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Abdelrahman Mohamed Ahmed Elshafae

Address 10st Mohamed Mahran , Giza

Phone +023325932| Mobile +20 01272207213
Email abdelrahmanelshafaee1993@gmail.com

Date of birth 12 / 08/ 1993 | Nationality Egyptian

Military Statues Final Exemption

EDUCATION Seek a challenging career with a progressive organization that provides an

OBJECTIVE opportunity to capitalize my technical skills and abilities in fields of data analysis
Faculty of Commerce , English section , Actuarial
and risk management.
Science Cairo University
Degrees per year:
-Ranking: First

Job description: using statistical techniques and mathematical skills to assess the probability of an
event and its financial consequences
1 August 2014 : Internship at General Motors in HR Section
Participated preparing documents of the employees and other head supervisors...

31 July 2013: Training MAZARS MOSTAFA SHAWKI , central bank Auditing sector
Case Study - auditing the financial statements for el taameer wel eskan bank .

30 July 2010 to 1 Sept 2013

Training at Mohamed Hussien Abdellatif Accounting Department
Modify the packaging of the balance sheets, income statement and cash flow statement

Within the period of under
graduation : Gain experience in managing human resources, Negotiation skills and Operations management.

May. 2014 Mini MBA from Che Oxford training college.

Aug. 2014 Photoshop Core YAT learning solution.
Aug. 2014 HUMAN RESOURCES DIPLOMA from Che Oxford training college .
Aug. 2014 Project management diploma from Che Oxford training college
Aug.2014 Finance diploma from Che Oxford training college .
Aug.2014 Manual English accounting, computerized accounting course at Accountant training Academy
Aug.2014 Project management diploma from Che Oxford training college .
Oct.2013 ICDL V5 at YAT learning solution.

Personal information
Languages skills
Communication Good communication
Arabic: Mother Language. skills gained through my work in the student activities.
communication skills with workers gained through my experience as a manager assistant to
the forging work shop and my experience during studying .
Organisational / managerial skills Leadership (a volunteer for communication with our professors).
Good team working skills gained through my work in the student activities.
Computer skills Good command of Microsoft Office tools .
Good command of Photoshop cc .
Conferences How to write a successful CV, Presentation Skills, and Interview Skills.
Honours and awards certificates of recognition for my grade in the first year in university , School radio ...
Hobbies Football, Jogging, Reading, Charity work.