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Accelerate your
Business Benefits
and Growth with
SAP Integration

An Overview For businesses to eectively respond to
change, they need to capture and execute
changes in a SAP ERP integration layer as
well as provide visibility across the entire
spectrum of constituents and systems. Our
customers use HokuApps unique SAP ERP
integration solutions to get work done
across the enterprise, shorten time to
market, sell more eectively and enhance
customer experience.

For many of our customers, the core

processes, logic and data associated with
key suppliers and customers, including
accounts payable and receivable, inventory
management and manufacturing planning,
is well established in SAP application.
HokuApps SAP system integration platform
can leverage SAPs data, logic and processes
and automatically update relevant systems
of record to optimize operational eciency.

The HokuApps Dierence

Systematize end-to-end operations
SAP ERP integration enhances functionality and productivity across numerous systems. When
integrated, social, mobile and cloud capabilities ensures swift and eective customer service. This
guarantees smooth operations on all relevant channels and benets business functions. SAP
Integration also allows client-interactions to be viewed with incisive clarity in real-time, resulting in
signicantly upgraded service, increased growth, and retention. In particular, HokuApps
Industry-leading BPM and CRM solutions boost businesses, improve customer experience and
mitigate the need for manual supervision of operations.

Eortless SAP Integration
Wizard-based SAP integration assists users with specic details for their SAP connectors and
services.In addition, robust Low Code Mobile App Development, and Java connectors and
services augment performance and create a user-friendly interface. Businesses using SAP-specic
connections gain the advantage of getting crucial insights since SAP Integration arranging ERP
information into immediately visible categories. These can be promptly actioned from HokuApps

Maintain enterprise IT requirements

SAP Integration gears data mapping and
transformation for dramatically improved
performance. It operates with secure
(WS-Security based) connectivity that
incorporates encryption, authentication,
timestamps, and digital signatures.
Consistently high performance levels are
also maintained by the customary support
for smooth connection and control (built
into the SAP application). The softwares
user friendly interface also simplies
processes of everyday use

An integrated ERP system s essential to a

companys success. SAP Integration promotes
transparency and process reliability and
signicantly reduces the possibility of errors.

Medium-sized companies depend heavily on

the quality and performance of the software
used. Performance capability is fundamental to
the companys success and positioning relative
to competitors. SAP integration supports
processes in multiple business areas,
increasing the likelihood of achieving
company-wide eciency and transparency in
business transactions.

Here are the benets of SAP integration
with your system
1. High functionality of all-in-one 2. Balancing act between the systems
Changes in systems, frequently arising from
The approach to include everything in one individual, historically grown PPS or
software programme represents the highest warehouse management systems are usually
degree of integration. Many ERP solutions have connected to risks which endanger eciency
a module portfolio which exceed classic of working.
functionalities of ERP. In addition to the
For example, dierent components for
standard functionalities such as material
hardware, operating system, database,
requirement planning and purchasing they
software etc might be incompatible. Individual
include, for instance CRM, quality assurance,
solutions for each element require multiple
document or project management.
interfaces which must be administered
Since such components are not part of the separately - a terribly inecient process. This
core competencies of an ERP software, special also increases possibility of errors which can
cases and industry-specic characteristics are be dicult to trace. Naturally, such a scenario
not necessarily included, as is the case with a would severely impact the rms seamless
specialized software. Nevertheless SAP functioning. An easier solution would be to
integration oers additional software access comprehensive view of functions
functionalities to increase comfort for the across multiple systems oered by SAP
users and utilization for the company. Integration.

3. Uniform data pool 4. Centralised data storage

The users work in only one system. SAP SAP integration centralises all available
integration prevents the need to access information at one location, saving storage
several isolated systems for a current space and costs. This avoids the upkeep of
overview and/or to carry out activities. The data on multiple channels, when they are
risk of working parallel where departments newly created, changed or deleted. SAP
are oblivious of each others functions is Integration also reduces possibility of errors
lowered with SAP Integration. SAP integration and enables higher data consistency.
also encourages data transparency and
promotes easier checks for authenticity.
5. Data in real time
Interfaces always lead to a time lag. Therefore
a situation can have changed during transfer
between systems without the user noticing.
The uniform solution with real time date
oered by SAP integration minimises this risk.

6. Integrated view to the entire process

Due to SAP Integration, every participant in a

process can view every aspect of its functioning
and activity at all times. SAP Integration also
makes interdependencies more transparent so
that possible consequences of measures can
be better estimated.

7. Easier analysist
An integrated solution like SAP Integration
allows faster statements to current numbers
and developments. For example all activities in
preparation for making the data comparable
between systems (such as while using dierent
material numbers) are can be eliminated. The
need to glue together an analysis via multiple
applications is also omitted. Consequently,
urgent issues can therefore be identied far
earlier and necessary countermeasures can be
enacted with the use of SAP Integration.

8. Ecient administration
SAP Integration requires administrators to
manage a single system. SAP Integration
also signicantly eases time required for
maintenance and troubleshooting.

9. Release ability 10. Cost savings

In case of a software update in a Depending on the software used SAP

heterogeneous IT landscape it must always Integration can reduce maintenance and
be checked for possible conicts with other licensing costs as well as eort necessary for
systems in use. In all probability, newly upkeep and administration, since these only
congured interfaces must be implemented. occur for one system. Similarly, SAP
Frequent updates are natural. This Integration lowers adjustment and upgrade
repeatedly ties up resources which are then costs for an integrated solution.
not available for the usual operations, thus
requiring the SAP integration solution.

Towards a Unied and Streamlined


An integrated system supports transparency and

stability of business processes and provides a
signicantly better basis for the controlling of the
company. Especially for SMEs which do not have
access to many resources, quick and simple data
upkeep, data analysis and reaction is imperative.
This is supported by a uniform data pool unimpeded
by interfaces that may cause errors and time lags.
Therefore ideally to do without a heterogeneous
system landscape and keep the number of systems,
and therefore interfaces, to a minimum.

With the HokuApps SAP Integration, you can reap the

best of both worlds: a dynamic, responsive case
management system that enables you to execute
customer-focused, innovative processes, working in
concert with a standardized SAP ERP platform to
ensure operational discipline.


HokuApps is the fastest growing rapid application development platform that empowers
organizations to develop innovative technology solutions incredibly fast. Our rapid application
development platform has enhanced mobile and data integration capabilities to enable companies
to speedily deploy mobile and web applications. We empower organizations to usher in their digital
transformation journey to better engage with customers, partners, and employees.

Dynamic, global enterprises, like Teddy Nissan, PTI QCS and Big Red, use our platform to develop
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