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Leica Zeno 20

More than GPS


Leica Zeno 20 does so much more

The Leica Zeno 20 is so much more than just GPS it is a fusion of great technologies. Powerful and easy,
its the ultimate geospatial workhorse. Capable and fast. It will change the way you work and bring more
to your day.

Leveraging the strength of cutting-edge personnel when working in challenging

technology in one remarkably compact GNSS environments: to be able to collect
device, the Leica Zeno 20 changes the way reliable and accurate positioning data, at
field personnel captures GIS data daily. So any time, from anywhere. Better satellite
simplistic it will become your indispensable gamtec acquisition with stronger signals combined
tool. So accurate you will always be sure. So with contactless offset measuring create
productive it will change your workday. a radically new solution, with much more
safety, new developed survey grade
gamtec and apogeetec, both new accuracy and enormous time-savings. Its
innovative technologies developed by the truly comprehensive and second-to-none.
Hexagon Geosystems Group, solve the The Zeno 20 is simply more than GPS.
number one problem encountered by field
Durable IP67 dust and waterproof rating
Largest best-in-class outdoor screen
Ergonomic and weight optimised design

Windows Embedded Handheld (WEH) 6.5.3 or
Leica Geosystems or BYOS (bring your own
Full choice of GNSS configuration

Optimised GNSS performance
gamtec: Combination of DISTO S910 with Zeno
20 closes gaps where GNSS is not working anymore

Out-of-the-box and straight to work experience
The simplicity of the Zeno 20 software lets any
non GIS or surveying professional use it -
simplicity without limitations

Zeno 20 offers direct integration to the Hexagon
Imagery Program and Open Street Map services


Benefit from Leica Geosystems global service &
support network with 320 service centres in 97

Intuitive Zeno Mobile software or fully ArcGIS
integrated Zeno Field
With Zeno Connect you can add any app you want

Zeno Mobile simplicity without limitations

With Zeno 20s straightforward and intuitive design,

training is no longer necessary.

Multiple feature sharing the same location can be

measured with one observation.

Map interaction using the Zeno Mobile is as simple and

intuitive as using a smart phone.

The out-of-the-box experience lets you flexibly start

your field projects collecting the data you need.

Manage and improve your data quality. As accurate as

you need it from metre to centimetre.

One-click access to professional, high-quality imagery

with the embedded Hexagon Imagery Program.

Zeno Mobile is backed up by Zeno Office and works with

a wide selection of GIS systems.

gamtec supported data collection workflows.

Zeno Field

Zeno Mobile

Zeno Connect (Android version)

Leica Zeno Field and Zeno Office

Leica Zeno Field is an OEM version

of ArcPad and provides in addition:
GNSS raw data logging, easy handling of
GNSS configurations, feature accuracy
management and an automated workflow
between field and office.
Leica Zeno Office on ArcGIS provides a
set of tools for managing and automatically
processing GNSS and surveying data within
ArcGIS Desktop, all within your familiar
ArcGIS environment.

Leica Zeno Office is a software package to

maintain, manage and post-process GIS,
GNSS and surveying data. Benefit from
automated import/export functions to a wide
range of different formats such as ArcGIS
gdb, shapefile, dxf, dgn and dwg.

Zeno Connect bring your own software to the Zeno 20

You can now simply and easily manage your

GNSS data any way you like as follows:

Choose between Windows WEH 6.5.3 or

Android Location Manager
Standard Android API Android operating systems.
Position and satellite info Combine with Zeno Connect.
No implementation work
Begin adding your favourite apps.

NMEA on COM port

For position only NMEA port

Windows Further functionality

SDK available

Successfully complete any asset management tasks by choosing

the solution that best fits your needs

Windows Embedded Windows Embedded Windows 7 Ultimate
handheld (WEH) 6.5.3 handheld (WEH) 6.5.3


Internal GPS: 2-5 m cm to sub-metre CS25 plus: GPS: 2-5 m
GG03: cm to sub-metre CS25 plus with GG03: cm to sub-metre
GNSS plus: cm to sub-metre

Software (Field) Software (Field) Software (Field)

Zeno Field Zeno Field Zeno Field
Zeno Connect Zeno Connect Zeno Connect
Zeno Mobile

Software Office Software Office Software Office

Zeno Office Zeno Office Zeno Office

Service Service Service

Global Service & Support Global Service & Support Global Service & Support
SmartNet Satellite Positioning SmartNet Satellite Positioning SmartNet Satellite Positioning

Local Admin
National Agriculture
Mapping Forestry
Defence Oil and Gas Water
TRANSPORT Electricity
Roads Telco
The Leica Zeno 20 is the handheld asset management tool that works
when you do, wherever you do. This ultimate geospatial workhorse
enables you to design your own workflows for faster, easier data
collection, making the Zeno 20 your capable companion 24/7.

More than GPS.

Revolutionising the world of measurement and survey for nearly 200

years, Leica Geosystems creates complete solutions for professionals
across the planet. Known for premiere products and innovative
solution development, professionals in a diverse mix of industries,
such as aerospace and defence, safety and security, construction, and
manufacturing, trust Leica Geosystems for all their geospatial needs. With
precise and accurate instruments, sophisticated software, and dependable
services, Leica Geosystems delivers value every day to those shaping the
future of our world.
Leica Geosystems is part of Hexagon (Nasdaq Stockholm: HEXA B;
hexagon.com), a leading global provider of information technologies
that drive quality and productivity improvements across geospatial and
industrial enterprise applications.

Illustrations, descriptions and technical data are not binding. All rights reserved.
Printed in Switzerland Copyright Leica Geosystems AG, Heerbrugg, Switzerland, 2015.
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Leica Zeno 20 Leica Zeno GG03 Leica Zeno Field & Office Leica CS25 GNSS plus
More than GPS Upgradeable GNSS /GIS SmartAntenna GIS Software The ultimate high-accuracy tablet
Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet

ArcPad is a registered
trademark of Environmental Upgradeable, reliable and accurate GNSS technology
The Leica Zeno GG03 is completely upgradeable;
starting as an L1 only DGPS SmartAntenna up to a
n The GLONASS option improves satellites tracking in obstructed locations
n The L2 option delivers cm accuracy in RTK or post-processed
Leica Zeno GIS series
The Leica Zeno GIS series offers an ideal set of tools for anyone who needs more accurate data n Seamless and Automated GIS integration
Unique combination of high-accuracy GNSS and a rugged tablet computer
The CS25 GNSS plus packs full GNSS functionality into an
ergonomic portable device making it the industrys
n As handheld: <10 cm accuracy
n With external AS10: cm accuracy

System Research Institute Inc.

in a GIS database. All GNSS post-processing is automated; GIS and GNSS technologies are n Quality Control made easy and understandable
highly accurate L1/L2 GNSS SmartAntenna. Built on n High-accuracy, jamming resistant measurement engine, to ensure accurate and reliable most powerful, GNSS handheld. The CS25 GNSS plus n Access Reference Stations with integrated modem to achieve submeter to cm accuracy
seamlessly combined in one easy solution.
years of knowledge and experience, the GG03 results in the most demanding environments for all in-view satellite tracking supports two setups, as a handheld with a compact n Huge data storage space of 128 GB on SSD and up to 2 TB on an optional SD card.
combines a high-performance GNSS SmartAntenna antenna mounted on the CS25 GNSS plus or as a pole
with complete reliability. setup with an external GNSS Antenna (Leica AS10).
Leica Zeno Field
Leica Zeno Field is an OEM version of ArcPad 10 and provides in addition to the well known ArcPad n Real-Time differential correction made easy

Redlands, USA.
Built for the field functionality: GNSS raw data logging, easy handling of GNSS configurations (such as DGPS settings), n Logging of raw data for post-processing to Excellent sunlight readability and ergonomics
Designed for extreme environments n With IP68 the GG03 is built to withstand the most toughest field whilst maintaining feature accuracy management and an automated workflow between the field and office. Together with increase accuracy The CS25 GNSS plus is equipped with a 7" colour n Fully rugged (IP65), and large screen for comfortable viewing
rugged, light-weight, and cable-free. an ergonomic, light-weight and compact design Zeno Office easily manage feature quality over time and benefit from automated import and export n State-of-the-art field mapping tools transflective touchscreen that can be operated by finger n Hot swappable battery for continuous use
n Built to operate in extreme temperatures 40 C to +65 C functions to a wide range of different formats such as ArcGIS geodatabase, shapefile, dxf, dgn, and dwg. n Various field controller supported or stylus. The display has been designed for optimal n Best mobility, as no poles are required to achieve dmcm accuracy
Outdoor experience gamtec More software n Easily exchangeable all-day-battery viewing, to be sunlight readable and backlit for darker

Zeno 20 is tough and built to last. Overcome GNSS limitations and By choosing either Android or Leica Zeno Office
Designed for versatile use Leica Zeno Office on ArcGIS provides a set of tools for managing and processing GNSS and n Automated field-office workflows: EasyIn and
Lightweight and compact, it fits in extend productivity. gamtec merges Windows Embedded Handheld
Choose the field computer, the field software and n Ready-to-use with Leica Zeno Field and Leica MobileMatriX surveying data within ArcGIS Desktop, all from directly within your familiar environment. Leica EasyOut Full Windows 7 environment
one hand, with the largest, best in two great tools, the Zeno 20 and the operating systems, users can add
the setup (pole or backpack) to suit your workflow n Various Leica Geosystems handhelds and tablet computers supported, Zeno Office is a software package to maintain, manage and post-process GIS, GNSS and surveying n Store detailed GNSS quality information in a CS25 GNSS plus includes the latest wireless communica- n Integrated high-speed communication standards
class screen and a dust and water DISTO S910, to create a contactless their favourite mobile Apps, such as and budget. such as Leica Zeno 5, Zeno 10 & Zeno 15, and the Leica CS25 data. With Leica Zeno GIS you get much more done in a busy day and have full trust in the GIS database tion technology, allowing GNSS-supported mapping (GSM/UMTS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth)
resistance IP67 rating. An out-of-box offset measuring solution, increasing the Zeno Mobile, Zeno Field or any n Use Leica Zeno Connect to embed custom applications accuracy of your GNSS data. n Integration of surveying measurements in a applications with direct access to the office. n Windows 7 Ultimate OS allowing simple and familiar use

ESRI word mark is owned by

experience, Zeno 20 is ready to work safety dramatically in the field while third party software to simplify GIS database
when you are. Just unpack and go. maintaining highest accuracy. workflows and maximise flexibility.


Other trademarks and trade

names are those of their Leica Zeno 20 Leica Zeno Leica Zeno Leica CS25
respective owners. Datasheet GG03 Software GNSS
Datasheet Datasheet Datasheet

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