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) Life is miserable, Church is the only institution that offers hope of something better
a.) Cooperative model of salvation
i.) Grace
ii.) Good works: sacraments and being a good person

Lutheran doctrine
Against apostolic authority
Sola scriptura: only authority

Against the cooperative model:

Sola gratia: only way to be saved, gift from God
Grace: Gods gratuitous gift, we dont deserve it, we cannot earn it
Good works follow from grace, they do not lead to it (well explain this later)
Sola fide: only thing you can do. If you have faith, it means God has given you grace.
You cant choose to have faith, God chooses you.
-Faith: unquestioning trust in Gods saving power (24)
-If you question, then you dont really have faith, and you havent really
been given grace
-Works cannot save you:
-Gods demands are too high and we are too sinful
-When you do works because you are trying to earn salvation or avoid
damnation, you are being self-centered, replacing your will for Gods will
-Substituting personal will for Gods will (22)
-Everything we do it sinful while we are acting with regard to the law (20)

-The real purpose of the law

-Not to be followed
-To show us that we are incapable of living up to Gods expectations, but
he loves us anyway
-To show us that love for God is all that matters
-Good works proceed from faith: reversal of the Catholic model
-Good works are not your part in a cooperative model, they too flow from
-Good works are like the fruit which indicates a healthy tree (27)
-But what is the psychological effect of this?
-Luther no longer has to work and inflict suffering on his body like
a monk, now he has to have complete unquestioning faith. But is
this any easier?
-And hes not really off the hook for works either.. If good works
are a sign of grace, rather than a cause of grace.. That doesnt mean you
can stop being performing good works. Now you need to be even more
meticulous in your performance of good works since now, though no
longer a cause of your salvation, they are evidence of your salvation.

Imputed righteousness (32)

-We become free and able to act without sin only when we have Gods grace and when
we act out of love for God and not fear of punishment or hope for reward.