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My name is Jason Raquin Roque. They call me Jas for short. I lived in Block 16 Lot 20
Amethyst Street, Diamond Village, Salawag, Dasmariñas, Cavite. I am 17 years old right now
and I was born on the 19th day of April in the year of 1992 at the province of my father, which is
in Marilao, Bulacan. My father is Kennedy C. Roque and my mother is Edna R. Roque. I am the
youngest in the family, I have two (2) brothers which is Jan Brian R. Roque, the Eldest and
Jefferson R. Roque and Jacqueline R. Roque my sister. I graduated from Baptist Heritage
Academy of Dasmariñas Cavite, Home the School of Tomorrow Curriculum from Preparatory to
High School. I remember at the first day of my preparatory schooling I’m always serious
working hard to be a top student, but eventually there are some who is more eager also to be a
top student so I always end up in the second place. But as the years gone by, when I was already
in elementary I always DO my best to be on the highest peak of my school life. When the
elementary graduation is at hand, I am very glad to receive the great news of being the
Valedictorian of the elementary level. So four more years gone by, when I am already in the high
school level, I promised to myself also to be the top 1 among my contemporaries in the school,
so I studied hard every day and night just to sure my promise. By God’s grace and unfailing
mercy to me since I was in second year up to fourth year I received the highest honor in our
school which is the Discipleship Award and the Academic Excellence Award, so I graduated
with degree of Valedictorian in high school. I just remembered when I was 10 years old I admit
that I am a sinner and received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior which is the most memorable
experience in my life. And right now I am studying at the De La Salle University – Dasmariñas,
taking up BS Biology, Major in Human Biology, and just like the same promise or should we say
dealing with myself, I want to be also on the highest peak of my college life. I took that course
because I definitely want to be a Doctor specialized in Surgery (Surgeon) after 10 to 12 years. I
really do want to be a Surgeon because of three (3) major reasons. First of all, I want to be used
by our Almighty God by helping other people through the medium of Medicine and also to share
to them the great gift of God, which is the Salvation. Secondly, I want to be at help to my parents
when it terms to finances and health of course, because I know my parents work hard to raise and
mold me with love and understanding. It is also a sign of gratitude and thanks to their
unwavering support through-out the days of my life. And lastly, I want to increase my
knowledge and understanding in terms of Science, cause I do really love Science. I know college
life is not that easy, because it involves time, money, and of course the eagerness of studying so
hard to get high scores in quizzes, exams and etc. But I know God will help me to pursue it as I
do my best do achieve it. I remember when we had an activity with my friends dealing with the
first impressions on one another they always told me that I am studious, responsible, “Leader”,
serious any many more. My hobbies is surfing and browsing the internet, playing piano, eating,
playing games, reading books, watching T.V. and etc. I am also teaching in our church in
Sunday’s School for children and Music cause I really do love music, especially Christian music.
Many people tells me that I am like an EAGLE always on the top and at the highest peak but
sometimes when there is storm eagles go after the clouds to escape the storm, just like me I
always take every thing positively and just a BIG challenge in my life, sometimes I cry but it is
not a sign of quitting I always do my best to resolve it. Just like the eagle’s characteristics, I
conclude with my motto which is “Good, Better, and Best, let’s never rest until our Good
becomes better and our better becomes the BEST!”

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