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Fall Virginia Conference Youth Retreats Be Part of

Called 2017

October 8, 2017

Welcome to Aldersgate Church!
Were glad youve found our church! We hope youll find us to be an
encouraging, friendly group of people. While we dont make any claims
to be perfect, at our church we come together to help make the kingdom
of God a reality on earth by loving God and loving our neighbor.
Aldersgate Youth are encouraged to attend the Annual Virginia Conference
Youth Retreat Weekends! Parents, this is a great opportunity to allow our
youth to join with other youth from around the conference for a weekend WE RESPOND TO JESUS' CALL
of Fun Activities and Music during this 2-nights and 2-day event! This is a
great event to invite a friend that has been joined you at youth group! Make Your Commitment
Aldersgate wants every youth to be able to attend this weekend retreat! If Praise the Lord! As of last Sunday, more than 40 children, youth, and
money could hinder attending PLEASE chat with Pastor Rob or Carolyn adults of the Aldersgate Church community already have responded to
Robertson. This will remain confidential and we'll make this work!! Jesus' call by prayerfully completing a "We Respond to Jesus' Call
Participation Form" and offering it to the Lord as an act of worship on
Middle School Retreat Details (Grade 6th - 8th ONLY)
Sunday morning. The "We Respond to Jesus' Call Workbook" is designed
Sept. 17 - Oct. 1 - Early Bird - $70 *
to offer all ages various opportunities to commit their prayers, presence,
Oct. 2 - Oct. 22 - Regular - $80 *
service, and witness in and through Aldersgate Church. If you have not
*Deadline for Registration October 22 already made this commitment your next opportunity will be today as you
come forward to receive Holy Communion.
High School Retreat Details (Grade 9th 12th ONLY)
Sept. 17 - Oct. 29 - Early Bird - $ 70 * Writing to the Christians in Corinth, Paul tells the Christians then and he
Oct. 30 - Nov. 12 - Regular - $ 80 * tells us today that we are each "activated by one and the same Spirit, who
*Deadline for Registration - November 12 allots to each one individually just as the Spirit chooses (1 Corinthians
12:11). SO...what is allotted to you? We are gifted with grace, time,
*No Refunds available after the Deadline for Registration and Refunds prior talents, compassion, love, and the Holy Spirit that we might serve as
to this date will include a $25 service charge per Virginia Conference Policy Christ's representatives in the world.
*Total Cost $ 145 with a portion of this retreat underwritten by the church
For Our Youngest Friends Stewardship
A professionally staffed nursery is available for children birth through Youre probably used to hearing people in church talk about giving. But
age three during all services and Sunday School on the lower level. An when was the last time in church that you talked about earning or
usher will be happy to direct you. Additionally, a Parent Room is saving? Is it unchristian to earn money? Is it wrong to save for
available in the Parlor adjacent to the Sanctuary, for viewing and ourselves and our families? John Wesley didnt think so. Wesley, the
hearing all services. Please ask an usher to show you the way. All Christian evangelist and founder of the Methodist movement, gave a
restrooms are equipped with changing tables. remarkable sermon called The Use of Money. In it, he said that the
important thing isnt money itself but how we use it. Wesleys
Trunk or Treat 2017 surprising advice still rings true today: earn
all you can, save all you can, give all you can.
Join us Saturday, October 28th from 3:00 to 6:00 PM in the parking lots
During the first four weeks of October,
for Trunk or Treat 2017!! This is a FREE community event that will
Aldersgate Church will experience an
feature: trunks, candy, food, live music, first responders, train rides,
exciting new stewardship program, Earn,
games, bounce house, crafts and a petting zoo!! We are expecting
Save, Give.: Wesleys Simple Rules for
between 800 to 1,500 people this year and we will need your help
Money, developed by popular author and
making this a successful event! It is a great opportunity to serve and
pastor James A. Harnish.
connect with our community!
Please consider hosting a trunk and donating the following items: Guitar Player Needed for Youth Praise Band
hotdogs & buns, chips, water and LOADS OF CANDY!! There are tons of
The Aldersgate Youth Praise Band is looking for a high-school-aged or
volunteer opportunities so head over to the Reed Room after service
middle-school-aged guitar player. The YPB meets on Sundays from 3:15-
today to sign-up!! Or check out The City!
4:45 in the Main Sanctuary. If interested, please contact Mike Colley at
Questions? Email Ashley Thornton at webmaster@cvaumc.org 434-825-9909 or colley@earthlink.net

Help Assemble Cleaning Buckets Fall Flower Bulb Sale

All youth and adults are invited to help the District assemble/verify
Cleaning Buckets for the flood victims. Where: Woodland UMC, 14280 October 20-22, 10am - 4pm
Woodland Church Road, Culpeper. When: Wednesday, October 18 and We have been busy digging up hundreds of bulbs from the church
Saturday, October 21. Both days from 10 am 4 pm. Even if you can flower beds. On October 13-14, we'll sort and package these bulbs to
spare an hour that would be helpful. If you and your group can help, get ready to display them in the Fellowship Hall. If you have excess
please contact Gloria Phillips at gloreyacres@gmail.com or bulbs or other plants (hydrangeas bushes, azaleas, etc.) please bring
540.718.3636. Gloria can also answer any questions you might have them to the Fellowship Hall lower entrance so we can get them ready
concerning this mission project. for sale. Please call your friends and neighbors about this sale. Spread
the Beauty around Town. Merrill Bishop (975-3072 or 996-8886).
Thanksgiving Dinner Aldersgate Childrens Ministries
Volunteers Needed! AUMC would like to host another Thanksgiving
Dinner this year, but we need volunteers to plan and organize it. If you Saturday, October 28, 2017 3:00 6:00 pm
are interested, please notify Bill George at glendageor@aol.com or (434) Fall Festival and Trunk or Treat
972-2490. Join us again this year for our fun and EXPANDED Trunk or Treat!
Adult Supporters Needed! Invitation! New Church Management
Adult Volunteers are needed to support our Youth Ministry Program for
2017-2018! Are you willing to be a driver to take us to events? Can you System Presentation
bring in a meal or furnish a desert? Would you share your time to be We invite you to attend a presentation on Monday, October 16 at 7:30
present at youth group as a chaperone? Maybe you are a p.m. in the Reed Room. This will be an opportunity to learn about a
homebody ...could you open your home for a movie night or our proposed Church Management System (ChMS) to replace our current
Christmas Progressive Dinner Party and Gift Exchange? Are you brave database (ACS OnDemand), our email communication system (Constant
enough to join our group as a chaperone on a Retreat Weekend? Contact) and our online community (The City) in order to provide
Whatever your answer is, remember, we need your help, time, and greater access and more user-friendly functions. The proposed ChMS
talents to build a great youth program! See Our Sign Up sheet and listing will combine all of our current systems into one ChMS. One of the many
of opportunities found in the Reed Room!!! features of the proposed ChMS is that it does not require a user account
to sign up for volunteer opportunities. Ashley Thornton, AUMCs
Information Technology (IT) Director will lead the presentation. There
AUMC FALL SENIOR LUNCHEON, OCTOBER 13TH will be time for discussion and questions at the event. Please plan to be
Fellowship of Friends will host a Fall Senior Luncheon on Friday October there and encourage members of your team, committee, class, or small
13th. Come and join friends in the Reed Room from 11:30 a.m.-2:00 group to attend and be part of the discussion and selection process.
p.m. for a Provided Lunch, Special Entertainment, Door Prizes, and
Fellowship. Please RSVP to either Nancy Berman or Anita Aldersgate to Host Womens PACEM
Ratliff. Contact info: Nancy at 973-6555 or ndhberman@gmail.com; Aldersgate UMC will once again host the PACEM (People and
Anita at 409-7357 atratliff@gmail.com Congregations Engaged in Ministry) Womens Shelter November 11th -
18th. Opportunities to help include greeting our guests as they arrive,
laundering towels, preparing snacks, helping in the kitchen, spending
11:30-2:00 REED ROOM
time with our guests, and staying overnight. Volunteer sign-up sheets
are available in the Reed Room. We will be collecting items for the
shelter through Sunday, November 12th. Donation boxes are in the
Reed Room and the Welcome Center. Personal items: Chapstick, lotion,
HURRICANE HARVEY RELIEF ladies socks (athletic and dress). Food: Gum, mints, hard candy, snack
In response to the massive destruction and devastation caused by bags of potato chips, pretzels, Cheetos, soft snack bars, tea bags, hot
Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana, the United Methodist
chocolate mix, lemonade mix, Splenda and sugar. Other: new or gently
Committee On Relief is asking for monetary donations. This money will
help with the process of rebuilding, bringing in supplies, and any other used bath towels and current magazines. Monetary contributions will
resources that the communities may need. The pain and loss that victims be accepted to buy food and paper goods, and to help with other
feel will continue long after the water recedes and clean up begins. If you expenses related to hosting the program. Please make your check
would like to make a monetary contribution, please make your check to payable to AUMC with PACEM listed on the memo line. For more
AUMC with Hurricane Harvey Relief in the memo line. And, please pray for information, contact Deb Reynolds at 882-3346 or
your brothers and sisters in Christ as they deal with their losses. rynldsdeb@gmailcom; or Nancy Berman at 973-6555 or
Aldersgate Young Professionals Christmas Opportunity in October
You are invited to join Aldersgate's Young Professionals Group (ages 18- Even though we have just entered October it is already time to think about
35) for food and fellowship! This group seeks to grow in relationship with Christmas and the days leading up to it: Advent. For the last several years we
one another as we journey through this life and walk with Christ. It does have produced an Advent Devotional Guide written by people within the
not matter how long you have been attending Aldersgate or attending church, and we are hoping to do so again. That means we need writers!
church - you are invited and also encouraged to bring a friend! Dont 1. About the writers: People often say to me, I dont have a story. but
hesitate to contact Ashley Oliver at 434-465-8224 or then discover that they DO have a story and they WANT to tell it.
ashleyo12@comcast.net if you have any questions. Thats because everyone has a story; whether you have been
Running away from God Praising God Ignoring God Seeking God
Denying God Or running TO God crying Catch me! Im falling
Or doing all of the above
Care Packages for College Students God is there, ever-present. Not just in the really big, life-changing moments,
Are you a parent or friend of an Aldersgate college student? We'd love to but in the nitty-gritty everyday moments, and that is what previous writers
be able to send them care packages during exams and various cards have recognized and written about. I hope you will be encouraged to think of
during the year; but to do that, we need to have a current address! If you your own story of God working in your life. Everyone has a story: God is here.
know of a new college student OR if there has been an address change of 2. About the readers: Every year I hear, Ive sat next to so-and-so in
church for so many years and I never knew this. Yet, we are a community of
a student, please contact Susan Reed at 973-0766 (just leave a message if
faith, a community that is joined together in the worship of God as revealed
you want) or you can email reedr3va@netzero.com. We like to let the
in Jesus Christ. It is a joy and a privilege to share our God stories with one
students know that they are in our thoughts and prayers and these things
another, and to relate to each other on a deeply personal level.
are a nice pick-me-up to them as well! Thanks for your help. 3. For those interested in writing, I will need your devotion by Wed., Nov.
15. When you are finished (the earlier the better!) please send it to me at
Mark Your Calendars for pamacnicoll@msn.com or give me a hard copy in church.
4. Devotion Format: from the top of page: Date, scripture, your
Vacation Bible School 2018 devotion/story, your name, closing prayer. The devotion guide is on legal size
Sunday, June 24th Thursday, June 28th, 2018. Five Days of VBS fun this paper (8 x14 in.) paper folded in half. So your devotion should take up half
year! We will continue each evening with dinner and fun for all. Mark of a legal size paper. Font size is 12. If you have a story you want to tell but do
your calendars to join the fun as a volunteer or participant. not want to choose a scripture or write a prayer, Ill be glad to do it for you.
5. Content: The devotions are meant to be personal. They are meant to
tell how you have experienced God in your life or about an experience that
affected your faith in God. Sometimes people tell stories of Christmases past,
Aldersgate Youth Ministries even a childhood Christmas, and why that particular Christmas means so
much to them. Sometimes people write about huge life-changing
The Power of Influence experiences but more often they tell stories about meeting God in the
High School and Middle School Youth Groups are in full swing everyday routine of life.
Please become a part of AUMCs Youth Group for 2017-18! Join us in If you plan to write a devotion, please let me know in advance so I know how
the Youth Room downstairs and invite a friend. many to expect. If you have questions please call me at 434-589-5956 or 434-
High School: 5:00 - 6:15 pm 806-2888(cell) or email me at the above email address. I look forward to
Dinner: 6:15 - 6:45 pm hearing your stories! Pat MacNicoll
Middle School: 6:45 - 8:00 pm