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Dina Tul Mardiyah : Intans sister

Hikmawani Annas : Nurse 1

Syarifa Aini : Nurse 2

Hanifa Ikhwati : Doktor

Intan Fahraini : Patient

One day in the bright morning , in RSUD Padang, there are nurses who busy
caring patients who get illnes. In one room, there is a patien, her name is Intan
Fahraini, aged 20 years old suffering from appendicitis and should be operated
soon. ( carrying thermometer, tension tool, documentation book and antibiotic

Hikma : "Assalamualaikum."

Intan : "Waalaikumsalam."

Hikma :"Good afternoon mom, my name is hikma, i am a nurse that was

in the office today from 14:00 until 21:00 and if you have any
complaint or health problems you can contact me or other in
nurses station.

Intan : "Ok nurse"

Hikma : "hey girl, what is your name?"

Intan : My name is intan

Hikma : "Wow what a beautiful name"

Intan :Uuh thank you

Hikma :"Oh, intan how old you now?"

Intan :"I am 20 years old"

Hikma :"do you come alone ?"

Intan :"Oh no ners, i come wit my sister.

Hikma :"How are you today?

Intan :"Like usually ners, not too bad i think"

Hikma :"What do you mean? Can you explain it clearly?

Intan :" i come here since yesterday, I feel painful in my stomach, then I
have a fever, even I also nausea vomiting, and at the night I cant

Hikma :"Oh yeah, that's because of maternal disease that is appendixitis

or often called appendix, the abdominal pain is due to infection in
"umbai cacing

Hikma :"Intan i will do a temperature and blood pressure check, will


Intan :"Yes please ners"

The nurse writes the results of her review in a book that she carries.

A minute leters.....

The doctor is coming...

Hanifa :"Assalamualaikum"

Intan :"Waalaikumsalam"

Hanifa :"Ners how about her temperature and blood pressure? "
Hikma :"Blood pressure 110/80 mmHg and the temperature is 38.8
degrees celcius."

Hanifa :"Hmm, Ners could you help me prepare a compress for her?

Hikma :"Ok doc"

Hanifa :"Intan i will check your condition l. Will you?"

Intan :"Yes please doc"

The doctor checking intans heart rate using a stethoscope and performing
percussion, palpation in the intan's abdomen

Hanifa :"Intan it is hurt?" (Pressing on the abdomen)

Intan :"Aww "

After a view minutes, the Doctor finished checking the patient

Dinatul :"How about my sister doc?"

Hanifa :"based on the result of temperature and blood tests yesterday

showed that intan should immediately apendiktomy surgery. that
is cutting appendix."

Dinatul :"So my sister need a surgery doc?

Hanifa :"Due to intans appendix is so serious, so, she should have

surgery before her condition gets worse"

Dinatul :"Then what will happen if my sister doesnt get surgery?"

Hanifa :"The appendix will enlarge and eventually will break, and the
bacteries will spread to the intestine"

Dinatul :"Okay doc, if surgery is the best way for my sister, we will do it"

Intan :"Surgery will hurt , is that right doc?"

Hanifa :"Take it easy, we will give you the drug, so you dont feel pain
during the surgery"

Intan :"Well i will "

Hanifa :"Before surgery, you must fasting for 12 hours. it start from now
on 18.00 until tomorrow morning at 06.00 oclock. And we will do
the surgery tomorrow morning at around 08.00 oclock."

Intan :"Ok doc"

Hanifa :"I will contact the hospital to prepare for intans surgery
tomorrow. "

Before the doctor leaves the room, the doctor meets the newly arrived nurse
with the compress tool.

Hanifa :"Ners, a patient named Intan should be operated tomorrow, I will

contact the hospital to prepare for an appendectomy surgery

Hikma :"Ok doc"

Hikma :"Intan because of your temperature is high, I will give you a

compress, will you??"

Intan :"Yes please

Hikma :"Intan, tomorrow will be surgery right?"

Intan : "Yes ners"

Hikma :"Its means you must fast, so when the operation will not happen
excessive intestinal work and the operation runs smoothly"

Intan :"okay ners"

Hikma :"Dinatul, I stayed first. This compress tool I leave here. May you
help me to continue to compress your sister , until her body
temperature decreased. If there is something wrong you can
contact me in the nurse station. "

Dinatul :"Ok ners, thank you"

Hikma :"Intan you can take a rest, do not mind a lot. just ready for
tomorrow surgery, hopefully get better soon.

Intan :"Waalaikkumsalam"

At 07.00 AM came a nurse, to tell that operation would be

Syarifa :"Assalamualaikum"

Intan :"Waalaikumsalam"

Syarifa :"Intan my name is syarifa, Incidentally being in the morning

service in this room from 7:00 to 14:00 hours, if you have
complaints or health problems you can contact me or other
nurses ".

Intan :"Ok ners"

Syarifa :"Are you alone?"

Intan :"Yes ners, my sister go home first"

Syarifa :"Oh, i see. soon we will be surgery appendix ,Are you ready? "

Intan :"I'm not ready yet ners.

Syarifa :"Dont worry. You can take deep breath take an oxygen from your
nose and throw it from your mouth. You can do it repeatedly.
How do you feel after relaxation? are you feels more better?"

Intan :"Yeah right, I feel a bit calm than before"

Syarifa :"Now I will check your temperature."

Intan :"Yes please ners"

Syarifa :"Ok then I will check your blood pressure, okay?"

Intan :"Of course ners"

Syarifa :"You themperature and blood pressure is in normally intan. 1

hour leter we will be appendectomy. Prepare yourself and
hopefully the surgery works success"

Intan :"Thank you ners"