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1 Would you mind (open)___opening________ the

2 Hello. I'd like (speak) _to speak__________ to Mr Jones,
3 We intend (move)__to move________ to the new offices in
4 I don't remember (tell)____telling________ him to cancel
the appointment.
5 I want (learn) _to learn___________ to speak Spanish.
6 Are you looking forward to (go)__going_________ to
7 The boy admitted (steal)___stealing________ the
computer from the shop.
8 Peter hopes (become)__to become_________ a vet after
his studies
9 Don't forget (put)__to put__________ the cat out before
you go to bed.
10 Do you regret (tell) ___telling_________ Edward about
the contract?

Sheila went by bus to save money

Peter has a part-time job to get some extra money.

My mother went to the post office to post some letters.

Mary stayed at college until 9pm. To finish her history project.

Peter sent Mary and e-card to wish her a Happy Birthday

Paul did some exercises to lose weight

She is gone to the supermarket to

buy some sugar.

Daisy is studying hard to be a doctor.

They have gone to town to buy new clothes.

We are on a diet to get thinner.

I phoned my grandparents last night to invite them to our Christmas

My mother is organizing a party to celebrate my birthday.

Activity # 3

1. Many people read this writer's articles.

This writer's articles are read by many people.

2. Jackie milks the cows every morning.

The cows are milked every morning by Jackie.

3. Benny never understands the new teacher.

The new teacher is never understood by Benny.

4. Everybody loves chocolate.

Chocolate is loved by everybody.

5. Kids always eat candies.

Candies are always eaten by kids.
If + present simple + will + infinitive:


If you come tonight I will make dinner for you

1) If I _____go_______(go) out tonight, I _____will go_______(go) to the


2) If you __get__________(get) back late, I ___will be_________(be)


3) If we _do not see____(not/see) each other tomorrow, we __will

see___(see) each other next week.

4) If he ___comes_____(come) , I __will be__________(be) surprised.

5) If we ___wait___ (wait) here, we ____will be___(be) late.

6) If we __go____(go) on holiday this summer, we __will go____ (go) to


7) If the weather __does not improve__(not/improve) , we __will not

have__(not/have) a picnic.
8) If I _do not go__(not/go) to bed early, I __will be__
(be) tired tomorrow.

9) If we ____eat____(eat) all this cake, we ___will feel______(feel) sick.

10) If you ___do not want ____(not/want) to go out, I ___will cook____

(cook) dinner at home.

Affirmative Form Object + was / were + verb (past participle)
Question Form Was / Were + Object + verb(past participle) ?
1. She sang a song. _____A song was sang by her______
2. Somebody hit me. ____I was hit by somebody________
3. We stopped the bus. _The bus was stopped by us____
4. A thief stole my car. ___My car was stolen by a thief__
5. They didn't let him go.__He was not let go by them__
6. She didn't win the prize. __The prize was not won by her__
7. They didn't make their beds. __Their beds were not made by them_
8. I did not tell them._They were not told by me______
9. Did you tell them? ___Were they told by you?___________
10. Did he send the letter?___Was the letter sent by him?_____

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