90 countries) into cuss the impact of the 2009 economic
professional careers. 39th breakfast: stimulus on labor and employment law,
June 12, 2009 which will result in fundamental social
38th breakfast: How New Obama Rulings, change similar to President Roosevelt's
May 1, 2009 Laws and Enforcements are
New Deal.
Developing Executives and Prof. Rubinstein will also discuss legis-
Affecting HR lation that is likely to be enacted in the
Preventing Derailment The collapse of the economy at the 111th Congress such as The Employee
Given declining markets, fierce com- end of 2008 is one of the most important Free Choice Act, the Re-empowerment of
petition and a complex business environ- issues of our time and has resulted in the Skilled and Professional Employees and
ment, executives are under more pressure passage of historic bailout and stimulus Construction Tradeworkers Act
than ever to perform, and HR is under legislation. Obama's pro-labor push may ("RESPECT"), The Equal Remedies Act,
pressure to help them develop and prevent help the economy but it also has a big Employment Non-Discrimination Act
their derailment. Executive development impact on HR and represents a significant ("ENDA"), and The Healthy Workforce
has changed both subtly and dramatically change in fundamental labor law. Act of 2009, H.R. 1897, 111th Cong. (1st
over the last decade. It involves not only Areas affected include a reform of the Sess. 2009).
what we do for executives but how we do nation's unemployment insurance system, • Kathleen M. McKenna, a partner in
it and a greater emphasis on global leader- an automatic workplace pension system, Proskauer Rose's Labor & Employment
ship. In this seminar, The Five O'Clock changes in COBRA, whistleblower protec- Law Department, was included in 2008s
Club presents a team of informative and tion, limits on executive compensation, Top 100 SuperLawyers, a peer-ranked
lively experts with in-depth experience on increasing the rights of workers (Lilly guide to the top legal practitioners in the
this important topic. Your panel includes: Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009), limita- New York metropolitan area. Kathleen has
tions on H-1B visa programs, among other a formidable track record for success in
• Craig Chappelow, Senior Manager, areas. Additional labor and employment major employment matters, with extensive
Assessment and Development Resources legislation is likely to strengthen the overall experience litigating employment disputes
Center for Creative Leadership. CCL is rights of employees and the standing of of all types, including defending employers
known for its long-term and in-depth unions (through the Employee Free against claims alleging all forms of discrim-
research into executive derailment. Craig Choice Act as well as the Re-empower- ination, sexual harassment, retaliation,
will present the latest research on executive ment of Skilled and Professional wrongful discharge, wages and hour claims
derailment and how to spot trouble signs Employees and Construction Tradeworkers and breach of contract. Her clients include
in leaders to prevent executives from Act). major multi-national businesses, such as
derailing. Time will not allow us to address television networks, pharmaceutical com-
• Joyce Dudley, president and founder every issue in detail. However, you do not panies, international retailers and law
of Dudley Hamilton Associates (DHA), a want to miss what this informative, presti- firms.
change management and organization gious and diverse panel has to say. Our
development firm that has been working team includes: 40th breakfast:
with corporations, not-for-profits and September 11, 2009
faith-based organization, both in the US • Douglas Weiner, a former U.S.
and around the globe for over 25 years.
Looking at All Sides of the
Department of Labor prosecutor and
Joyce will provide practical insights on the Senior Trial Counsel for
Termination Process
following three questions: EpsteinBeckerGreen's Labor and This too shall pass. The economic
1. What is the added importance of Employment Practice. Doug will tell you downturn continues to look worse than
Executive Development in this climate and the red flags he's seen in pay practices and expected and HR is feeling the stress. Yes,
global economy? how you can avoid trouble. Doug will also some organizations are holding their own
2. What are some of the emerging trends? address the new Whistleblower legislation in these bad times. But others have experi-
3. What are the most salient keys for HR as well as the prevailing wage rate require- enced their first downsizing ever, are going
in ensuring a robost and ready bench of ments of the ARRA and will mention through their third or fourth round of
downsizings, or find that they were able to Finally, remember where you should be to joining TNS Media in May 2008, Stacey
stave off layoffs until now. It's time to take in the organization. The CFO may name held several HR positions, mainly in the
another look at the termination process and the numbers, but the CHRO names the Financial Services and Consulting
also hear about some of the shocking things people: Industries, and has worked at the Securities
that angry former employees have been • those who are targeted to stay and lead Industry and Financial Markets Association
doing. But this can't last forever, so hang in the charge, (SIFMA), Proxicom/Dimension Data,
there. • the new hires needed to support the Accenture, TD Bank and Citibank. Stacey
Over the years, HR Practitioners have organization's new direction, and has 25 years of experience in the field, and
seen and heard the best and worst practices • those who no longer fit with the direc- her expertise includes Employee Relations,
with regard to terminations. We've all tion the organization is taking. Counseling, Coaching, Communications,
heard the "can you believe it" horror stories The CHRO then gets them to perform Integration (mergers and acquisitions),
of terminations gone wrong, as well as tips well together and build leaders and careers. International HR Matters and Training.
on how to conduct terminations well. Join Labor is an organization's most important She earned a BS and an MSILR degree
us to hear HR executives relay their experi- asset and HR is in charge of labor. At this from Cornell University and holds a
ences of terminations from "both sides of time of transition, what could be more Certificate in Career Coaching from the
the desk": important than HR and how it leads the NYU's School of Continuing and
• HR people conducting termination organization at this time? Step up to the Professional Studies
discussions and coaching managers on ter- plate and influence the decisions that are Stacey is especially skilled (and pas-
minations being made. And get ready for the recovery sionate about) managing staffing reductions
• HR people who have been laid off that is sure to follow. and the impact they have on the organiza-
themselves and Learn from our esteemed panelists and tion and the people, having experienced
• How those experiences being laid-off from each other. Your "Termination" panel layoffs from both sides of the desk.
have impacted how they handle termina- includes:
tions. • Alan L. Sklover, Partner, Sklover,
• Ideas on how to structure your termi- • Stacey M. Jerrold, MBA, SPHR is rec- Donath & Felber, LLC., a law firm that
nation process to minimize the "pain" ognized as a formidable leader in the field represents and counsels executives on how
involved for all parties. of Human Resources. She is known for to negotiate with their employers. These
In addition, more lawsuits are being "turning potential into performance." days, Alan's firm is seeing far more law-
filed. How can you avoid having your for- Stacey offers a passion for supporting indi- suits. He will return to the HR Network to
mer employees take this path? What are the viduals and teams to achieve their greatest tell us the tsumani-trend he is seeing this
recent (and shocking) trends in this area? potential. With two decades of experience, year in bad termination practices that
While we're at it: Are your managers Stacey has grown in executive-level leader- prompts senior executives to bring lawsuits.
using our "Say a Kind Word" philosophy? ship roles for national and global corpora- He is outraged by what he is seeing and the
(A pdf is attached.) It costs you nothing tions, providing expertise in business impact it is having on former employees.
but does so much for your organization's improvement that leverages human capital You will be shocked and perhaps frightened
reputation, as well as for the mental health and increases revenue. to hear the tactics former employees are
and optimism of those you let go. They From 2003 to 2008, Stacey served as using to get back at their employers, such
always remember how they were treated Senior Vice President, Head of Human as appeals to large investors, involvement of
during that termination meeting. A Resources and Administrative Services for the press and/or bloggers, and so on. This
reminder of our survey results: ING Clarion, a leading real estate invest- is your opportunity to hear the other side
• HR assumes the employee will recom- ment management company. She gained of the story and find out what former
mend the company to a friend who is look- extensive international experience while employees are doing. Alan will also address
ing for a job even if the employee was han- serving Deutsche Bank from 1999 to 2003 the best use of True Resolution Procedures,
dled poorly during the exit process. The as Director/Global Chief Administrative involving non-binding Open Door and
employees say the opposite. 69% of work- Officer. Prior to that position, she held the Mediations.
ers said they would not recommend the title of Vice President and Chief of Staff at
organization to fellow job seekers because Bankers Trust Company. Stacey's diverse 41st breakfast:
of the way they were handled during the background spans financial and retail sec- December 4, 2009
termination process. tors, with several years leading teams as
• In the exit interview, job performance Operations Executive for Lord & Taylor.
Compensation Trends, Issues and
was covered 94% of the time. But 82% of Stacey is a Certified Business Coach and is Innovative Thinking:
the time employees were not given any pos- also a member of The Five O'Clock Club Executive Compensation,
itive feedback about their performance. In Guild of Career Coaches. Employee Benefits including
fact, only 11% of long-term employees- • Stacey Fried is the Vice President of 401(k)s, and other Issues
people who had worked at the company for Human Resources for TNS Media, which
Compensation represents the largest of
over five to 20 years-received a positive measures how well marketing influences
word. and engages customers and all media. Prior all expenses in most organizations, and it is
in turmoil.
• The Federal government’s statements client work experiences to help you make But HR is in the best position to initi-
are inconsistent and have resulted in much difficult compensation decisions for 2010 ate strategy because HR is in charge of peo-
uncertainty. Executive Compensation is a that best allocate scarce reward investments ple. Selecting the right talent for the right
global issue, including who is an executive, and address talent and employee engage- positions moves the company in the right
CERP implications, and long and short- ment issues. direction. People are a company's largest
term incentives. expense. Convincing others on the man-
• While some employers are reducing • Paul Dorf is the Managing Director of agement team to do the right thing regard-
hiring and merit budgets, freezing salaries, Compensation Resources, Inc. and directs ing people is HR's job. HR should not be
decreasing bonuses and pay, passing on of consulting services in all areas of executive the last to know, but should be initiating
benefit costs, and - gasp -- cutting out 401k compensation, short and long-term incen- moves, as many HR people are.
contributions – they should also remain tives, sales compensation, performance Our panelists will address why the
concerned about holding on to their most management programs, and salary adminis- opportunity exists and the steps that still
talented employees when the economy tration programs. He is the former head of need to be taken. Come away inspired and
recovers. the Executive Compensation Consulting prodded by the informative, prestigious and
• With decreasing revenues, sales com- Practices for major accounting and actuari- diverse panel. Our team includes:
pensation structures are being revised, such al/benefit consulting firms, including
as the trend away from a revenue basis to a KPMG, Deloitte Touche (formerly Touche • Diana Lee, former Senior Vice
profit basis. Ross), and PricewaterhouseCoopers (for- President, MTV Networks/Viacom, has the
• And then there are the changes in merly Kwasha Lipton). Paul will cover the perspective that a golden opportunity exists
401(k) and other plans Companies are cut- executive compensation area, the important for HR because of the recent failures of
ting their match, and the IRS is providing issues and where it’s heading. Executive businesses and organizations. The near
guidance. Compensation is a global issue, including onset of a global depression is forcing busi-
What’s an HR professional to do in the who is an executive, CERP implications, nesses to look inwardly and become more
midst of such high stakes and turmoil? and long and short-term incentives. reflective. What went wrong? What can be
There is enormous demand for a true Beginning in 2010, businesses with done better? The climate is ripe for HR
understanding of the trends and issues. fewer than 500 employees will be able to leaders to take a more activist role in the
Gather ideas for designing new strategies offer their employees a new kind of retire- company. Not only should HR press on
and implementing creative compensation ment plan. Dubbed the DB(k), this option with its agenda in talent management, lead-
programs. Drive immediate results while features a blended plan which promises the ership development, diversity and inclusion,
providing for long-term sustainability in best of a traditional (defined benefit) pen- etc. but also look at new opportunities
this complex environment. sion and a 401(k) (defined contribution) where it traditionally has not been involved.
Attend this seminar and reduce your plan. If you are interested in this topic, How can HR expertise in job design and
compensation turmoil. Our prestigious please ask about it during the Q&A and staffing help with the make up and effec-
panel will tell you what they are seeing and perhaps one of our panelists can address it. tiveness of Boards of Directors? Diana dis-
the advice they give to their client compa- cusses this in addition to how HR can get
nies: 42nd breakfast: in their own way while trying to accom-
January 22nd, 2010 plish this work.
• Joan Disler is a partner with the law Business Acumen and the
firm Epstein Becker and Green. Her expert- • Marc Hodak is the founder of Hodak
ise is in the qualified and welfare plan areas,
Changing Role of HR Value Advisors, LLC. Mr. Hodak has
and she will speak about Current Issues in (for senior HR only) advised dozens of companies, public and
Employee Benefits. She will also address Great change means great opportunity. private, on value-based management. Marc
current issues in 401K plans. Companies These are exciting times for HR. Now that argues tha, most corporations, despite their
are cutting their match, and there is recent the economy is on the verge of recovery, lip service to the contrary, have given up on
IRS guidance about 401K plans. HR can determine what needs to be done, HR as a genuine source of competitive
drive the required change, and make sure advantage. The CEO typically looks to the
• Steven E. Gross is a worldwide partner everyone from the most junior staff to chief of marketing or sales, top deal makers,
at Mercer and leader of its broad-based per- Board members have bought into the new or the CFO for strategic initiatives. HR is
formance and rewards group. He is respon- direction, understand why it's important relegated to finding ways of achieving
sible for directing Mercer’s activities in the and know what to do. strategic goals at a minimum cost, or as a
design and implementation of innovative Many leading-edge human resources place to cut costs when things get tight. It
compensation programs that align with executives are true business partners report- doesn't have to be that way. HR can drive
business needs. Steve will address how ing to a CEO and working closely with the investment in communicating the link
today’s dramatically – perhaps permanently Board. However, according to a recent sur- between activities and the value-creation
– changed environment offers organizations vey (Accord Management Systems, results that the CEO and board hold dear.
the perfect opportunity to examine human Thousand Oaks, CA), five hundred CEOs HR can develop pay structures that drive
capital strategies that previously went indicated their disappointment in the HR teamwork, and give the firm a competitive
unquestioned and re-set the talent and departments because, in their opinion, HR advantage. But to become a genuine strate-
rewards baseline to meet tomorrow’s busi- rarely brings a strategic initiative to the "C- gic partner, HR will need to learn the lan-
ness objectives. He will use Mercer data and Suite". guage of value creation. Marc will demon-
strate how "best practice" in HR is often
just a code for common practice, and how
to adopt and instill an 'owners mindset'
that enables HR executives to champion
experiments in value creation for their

• Marsha Haygood is president of

StepWise Associates. She is a motivational
speaker and a certified coach with The Five
O'Clock Club. She is also author of the
forthcoming book, "The Little Black Book
of Success: Laws of leadership for Black
Women." We all remember that Fast
Company article (July 2005), "Why I Hate
HR." Yes, HR is often thought of as the
department that sits on the sidelines wait-
ing to be invited to the table, and then
offers "feel good" measures rather than
strategies when they are asked. HR profes-
sionals need to work continually to change
the perception of HR. Marsha will present
strategies that can be used to demonstrate
alignment with the overall business strategy
of the organization. It's time to move out of
your comfort zone and Marsha will show
you how to do it!
The Five O’Clock Club Advantage
Five O’Clock Club Outplacement – for Employees
The Ethical Choice
• A research-based, high-impact methodology:
Often imitated; Never successfully
• Average professional, manager or executive has a new job
or is in the negotiating stage in just 10 to 12 weeks!
• Yet all programs are for one year or more (costing less
than a 3-month program at other firms).

• Provides downside protection to employees:

• Can work at a consulting assignment for months and still
use our services.
• Get help with challenges in a new job —for months.
• If they lose their new job, they can come back to us.
• Time can be put on hold to return to school, do consult-
Our Mantra ing work or handle personal issues. Up to two years.
“We always do what is in the best interests No one else offers this!
of the job hunter”
• The only research-based program:
– while saving money for HR.
• 25 years of research: Who gets the best jobs and how.
• Powerful assessment process with private coach:
• 58% decide to change careers (industries /
The Five O’Clock Club • Try new field while still working with us.
Advantage • The best materials (books, CDs, etc.) on the market.
– for Human Resources • The best coaches are attracted to us:
• Work intensively with clients over long period.
• Paid handsomely – but only for time spent with
Shows fairness and concern
your employees.
for those being let go.
• A customer service department:
Gives employees the support they need. • To keep you informed.
• To keep your employees engaged in the process.
• Immediate engagement
• Employee contacted within ½ hour of
We don’t declare “success”
our receiving the assignment.
• Employee focuses on the future. – or push job hunters out the door –
Better job search. when a person simply decides to try a new field,
• Private coach makes courtesy lands a consulting assignment,
phone call before sundown that day! or returns to school!
• We FEDEX books, CDs and
other materials that day. The emphasis is on career development,
• Low overhead not just job search.
Lowest prices for you.
• Weekly small-group strategy sessions:
• Monthly reporting with a human touch. • Individual strategic analysis in a group of their peers with
No computer-generated reports. a senior coach.
• Materials for managers • Healthy environment:
To help with the exit process. Half of the attendees are employed!
• HR Network breakfasts • Meet with the same small group every week.
To help you with your career. • They get jobs faster and at higher rates of pay.
• Provides accountability, innovation and camaraderie.

All breakfasts are held at the Elebash Recital Hall at 34th and Fifth (enter on Fifth)
(the former B. Altman Building)
Enter on Fifth. It's on the first floor, immediately
to your left, part of the CUNY Graduate Center.

It is diagonally across from the Empire State Building,

and is convenient to all major transportation routes.
Grand Central Terminal, Pennsylvania Station, the midtown PATH,
and all major New York City subway and bus lines are within easy walking distance.

7:45 a.m. — 8:15 a.m.: Registration; Continental breakfast; Socialize with your peers
8:15 a.m. — 9:30 a.m. —The Program

Remember, there is no charge, but attendance is restricted to HR officers

from corporate or not-for-profit organizations. No vendors are allowed.

Observe Five O'Clock Club Coaching in Action

What HR Executives Say

“This thing works. I saw a structured, yet nurturing, environment where

individuals searching for jobs are able to position themselves for success over
the long term. I saw 'accountability' in a non-intimidating environment.”
-- Employee Relations Officer, financial services organization

“Wow! I was immediately struck by the electric atmosphere and people's

commitment to following the program. The overall environment fosters
sharing and mutual learning: A very interesting approach.”
-- Head of Human Resources, major law firm

Attend a Five O'Clock Club outplacement coaching session in person. You'll feel the excitement and see how we're different!
And you'll see why more companies are selecting the Five O'Clock Club as their outplacement provider.

Just call David Madison (212-286-4500)

if you wish to observe the Five O'Clock Club in action!

HR Network
c/o The Five O’Clock Club
300 East 40th Street
New York, NY 10016
Fax: 212-286-9571
or email: HR@FiveOClockClub.com
website: www.FiveOClockClub.com