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Power Conversion

MV6 Series
The flexible, general purpose
medium voltage drive

Drive technology for the challenges
of tomorrow
Enabling increased efficiency, All MV6 Series drives come equipped
accuracy and flexibility in your with Visor Connect a remote
processes, GE offers an advanced monitoring system which connects the
air-cooled medium voltage drive for device to GEs global experts for real-
efficient motor control. Building on time service support when needed and
our extensive experience, the MV6 Series helps prevent unscheduled downtime.
drive provides a flexible and effective
approach using a simple power The MV6 Series is part of GEs medium
architecture to achieve low cost of voltage drive family which offers a
ownership across many applications. wide power range at various voltages
Easy to install and maintain, the to cover a variety of applications.
MV6 Series can save space in the
electrical room, and offer high Benefits:
availability all critical factors to
improving your performance and Equipped with a 36 pulse rectifier
process effectiveness. or active front-end input which
meets the most stringent harmonic
distortion requirements.
Motor-friendly sinusoidal output
making it compatible with motor and
cable standard insulation systems.
Multilevel medium voltage topology
using standard low voltage IGBTs
and modular building blocks that are
quick and easy to service.

2-3 x MV7900





2.5 5.0 7.5 10.0 12.5 15.0 17.5 20.0 22.5 25.0 27.5 30.0 32.5 35.0 81.0

The MV6 Series belongs to GEs wide range of drives for all applications.

2 GE I MV6 Series
Why a variable frequency drive?
Simple & efficient control Appropriate power usage
of your process in response to load
Variable frequency drives (VFDs) A VFD manages power based
regulate motor speed to control the on actual demand and uses only
flow and pressure of blowers or pumps the energy required by the driven
without dampers or throttling valves. equipment to provide valuable
This results in energy savings and energy savings.
minimizes output waste. VFDs also
provide a soft start to the motors, Avoid peak demand charges
reducing the stress on driven load and
resulting in lower maintenance costs. When starting large motors with VFDs,
current inrush peaks are eliminated.
The VFD gradually ramps the motor
up to speed by varying output voltage,
current and frequency for a soft start.

Variable frequency drives can be used in a variety

of industries and applications

Industry sector Applications

Petrochemicals, Pumps, compressors, soft starters, electrical
oil and gas submersible pumps, extruders, blowers, mixers
Water Pumps, blowers, aerators
HVAC Chillers, fans
ID fans, FD fans, feed water pumps, transfer/booster
Power generation
pumps, conveyors, centrifuges, wind turbines
Cement and mining Mills, crushers, pumps, fans, conveyors
Paper and pulp Vacuum pumps, chippers, refiners
Metals Fans, pumps

GE I MV6 Series 3
MV6 Series A game-changing product
Key benefits Process control benefits
User choice of input rectifier: Power dip ride-through to eliminate
Diode front-end (DFE) input is nuisance trips
easy to install with integrated Under-voltage operation to sustain
transformer and flexibility of the process
primary voltage Flying start into spinning load for
Active front-end (AFE) is quick ramp-up of process
transformerless with a small/ Critical speed avoidance to ride-
lightweight footprint and through the resonance frequencies
four-quadrant regenerative Independent acceleration and
breaking capability deceleration ramps
Arc flash protected Ease of set-up & diagnostics
Modular construction
Quick and easy power module
Three wire in and out cable
connections plug & play
Conservatively rated standard
IGBTs provide high availability
and low maintenance costs
Visor Connect supports warranty
with remote real-time support
and advice

Power quality benefits

Low input harmonics for better
power grid performance
High power factor to increase
energy savings
Motor-friendly output suitable
for new and retrofit applications 2750 kW, 6600 Volt, AFE

4 GE I MV6 Series
Key benefits Choice of input rectifier
Diode Front-End (DFE) DFE with transformer
The flexibility of the MV6 Series choice Integrated transformer simplifies
of integrated transformer and 36 pulse installation and commissioning
DFE product allows for clean harmonic 36 pulse rectifier helps simplify
input signature for applications that input harmonics
only require two quadrant motoring Line side connection flexibility with
operation. The input transformer is choice of input voltages- 3.3, 4.16, 6,
prepackaged and allows for ease of 6.6, 6.9, 10, 11, 13.2 & 13.8 kV
application to customer utility systems Provides .96 true input power factor
where the input voltage may be higher across speed range (20-100%
than the motor voltage. Commonality load). No power factor correction
is maintained in the VFD inverter capacitors required.
power modules to the AFE option
to allow for overall low spare parts

36 pulse DFE system architecture with flexible input voltage.

GE I MV6 Series 5
Active Front-End (AFE)
The flexibility of the MV6 Series choice Mitigates input harmonics and is
of AFE allows for a clean harmonic more supportive to grid transitions
input signature for applications that Reduced heat load and smaller
require motoring and regenerative space and HVAC requirements in the
breaking operations. The AFE control room
transformerless design provides an Provides unity input power factor
overall higher efficiency (>97.5%) across speed range. No power factor
reducing operating costs. This design correction capacitors required. VARs
greatly reduces control room heat load can be supplied to utility as an option
therefore requiring less space and Four quadrant operation
HVAC requirements. Due to the smaller Ability to transmit power back
size and low weight the AFE also offers to the utility lines, helping to
lower transportation costs. save energy
Inherent braking capability to slow
Transformerless AFE high inertia loads quickly such as
ID fans without the needs from
Simpler, smaller and lighter, while braking resistors
limiting the supply harmonics and Excellent ability to overhaul loads
increasing the motor insulation life such as downhill conveyors

AFE system architecture

6 GE I MV6 Series
Arc flash protected design
for personnel safety
Enclosure reinforced against Quick installation for lower cost
arc flash effect of ownership
Anti-flash design on doors Less process downtime for greater
and panels plant output
Equipped with over-pressure
relief vents High availability
The MV6 Series utilizes rugged IGBT
Modular construction
power modules that provide high
Easy power module replacement reliability with a low life-cycle cost.
Common building blocks reduced The modular design includes common
spare parts cost and lower cost of power modules that are used for both
ownership DFE and AFE power circuits.

The standard power module reduces

Quick & easy installation the overall MTTR and increases the
availability of the drive. Each power
Three cables in; three cables out
module and power circuit is tested
Top, bottom or both cable entry/exit
at full power prior to shipment from
the factory.

High efficiency and low losses

The MV6 Series delivers higher efficiency for greater available power, compared
to the typical installation. Low heat emissions reduce air-conditioning
requirements in the control room and overall cost of ownership.

MV6 Series DFE

MV6 Series AFE
with Transformer
VFD 98.5% 97.5%
Transformer 98%
System Efficiency 96.5% 97 .5%
AFE: Active Front End; DFE: Diode Front End; Efficiency at full load and full speed

GE I MV6 Series 7
Anywhere GE Customer Site

Remote Connection Site Equipment

GE remote Dedicated
engineer Portal

& DP

Visor DMZ

Central Data Visor Connect

GE Global Warehouse with Proficy
Service Operations and Analytics historian Machines

Visor Connect: Remote connection

to equipment, monitoring and support
Visor Connect provides secured Key benefits
remote connection to GE equipment
(outside the control network). Reduce unscheduled downtime
Remote connection enables GEs Real-time support and advice
service engineers to provide real-time Customers can access GEs
support, ongoing health analytics global Services organization 24/7,
and key performance indicators 365 days a year from anywhere in
(KPIs), as well as basic configuration the world
management support.

8 GE I MV6 Series
Power quality benefits
Power quality input Input power factor
Using either the 36 pulse DFE or the .96 power factor DFE or unity
AFE option, the MV6 Series more than (default) power factor AFE for
meets the industry requirements for energy savings
harmonic limits. No need for power factor correction
Clean power input equipment
IEEE 519-1992 standard compliant With AFE, VARs can be supplied to
No external filters utility lines as an option
No harmonic disturbance to other
online equipment
Motor-friendly output
Grid side input voltage and current drive of choice for new &
retrofit applications
20.4k 750

Input Voltage 500

6.8k 250
Voltage (V)

Current (A)

0 0

Five-level PWM output simulates

-6.8k -250

-13.6k Input Current -500

-20.4k -750

0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 a sinewave providing smooth output

Typical input waveforms waveform to the motor
Low VFD-induced torque ripple

No special motor insulation

No motor de-rating
Drive Voltage
Works with standard motors

Drive Current

Good for new and retrofit

IEEE Voltage

0.015 IEEE Current 0.04



3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25
Harmonic Number


Typical harmonic contents of input for pulse system

Line to line drive output voltage


Motor Current

11.023500 [s] 11.023500

MV6 Series output voltage and motor current

GE I MV6 Series 9
Process control benefits
Power dip ride-through Critical speed avoidance
The MV6 Series drive provides six-cycle The MV6 Series drive can be
power loss ride-through and keeps the programmed for up to three critical
process running without tripping. frequency bands and ride-through
these without any resonance issues.

Auto-restart function
Independent acceleration
MV6 series are capable of automatically and deceleration ramps
restarting in the event of a momentary
loss of power. The automatic restart The MV6 Series can be programmed into
delay time is adjustable. the drive controls as needed for controlled
starting and stopping of the load.
Under-voltage operation
Ease of set-up & diagnostics
Kinetic support is provided during input
voltage sag for MV6 DFE options. Standard control interface offers
The MV6 AFE Series operates continuously digital inputs/outputs and analog
and provides derated power to the inputs/outputs as standard. Each of
motor at a lower input supply voltage these inputs/outputs can be
(up to 70% of nominal voltage). programmed to a variety of different
functions for flexibility.
Touchscreen operator interface
Flying start allows for quick, user-friendly
into a spinning load programming. Screens for fault
parameters and meters are user
The MV6 Series offers the ability to configurable.
catch and take control of a spinning MV6 Series tool suite is designed to
load without any damaging torque offer a full range of programming
impacting the equipment if restarted and monitoring tools. Operating
while the load is already spinning. data can be captured with a
snapshot feature and drive signals
can be trended. In addition, tool
suite offers trace-back data for
detailed fault analysis.

10 GE I MV6 Series
MV6 Series drive options
One drive for multiple motors Up and down
synchronous transfer
Lower capital cost
Smaller installed footprint Start multiple motors one-by-one
Less maintenance and transfer them on utility lines
Reduced spare parts inventory Run the last motor continuously on
VFD at variable speed
6 kV
Increased energy savings

Available option packaging

Input/output disconnect switch
36 pulse transformer with copper
winding for DFE
Xfrmerless AFE
Sine filter on the output side for
long cable
N+1 redundancy options for
MV6x03 and MV6x09
Redundant fan
Automatic or manual by-pass
Motor Protection Relay Multilin 469
Motor heater power control
VFD space heater
IP 42 enclosure
Other customized options

GE I MV6 Series 11
MV6 Series ratings
2.3kV Application DFE 3.3kV Application DFE
VFD Model Motor shaft Output Dimension VFD Model Motor shaft Output Dimension
No power kW current A No power kW current A

MV6203-13-AD 480 144 MV6303-13-AD 680 144

MV6203-16-AD 575 173 MV6303-16-AD 825 173
MV6203-19-AD 675 202 MV6303-19-AD 950 202
MV6203-22-AD 750 230 F1 MV6303-22-AD 1100 230
MV6203-24-AD 850 259 MV6303-24-AD 1200 259
MV6203-27-AD 950 288 MV6303-27-AD 1375 288
MV6203-29-AD 1025 308
4.16 kV Application DFE 6.6 kV Application DFE
VFD Model Motor shaft Output Dimension VFD Model Motor shaft Output Dimension
No power kW current A No power kW current A

MV6401-03-AD 210 35 MV6601-03-AD 330 35

MV6401-05-AD 345 58 MV6601-05-AD 550 58
MV6401-08-AD 510 86 F1 MV6601-08-AD 825 86
MV6401-10-AD 690 115 MV6601-10-AD 1100 115
MV6401-12-AD 780 130 MV6603-13-AD 1375 144
MV6403-13-AD 860 144 MV6603-16-AD 1650 173
MV6403-16-AD 1040 173 MV6603-19-AD 1925 202
MV6403-19-AD 1200 202 MV6603-22-AD 2200 230
MV6403-22-AD 1380 230 F2 MV6603-24-AD 2475 259
MV6403-24-AD 1550 259 MV6603-27-AD 2750 288
MV6403-27-AD 1700 288 MV6403-30-AD 2960 310
MV6403-29-AD 1850 308 MV6403-33-AD 3150 330
MV6403-30-AD 1985 330
MV6403-33-AD 2100 350

4.16 kV Application 6.6 kV Application
VFD Model Motor shaft Output Dimension VFD Model Motor shaft Output Dimension
No power kW current A No power kW current A

MV6403-13-AA 860 144 MV6603-13-AA 1375 144

MV6403-27-AA 1700 288 G2 MV6603-27-AA 2750 288
MV6403-29-AA 1850 308

12 GE I MV6 Series
DFE Dimension

F1 F2 F3

AFE Dimension

G1 G2

GE I MV6 Series 13
MV6 Series drive specifications
VFD ratings
Output power 160-3150 kW (up to 6500kW starting 2017)
Output voltage 2.3, 3.3, 4.16, 6, 6.6, 6.9 kV
Output frequency 0-75 Hz
DFE: 3.3, 4.16, 6.0, 6.6, 6.9, 10.0, 11.0, 13.2, 13.8 kV
Input voltage
AFE: 3.3, 4.16, 6.0, 6.6, 6.9 kV
Input frequency 50 Hz; 60 Hz + /-5%
Auxiliary voltage 1 / 3 phase 120, 230 / 400, 460, 575 V + /- 10%

Power quality
Line side converter 36 pulse DFE or PWM AFE; IGBTs
Load side inverter Multilevel PWM IGBTs
VFD system efficiency DFE: 96.5% / AFE: 97.5%
Power factor DFE: .96 power factor with 20-100% load / AFE: 1.0 power factor
Input harmonics IEEE 519 compliant / 3% THVD & 5% THID at PCC

Energy storage
DC link Self-healing, long life, film capacitors

VFD control
Mode of operation DFE: two-quadrant / AFE: four-quadrant
Mode of control V/Hz; with sensor or sensor-less vector
Analog input / output 4-20 mA standard or +/-10 Vdc optional
Digital input / output 24 Vdc and relay
Speed regulation +/- 0.5% without encoder; + /- 0.1 % with encoder
Fieldbus communication Modbus and TCP as standard
interface Optional: fieldbus protocol on request
Overcurrent; overvoltage; over temperature; loss of phase; loss of DC link;
Protective functions motor overload; motor stall and over-speed; auxiliary supply fault; breaker
supervision; communication fault

Environment & enclosure

Enclosure IP31, air-cooled, top and bottom cable entry
Ambient / elevation 0-40 C / 1,000 m above sea level; higher with de-rating
Cooling air quality Pollution degree 2 per IEC 61800-5-1 and EN 50178

Industry standards
Standards IEC 61800-3, 4 & 5; GB12668-3, 4 & 5; UL 347A; CSA C22.2

14 GE I MV6 Series
Services from GE a focus on availability
We understand the vital importance Single point of contact
of process availability and our focus Reduced call-out rates
on service keeps us actively engaged, 24/7 availability
both when things are going right, and Rapid mobilization of engineers
when they are going wrong. Routine maintenance visits
Our world-class Global Customer System health checks
Service and Support Center is available Spares management
24/7, 365 days a year. Our strategic Obsolescence management
distribution centers and authorized
distributors carry an extensive GE also provides managed system
inventory of GEs drives, allowing us upgrade paths for our legacy systems
to quickly fulfill your genuine and has significant experience
replacement part needs, no matter in replacing systems from other
where you are located. manufacturers with low disruption
to the existing infrastructure.
With a comprehensive global network
of service engineers and technicians, Remote support
GE is uniquely positioned to provide
the knowledge, experience and skills Visor Connect, GEs remote diagnostic
for your full range of industrial service and support system, is based on highly
requirements. From system design to secure satellite communications links.
maintenance and outage support, we It enables our experts, regardless
have the resources and capabilities of their geographical location, to
to advance your equipments look over the shoulder of your onsite
performance and reliability. Some key equipment operator or technician and
benefits of GEs support are: advise and assist you on fault finding
and resolution.

GE I MV6 Series 15

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