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SWF Flash format (Macromedia)

Okay, the stupid license

of the Macromedia Flash SDK contains the following statements:

Pursuant to the terms and conditions of this License, you are granted a
nonexclusive license to use,
modify and create derivative works ("Derivative Works") of the sample code included
in the SDK for
the sole purpose of developing Products that extract text and link information from
a SWF file,
and to distribute compiled version of such Derivative Works in object code format
solely as incorporated
in the object code format of such Products (the "Bundled Products").

By using the licenses above, you agree to the following restrictions:

You will not make or distribute copies of the SDK, or electronically transfer the
SDK outside your company.

Therefore, I can't redistribute the three stupid sources that allow to extract
links inside flash files.
This is stupid, and if you're not happy, please send some feedback to Macromedia,

You must therefore compile a module (libhtsswf.so), which will be automatically

by httrack once installed in the regular system library directory (/usr/lib).

Download the flash SDK (and accept the terms of the license) at:

Then, copy the three files from this sdk into this swf/ directory:

Two of these files have to be modified using the patch (swf2html.patch) given in
this directory.
This is only a patch, and therefore this isn't violating the license (not a
"derivative work")

Apply the patch 'swf2html.patch' using:

patch -p0 < swf2html.patch

Then build the module:


and copy it in the /usr/lib directory, and reprobe modules:

cp libhtsswf.so /usr/lib

That's all. Next time you'll run httrack engine, flash support will be available.