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Guild: Harbingers

Eyes turn jet black

Basic Abilities

Maelstrom Navigation: roll Perception+Argos (difficulty 8) to navigate the Tempest or ignore

penalties to movement/perception during a Maelstrom
Tempest Glimpse: roll Perception+Argos (difficulty 6) to look into the Tempest and
communicate with persons there
Tempest Threshold: not available during the Third Great Maelstrom, but any Wraith can enter
the Tempest through the Shadowseas by expending a Willpower point

Shadow Mantle
Roll Dexterity+Argos (difficulty 6) and spend 1 Pathos to be hidden for one turn per success.

Storm Robes
Roll Strength+Argos (difficulty is Maelstrom rating +4) and spend 2 Pathos; Storm Robes reduce
Maelstrom damage by one die per success and make damage non-aggravated; lasts as long as the
Wraith keeps travelling

Ducks & Drakes

Roll Dexterity+Argos (difficulty 6 or 8 if destination is out of sight) and spend 1 Pathos to skip
through the Tempest, reducing travel time by one turn per success; botches strand the character
in the Tempest

Fair Winds & Following Seas

Roll Stamina+Argos (difficulty is 9 minus Fetters rating) and spend 3 Pathos to travel instantly
to a Fetter. NB This will not allow Wraiths to travel to Fetters beyond the Dark Caribbean.
Wraiths may fix another location in the Shadowlands as their haven such as a haunt or
Shadowjammer. This requires spending a permanent point of Willpower. Restoring the art back
to a link to Fetters can be done by spending a point of Temporary Willpower.

Davy Jones Locker

Roll Strength+Argos (difficulty is targets Willpower) and spend 3 Pathos and gain 1 Angst; the
target wraith discorporates and is either dropped into the Tempest or held in place for one turn
per success

Alternative Arcanoi known to the Guild

Roll Dexterity+Argos (difficulty is Maelstrom level +4) and spend 1 Pathos and 1 Willpower to
ride the wave of a Maelstrom safely to a new (but random) location. With 3 successes the Wraith
can be sure to end up in a Haunt or other safe location, with 5 successes the Wraith can choose
the exact destination, but on a botch the Wraith is sucked into the Labyrinth to experience a

Neptunes Portal
This is the ability to open a Nihil and guide a large naval vessel through the resultant opening.
Roll Stamina + Argos against a difficulty determined by the size of the vessel(sloop 4, frigate 6,
galleon or argosy 8). A Nihil opened with a single success lasts several days, one opened with 3+
successes lasts several hours, and one opened by 5+ successes closes immediately. Botches leave
behind a Nihil that never heals. Neptunes Portal costs a point of Temporary Willpower and a
number of Pathos equal to the difficulty of the roll. Tempest slip also causes a number of levels
of Permanent Corpus damage to the Harbinger equal to the number of 1s rolled.

Moving Haunt
Roll Stamina + Argos (difficulty 8) and spend 3 Pathos and 1 Willpower to turn a Relic ship or
vehicle into a Haunt with a value of one dot per success. The effect lasts for a day but can be
extended for extra days if successes are removed from the Haunts potency to add to the

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