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Selection The process of assessing candidatesand appointing a

post holder Applicants short listed most suitable candidates

Selection process varies according to organisation:

Selection Process
1. Preliminary Interview 2. Selection Tests 3. Employment
Interview 4. Reference and Background Analysis 5. Physical
Examination 6. Job Offer 7. Employment Contract

1. Preliminary Interview In preliminary interview the applicant

is given the job details enabling him to decide whether the
job will suit him or not In preliminary interview, interviewer
ask general questions
2. Selection Test
. Selection Test Aptitude Test: Aptitude tests are test which
assess the potential and ability of a candidate Mental
Ability/Mental intelligence test: Mechanical aptitude test:This
test deals with the ability of the candidate to do mechanical
work 9. Selection Test Intelligence Test:This test measures
the numerical skills and reasoning abilities of the candidates.
Such Selection Test Personality Test:. This test judges the
ability to work in a group, inter personal skills, ability to
understand and handle conflicts and judge motivation levels.
This test is becoming very popular now days Selection Test
Performance Test: This test judges and evaluates the acquired
knowledge and experience of the knowledge

3. Employment Interview Behavioral questions reveal the

most about how a candidate would fit into the company
culture Problem-solving questions ask the candidate to
solve problems
4. Reference & Background Analysis Factual information
about Candidate Encourages applicants to be honest
Discourages applicants who hide something
5. . Physical Examination It includes medical examination, or
clinicalexamination (more popularly known as acheck-up or
medical) is the process by whicha medical professional
investigates the bodyof a patient for signs of disease. It
generallyfollows the taking of the medical history
6. . Job Offer A job offer is an invitation for a potential
employee, whether he or she has applied for a job, or not, to
become an employee in your organization. The job offer
contains the details of your employment offer
7. Employment Contract An employment contract is a
written legal document that lays out binding terms and
conditions of employment between an employee and an
employer.Employment contract generally covers:an overview
of benefits salary reporting relationships job
responsibilities etc