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1. Returns, Notices and Records 2

2. Examinations and Certificates of Competency 2

and of Fitness
3. Inspectors and Mine officials 3

4. Duties and Responsibilities of Workmen 2

Competent Persons and Officials

5. Plans and Sections 0

6. Means of Access and Egress 0

7. Transport of Men and Materials- Winding in 0

8. Transport of Men and Materials- Haulage 0

9. Mine Workings 7

10. Precautions against Dangers from Fire, Dust, 5

Gas and Water
11. Ventilation 15

12. Lighting and Safety Lamps 0

13. Explosive and Shot firing 2

14. Machinery Plant and Equipment 0

15. Miscellaneous 0

16. The Mines Act1952 3

17. Mines Rules1955 7

18. Mine Rescue Rules1985 2

19. Mine Vocational Training Rules 1966 5

20. CEA Regulations 2010 1

21. General Safety in Mines 1

22. Mine Management 2

As there were only 52 Questions provided by DGMS so this chapterwise

analysis is of those 52 Questions.MinePortal team ask its members to prepare
hard and read the concerned DGMS Circulars.At around 18 questions were
asked from DGMS Circulars.

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