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Thinking Critically about Web InformationApplying the CRAAP Test*

When you search the Web, youre going to find a lot of informationbut is it credible and reliable? Use this
guide to help you determine this for yourself. Give your Web page a score based on this point system. Is
your Web source credible and reliable or is it a bunch of ? SCORE _______

Checking for C-R-A-A-P! POINTS: 0 1 2 3

Currency or Timeliness
How important is it for your There is no indication The site was The site was The site was created,
topic to have recent of when the site was created is over 5 created, revised or revised or updated
information? Science, created or updated. years ago with no updated within the within the last 2
technology, and health date given for last 5 years. If they years. If they are
information need to be as updating. are citing sources, citing sources, they
recent as possible. If yes, they are also are also recent.
how current is the recent.
Is this the information you It mentions my topic It provides some It provides most of It is exactly on the
need for your topic? briefly but not much information, but its what I need, but I subject, is the right
Consider the type of else. Or it isnt the not enough, or its still need more or amount of information
information needed type of information I not the right type of another type of and the right type of
(primary sources or need. Or it isnt information. information. information.
secondary sources) enough information.
statistics, history or
background information.
Locate the author or There is either no Author is named Author is named The authors
sponsor and Google the author, or the author but with no but the degree of credentials are given
name to find out more. is possibly a student credentials. Or the expertise is not that and clearly indicate
What else have they or an ordinary organization is of high. that he/she is an
published on the topic? Are person publishing on questionable expert.
there any credentials for the Web without authority. Web Or, the Or the organization is
the person to establish expertise. Or the groups can name organization, is well-known and highly
them as expert? Is it the organization is not themselves with well-known, and but credible on the topic.
main organization that known. Text errors names that sound the degree of
provides information about indicate the author is like other credible expertise on this
a topic? not an expert. organizations. subject is not clear.
Accuracy There is a vague There is a general There is a good list of
Are there any sources cited Information is reference to the statement about the sources that can be
for the information? provided with no information source. source of the located. Images/
Are images/photos labeled indication as to Assumptions must information but not photos are labeled
and credited? where it comes from. be made as to the enough to locate it. and sources given.
Purpose The purpose of the The purpose of the The purpose of the The purpose of the
Is the information fact or page is to present a page is to sell or page is to educate page is to provide
opinion? Is it stating a point biased point of view, promote something, or to offer mostly information of a
of view, promoting an idea, sell or promote an but it also provides factual information. scholarly, academic or
service or product? If you idea, service or some good factual Or expressed at least high quality.
need opinions, then product. It is not a information. Or opinion is logical Evidence for opinion
consider the authors factual or balanced expressed opinion is presenting enough is factual, presented
authority, their use of logic point of view. The somewhat logical evidence for the as numbers in charts,
and provision of evidence opinion is either not and presents some opinion. graphs, tables, or
for their opinions. backed up with facts evidence. statistics or adequate
or the facts are evidence for the
distorted. opinion.

Score Total/Meanings: 0 to 3 points 4 to 7 points 8 to 11 12 to 15

Very questionable OK for info, but Good source to Excellent source to
source. Dont use. dont cite it. use and cite. use and cite.
*This rubric uses a modified version of the CRAAP Test created by Meriam Library at California State University-Chico.
Evaluation of Web pages and sites: Questions for the CRAAP test

CURRENCY/ TIMELINESS: When the information was published and the importance the date as
it relates to the topic.

Is currency important for your topic? Is it a science, technology, or health-related topic?

When was the Web page originally published, last updated or revised?
Are all of the links on the page functional? Can you determine if there is new information
on the page?

REVELANCE/ COVERAGE OF THE TOPIC: The degree to which the information fulfils your
information need.

How relevant to your topic is the information? How on-topic is it?

Can you find the same or better information in another source?
Is it the type of information needed? (i.e. background, detailed history, statistics, primary
Is there enough information or do you need to find additional information on your topic?

AUTHORITY: Who is providing this information and are they a reliable source.
Who is responsibility for the information on the page (the author, creator, sponsor?)
Are there any author credentials given? Can you determine the authors age, level of
expertise, etc.Are they experts on the subject? Google the author or site sponsors name
to find out more.
If there is a group or organization (called a corporate author) creating the page, establish
the groups authority. Google the name. Are they a well-known, reputable organization
for this subject? Learn about the organization on their home page. Look for About Us on
the home page.

ACCURACY: The truthfulness and correctness of the information.

Where did the information on the page come from? Did the sponsor/author of the page
create the information? If not, the original source should be cited on the page.
Are there cited sources or links to the original source of the information?
Can you verify any of the information in other independent sources or from your own

PURPOSE: The reason the Web page/site exists, and the point of view of the author/sponsor.
Is the page promoting something that might cause biases? (such as opinions, products,
Is the information based on facts or is it opinion? If opinion, is it based upon logical
thinking? Is the author using good evidence for their opinion?
What is the purpose of the Web site sponsoring this page? Is the domain for the site a
.org (an organization), .edu (an educational site), .gov (a federal government site), .mil
(a military site), .com (a commercial site), .net (a web-sponsoring site), .TV (a television
site) to name the most well-known domains. Other domains describe state government
sites (Texas government sites: state.tx.us) and sites from other countries that use the
country abbreviation as the domain.