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TANDBERG Optimized for Microsoft Office Communicator

PrecisionHD USB Camera

The TANDBERG PrecisionHD™ USB camera is the industry leader for providing
exceptional business-quality HD video communications and superior audio to the
PC application leveraging the camera and was the first true 720p 30fps camera to
receive the Optimized for Office Communicator logo. It seamlessly integrates with
the Microsoft Office Communicator client (R2), allowing Microsoft video users to
experience the ultimate in PC based personal visual communications.

The PrecisionHD USB camera is optimized for use with the Office Communicator (R2)
client and is capable of providing up to 720p 30fps as well as a wide range of lower
resolutions and frame rates. It is important to note that although the camera supports
performance up to 720p 30fps, it is the Office Communicator client application in
conjunction with the Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 (R2) platform that
determines the resolution and frame rate of the actual video calls. The PrecisionHD
USB camera works with Office Communicator to provide the performance requested.
If the Office Communications Server 2007 R2 environment is configured properly,
Microsoft users can connect to each other in business quality HD at 720p 25fps.

Video Resolutions

TANDBERG PrecisionHD USB Camera

The TANDBERG PrecisionHD camera supports a wide range of resolutions at
frame rates up to 30fps. There are three resolutions that are relevant in a Office
Communications Server 2007 R2 environment:

•• CIF
•• VGA
•• HD (720p)

Microsoft Office Communicator client

TANDBERG PrecisionHD USB Camera While the TANDBERG camera is capable of 30fps, the Office Communicator client
software dictates the actual frame rate of the video that is encoded and transmitted
in the Microsoft solution. The TANDBERG PrecisionHD USB camera is designed to
support the capabilities of the Office Communicator client and provides video in the
resolution and frame rate supported by the Office Communicator client. The Office
Communicator client supports:

•• CIF (352 x 288) @15fps

•• VGA (640x480) @25fps
•• HD (1280x720) @25fps

The remainder of this document addresses the specific requirements and behavior
of the Office Communicator client. The customer is encouraged to verify this with
Microsoft particularly as Microsoft updates its solution.

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TAN D B E R G Requirements

User Guide
Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Requirements:
•• Microsoft Office Communications Server R2 has HD video turned OFF
by default.
— Enable HD Video - Front End Server setting

Office Communicator 2007 R2 PC Requirements

•• CPU
–– The Office Communicator client only supports specific video resolutions
on specific CPUs. Please see the Microsoft site http://www.microsoft.
com/uc/tech.mspx, however it has been summarized below for simplicity
–– Single Core – CIF
–– Dual Core – CIF and VGA
–– Quad Core – CIF, VGA, HD
•• Display
–– In order to display HD video a 720p capable or higher resolution display
is required.

User Requirements
•• Local Image Size - User interaction with the Office Communicator client
is required to enable the various resolutions in the Microsoft environment:
–– CIF — by default Office Communicator will display CIF video in the CIF
size video window (this is the “small” video window)
–– VGA — the user must chose the “medium” size video window from
Office Communicator
–– HD(720p) — the user must chose the “large” video window from Office
•• Far End Participant
–– The far end participant must also be an Office Communicator client
capable of supporting the intended resolution or other device that
supports the Microsoft proprietary Real Time Video (RTV) codec.


If all of the above requirements are met, i.e. TANDBERG PrecisionHD Camera, Quad
Core CPU, HD capable display, HD is enabled on the Front End Server, User Selection
of the “large” video window, and a far end PC that is capable of HD, then HD video
will be transmitted between the Office Communicator clients.

Office Communicator – Supported Video Codecs and Frame Rates:

The Office Communicator 2007 R2 client supports two video codecs, H.263
and RTV. It supports the following resolutions and frame rate for each codec:
•• H.263 – CIF @ 15 fps
•• RTV – CIF @ 15 fps
•• RTV – VGA @ 25 fps
P h i lip Pedersens v ei 20 •• RTV – HD @ 25 fps
1 3 66 Lysak er , N orwa y
T el: +47 67 125 125
F a x: +47 67 125 234 Office Communicator Calling Scenarios and Supported Resolutions:
V ideo: +47 67 126 126
t a n dberg@tandberg.com •• Office Communicator to TANDBERG Video Conferencing (endpoints and MCUs)

1 2 12 Av enue of the Ameri c as,

–– H.263 @ CIF
2 4 th Floor
N ew Yor k, N Y USA 10036
•• Office Communicator to Office Communicator
Tel: +1 212 692 6500
Fa x: +1 212 692 6501 –– RTV @ CIF, VGA, HD
January 2010

Vi deo: +1 212 692 6535

t a n dberg@tandberg.com •• Office Communicator to Microsoft Audio Video MCU (AVMCU)

w w w.tandberg.com –– RTV @ CIF*

* A ppli es to v ideo calls for L i veMeeti ng c onferenc es

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