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He started the concept of Six Sigma.

A set of activities used to ensure that the products and services Used to rank improvement opportunities and set objectives.
a. Bill Smith meet requirements. a. Pareto analysis
a. Quality control
The goal of process control system is to make decisions about It is a cost associated with efforts in design and manufacturing that
actions affecting the Its disadvantage is that it can also obscure the time differences are directed toward the prevention of non conformance.
a. process among data sets. a. Prevention cost
Sampling results are greatly affected by how they are ______. a. Histogram
a. selected The manager wanted to have an estimated how many pieces in the
This tool allows team members to generate large number of ideas lot is nonconforming. What type of control chart will you present?
"Creates a table listing th different categories, its individual totals, and then logically group them. a. p chart
cumulative totals, individual percentage of overall total, and a. Affinity diagram
cumulative percentage." The probability of acceptance in operating characteristics curve is
a. Pareto analysis He was famous for his Quality Trilogy. based on what statistical table? poisson distribution
a. Joseph Juran
It is a technique that utilizes the entire work force to obtain the A sampling technique where the data collection is designed to select
optimum use of equipment. A concept on minimizing the variabilities existing on products to at fixed or count intervals. systematic sampling
a. Total Preventive Maintenance achieve high quality.
A tool that clarifies the relationship of the factors in a complex a. Six Sigma He popularized the use of the seven quality tools. Kaoru Ishikawa
a. Interrelationship digraph "In the absence of special causes, the process follows a distribution It is a set of activities that ensures the quality levels of products and
called ______." services are properly maintained and supplier and customer quality
Used to gather data based on sample observations in order to begin a. normal issues are properly resolved. Quality assurance
to detect patterns.
a. Check sheet "From the data gathered, you established that the current process Its disadvantage is that it can also obscure the time differences
having a high product cost has significant number of excursions. The among data sets. Histogram
Measure the amount of variation within the process from various inspection cost is relatively low. What acceptance sampling scheme
sample measurements selected from the process and the frequency will you implement?" It aims to reduce non value adding activities. Lean manufacturing
of their occurrence. a. LTPD
a. Histogram Sampling bias is reduced with this type of sampling method. The following can be used to measure central tendency except:
It is the maximum proportion defective in the lot which can be a. random sampling range
considered satisfactory as a lot defect rate.
a. Acceptable Quality Level Military standard is also knows as ISO 2859 A tool used to identify the factors that may influence the problem
or the goal Forced field analysis
This is the recommended approach for determining a sampling plan His methodology is fundamentally a prototyping method enabling
to protect both suppliers and customers. the designer to determine the optimal design. It measures the number of problems or defects identified in a
a. Combined AQL/LTPD a. Genichi Taguchi process and then ranks these items according to frequency of
occurrence. (no it histo) Pareto Chart
The logical point to start in most problem solving samples. What ISO Standard stands for energy management? ISO 50001
a. Check sheet The following are characteristics of special causes except
Its concepts is providing the right quantity of product at the right a. inherent in the process
Allows the team to identify the actual flow or sequence of events in place and time.
a process that any product or service follows. a. Just in Time "Can sometimes be manipulated to show different pictures. If too
a. Flow chart many or too few bars are used, it can be misleading."
These are facts and figures collected on some characteristics of the a. Histogram
An inspector is to graph the total nonconformities existing in a population or sample. data
sampled batch. What type of control chart is appropriate? A tool used to reducbroad objective into increasing levels of detail
a. c chart It translates opinions into facts and commonly the best way to start in order to achieve the objective. Tree diagram
a problem solving process. Check sheet
This is a tool used to identify what might go wrong in a plan under "These costs are incurred when products, components, materials
development. It is a graph of probability of accepting a batch against the and services fail to meet quality requirements, and this failure is
a. Process Decision Program Chart proportion nonconforming. OC curve discovered prior to delivery of the product to the customer."
Internal failure cost
ISO Standard for food safety management His philosophy is about zero defects. Philip Crosby Provides an easy to read picture of the location and variation in a
a. ISO 22000 Starts the process of translating opinions into facts. data set.
a. Check sheet a. Flowchart