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Athanasius seeking the Face of God in the Incarnation

Bishop of Alexandria, young bishop, before 30. Exiled 5 times said because Jesus Christ

is fully divine. Inspired the western idea of monasticism. Was accused of murder, bribery, etc.

Fought against Arianism that was the tendency of the Emperor.


Incarnation of the word includes death and resurrection. Jesus was human because of

his physical body, and he was divine because of his actions (forgives sin, etc). The word was

using the human body. The word becomes incarnate because of human transgression. Humanity

was going back to nothingness when going away from God who is the source of life. God is the

only one who exist in and of himself. The goal of incarnation is soteriological: (1)free humanity

from death, from their way of destruction, and to (2) bring back knowledge of God. Because in

the beginning people could look into themselves and find God.

Deification as the result of the Incarnation. For He was made man that we might be

made God; not a blurring of ontological distinctions! Jesus became human so as Creator He could

renew humans beings and deify them, so we can be connected back to God in relationship with

Him (united to the vine). Definition: Returning to the life-sustaining relationship with God that

human kind enjoyed in its original state. Deification can only occur in Christ, what we call being

in Christ. This would lead us to the Father and we can worship Him rightly. For thus man is no

longer exposed to deceit concerning God, but is to worship Christ alone and through Him rightly

know the Father (Athana.). Living as Christian flows from Christs incarnation. Since the image

of God has been restored, we can now live properly and he proves it that now Christians do not

fear of death. With the image of God rationality is restored. Life of self-control and peace, people

who hated one another now live in unity and love one another. Deification is a process, as we are
renewed in our relationship with God, we learn how to worship Him better. We learn how to treat


Christian life based on life-sustaining relationship with God.