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The SENTINEL — August 22, 2010

Scheduled to Serve Next Week (8/29/10) Lesson for Sunday morning

August 29, 2010
“You Know Where I Am From”
Announcements John 7:14-31
Larry Baldwin August 22, 2010 Volume 10, Number 34

IT’S A BOY! Southern Ridge Church of Christ • 2237 SW 134th Oklahoma City, OK 73170 • 405-378-0701
Greeters We congratulate Tres and
Chuck & Marilyn Cox, Rae Hatfield, Mandi Lowrance on the
Dwain & Jane Thacker
birth of Ryker Alexander
last Monday! He weighed in at 7 lbs., 14
oz., and was 21” long. We can respect the fact that denomina- propaganda, and skewed logic are all so
tionalists are seeking “unity” among Chris- ingrained in our national conversation
Lord's Table (am) tians, as some of them have been doing in these days that it cannot be escaped, even
Chad Bruner Jim Skaggs recent years — but the effort can reach in the church. (Without naming names, it
Gerald Harden Blue Suarez LADIES’ CLASS too far. can be easily seen in our politics all the
It is an unfortunate fact in politics that time.)
Brian Jaworsky Donal Ruminer • There is a signup sheet on the board for Big Lies are often quite effective, espe- But denominationalists have it precisely
a 12-week class that will begin next cially when they are repeated continually backward. It is not the church that should
Fred Jones Don Worden
month. The course, “God’s People and until they are accepted as truth. It is no shift to meet the people’s needs; it is peo-
Their Prayers,” will be taught by Nancy different in religion. The denominational ple who should adjust their needs to fit
Coleman and LeAnn Sherman. Please
Lord's Table (pm) world for many years now has repeated the church. The church, as the Lord envi-
sign up so they will know how many one Big Lie, and it has worked well: sioned it, should be a fixed point. When
Darrell MacDonald Dewayne Ross workbooks to order. namely, that the “church” (as they see it), Jesus spoke to the rich young ruler and
• Walter McFadden is seeking men to in order to survive and prosper in the gave him the conditions by which he
teach the kids’ Wednesday night classes modern world, must “adapt” to meet the could please God (Matt. 19:16-22), Jesus
Prayers (am) so that the ladies can attend the ladies’ needs of a diverse society. Worship, they did not compromise or reconsider when
Tres Lowrance Walter McFadden class. Please see Walter if you can help. imply, is really a pretty dull affair unless the young man hesitated. There was a
you spice it up with instrumental music, path to follow; you could either take it or
Prayers (pm) performances, and a lot of emotional ap- not. It’s no different for us today. There-
peals that scarcely conform with scripture. fore, when we stand against and apart
Wayne Haynes Chris Scott Men’s Retreat Well, they say, we can’t really know what God from groups who call for “unity” among
with the men of the Central congregation wants anyway; truth is relative; so anything we do the disciples, we are standing for a kind of
September 10-11 in God’s name will be acceptable. (Peculiar, division that is right and proper. We are
at Camp Rock Creek isn’t it, how many religious people in our not to dilute the truth in order to gain
Schedule of Services Brochures are on the table in the foyer. society, who are among the most vocal unity. “To obey is better than sacrifice” (I
Sunday – 9:00 AM Bible study critics of so-called “moral relativism,” will Sam. 15:22). There can be no unity with
10:00 AM Worship readily embrace it when it comes to God’s those who teach a false gospel (Gal. 1:6-
will.) Unfortunately, emotional appeals, 10; I Cor. 1:10-13).
5:00 PM Worship Events in August
22 Singing class (after PM worship)
Wednesday – 7:00 PM Bible study
28 Men’s breakfast (8:00 am) Elders Deacons Minister
29 Back-to-School fellowship meal Jerry Doyle Michael Berry Keith McDougal Russell Dyer
Kevin Keenan David Douglas John McFadden
www.southernridge.org Horace Phillips Bill Fleming Walter McFadden
Roger Scott George King Dwain Thacker
Bill Sherman Darrell MacDonald Randy Vance
The SENTINEL — August 22, 2010
Order of They Found Him
Service on the Other Side
Needing cards and SINGING CLASS John 6:22-35
prayer & MEAL
Everyone is welcome to I. Jesus Was Not There
stay after services tonight Welcome A. They came to realize that He was gone.
Larry Price. He is in a coma due to a seri-
ous complication. Doctors believe a blood and join in Joe’s singing
1. One day earlier.
clot caused a heart stoppage. class! He has put together Announcements
a supplemental songbook · A multitude had followed Him because of his
LaQueta Nelson. She was hospitalized at
Norman Regional this past week. and will be introducing those songs. After Scripture: ________________________.
Lorella Wilson. She fell and broke her hip. that, you’re welcome to share a potluck John 6:24-27 · Jesus had ________________them all.
She had surgery yesterday at Mercy. fellowship meal and watermelon.
· They determined to force him to be ____________.
Novella Cordrey. She is in the Heart Hos- Song — 290 2. On the following day.
pital near Mercy due to a blood clot in her Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me
leg. · They recognized that _______________ had left.
Chuck Cox. He came forward for prayers. BACK-TO-SCHOOL Prayer · They also recognized that _________________ was
The aunt of Cara Brazeal’s co-worker. BASH! gone.
Cara’s co-worker, Heather, asked for Sunday, August 29th Song — 343 B. They wanted to find Jesus.
prayers for her aunt Sandy, who is hospital- After evening services Take Time to be Holy
ized in Utah with a serious blood clot. 1. He had ___________ them.
The menu will be a taco bar with all the 2. They missed him and were
Eugene Lee. He had triple-bypass surgery Song — 105
trimmings! If you would like to help with
recently and then additional treatment when The Lord’s Supper ______________________ to find Him.
the cost of food or the purchase of back-
complications developed. He is a member · Cf. 1 Kings 19:11-13, John 1:40-45, John 6:22
to-school packets, see Paula. Volunteers
at Oakcrest and the father of a friend of Comments
will also be needed to decorate, organize, II. It is Surprising to Find You Here
Lindsay MacDonald’s.
and serve food. See Paula for details. A. Jesus is not always _________________________.
The family of Jerry Cornish. Lord’s Supper
Melanie Shelton. See below for more info. 1. Some of the religious people struggled with seeing
The family of Doris Smalling. Collection Jesus _______________. Luke 15:1-2
Jenni Bruner’s grandfather, Andy Lane.
Others who are hindered: Sandra Bag-
Birthdays/Anniversaries 2. Some just want Jesus where they _____________
Happy Birthday to . . . Song — 277 ______________________. Cf. Matthew 14:30
ger; the Baldwins’ grandson Riley and Jesus, Hold My Hand
friends June Tennell and Shelli Vang; Cindy Butcher August 23 3. Some may want Jesus to be the handy
Jean Christian; Mary Cordrey; Florence Melanie Shelton 23
Ramona Gramling 25 Sermon ______________ to meet the desires that arise.
Dixon; Ruby Gill; Martha Harden; Glen They Found Him
Fred Jones 26 B. When looking for Jesus, we need to know the “why”
Martin; Devin MacDonald; Hubert Nel- Tres Lowrance 29 on the Other Side
son; Ricky Odom; Hazel Ruminer; Terri even as we look on the “other side.” Some lessons:
Jean Christian 31
Scott; Edith Skaggs; and Tommy and Emma McFadden 31 Song — 454 1. We can be with Jesus and not know ___________.
Sharon Wisley. Mary Pelton 31 Tomorrow May Be 2. We can lose our way even when we have _______
Kian Floranda September 1
Too Late _______________________.
Chad Shelton 1
Delda McMasters 8 3. There is good in seeking Jesus, when __________
Melanie Shelton Song — 47
Happy Anniversary to . . . _______________________.
A signup sheet is on the board for those Beyond the Sunset
Sam & Donna Greenroyd September 6 4. He desires to give us a _______________ life, and
willing to take food to Melanie while she
Michael & Kim Berry 7 not just ________________ for our lives.
is recovering from her broken foot. More Prayer
Corry & Staci Schell 8
information is available on the sheet. 5. Work should result in something _____________.