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NutriMonthCelebration Script

Dulce: Good Morning Everyone!

Marlou: Welcome to 43rd Nutrition Month Celebration!

Dulce: This event is to promote health and wellness to each and every student.

Marlou: And the theme for this year is

Both: Healthy Diet, Gawing Habit for Life!

D: Without further ado, lets start the program with an invocation to be followed by

the Singing of the National Anthem. Let us all rise.


M: This event wont be possible without the power of the Music, Arts, Physical

Education and Health Club.

D: To give us the opening remarks, Let us all welcome Aira Hizo, The President of

the MAPEH Club.


M: Thank you very much Aira. Dulce, do you recall the Law of Diminishing Returns?

D: The one where you have to keep improving the exercise you do to gain benefits?

M: Yeah, It gives us the chance to grow better each time.

D: Oh I know where youre going at, we need a challenge. And for that, let us all give

a round of applause to the Father of Our Institution, Mr. Eduardo L. Naoz.


M: Thank you very much sir. Now to guide us on how this program flows,

D: So that all of us would really know.

M: On what to do as time does go.

D: Heres Emela Alpapara, the Treasurer of the MAPEH Club.


D: Thank you Emela. Now to entertain us for a wee-bit, Let us all clap our hands for

Select Grade 12 Students.

M: For the Guidelines on how the events rules and criteria are let us all listen to our

teacher facilitators


Both: And thats the opening program.

M: Lets all have fun and celebrate a day of Nutrition

D: And with that, I hope we fulfill our mission.

M: To spread the word of todays best lesson.

Both: That the healthy diet is the best decision.

M: Im Marlou Princesa

D: Im Maria Dulce Marilla.

M: And were signing off.

D: See ya!