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Fall 2017

Detachment 145 AFROTC Mission:
Florida State University Develop leaders of character
for tomorrows Air Force.
AFROTC will focus on training and
developing cadets of character who
exemplify the Air Force Core
Values, take decisive action and
engage in critical thinking.

We are ambassadors of the U.S. Air

Force to the University campus and
surrounding community.

We will represent our Air Force and

AFROTC with professionalism and
a spirit of cooperation at all times.

Cadet Wing at FSUs 2017 Military Appreciation Game

Colonel Marc C. Van Wert

Det 145 -- Building Lieutenants since 1949!
Congratulations to Detachment 145 for winning the Rest assured, with the challenges our country will continue
Southeast Regions High Flight award as the most to face, preparing our next generation of Air Force leaders
outstanding large unit detachment from 1 July 2016 to is the #1 priority. Det 145 is doing just that and producing
30 June 2017! We have only won the High Flight 2nd Lieutenantssecond to none!
award four other times (1986, 1993, 2003, 2005), so
this is a significant accomplishment for our Seminole Finally, we were honored to have Lt Col (Ret) John Crowe
Airmen. (FSU Det 145 distinguished graduate in 1969) celebrate
the Air Forces 70th birthday with our cadets in September.
We continue to excel in all we do out of 20 of our We sincerely appreciate him taking the time to talk with us
cadets who graduated from Field Training this and share this monumental milestone with our team.
summer, we had six Distinguished Graduates (DGs)
and one Superior Performer (SP). Capt David Miller Misty and I thank you for your service and wish you all a
also won the Southeast Regions Recruiting Flight great Holiday SeasonGo Noles!
Commander of the year and Ms. Phelisha Collier just
won the Southeast Regions Outstanding University Colonel Marc C. Van Wert
Employee of the Quarter. Commander, AFROTC Detachment 145
Cadet Wing Commander Matthew Long
By Cadet Gabrielle Payne
After only a few short months of preparation, the Cadet
Wing Commander, Matthew Long, and the Cadet Vice
Wing Commander, Joseph Hunter, have paved the way for
a successful semester. Cadet Long and Cadet Hunter
have established high expectations for the wing and
continue to lead by example every day.

Cadet Long held many challenging positions leading up to

this semester, including Flight Commander and Field
Training Squadron Commander. Both positions, he says,
have allowed him to develop different aspects of his

With the detachment training 170 cadets, the cadet wing

leadership is faced with new obstacles. Still, Cadet Long Cadet Long
strives to create a training environment with purpose and
meaning, similar to that of the Air Force.
Cadet Longs Air Force goals include making the most out of every single opportunity. After commissioning,
Cadet Long will attend training at Sheppard AFB for Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training (ENJJPT). He aspires to
become a fighter pilot, and hopes to serve 20 plus years while supporting a family along the way.

5th Grade Visit

By Cadet Tom Wolk

This semester, Det 145 welcomed a

class of local 5th grade students to
the detachment! Elementary
students were able to tour the
detachment and learn the
importance of developing good
character and respect. Our cadets
took time to talk to them about
respect and how it applies to their
everyday lives. It is encouraging to
see young generations continue to
emphasize these values and take
time to be mentors in our world. We
concluded with each student
decorating shields, a tradition here at
Det 145 as a symbol of unity and

Top of the Line Cadre
By Cadet Madison Baird

Captain David Miller: Top Recruiter in the Southeast

Region, AS 100 instructor, lover-of-all-things-Star
Wars, and a connoisseur of Starbucks coffee. From
attending Field Training and mentoring cadets, to
visiting multiple high schools to promote the ROTC
program, Captain Miller spent the summer fully
devoted to ROTC. Captain Miller also set his sights
high with a goal of recruiting 70 cadets. Over the
summer, he and Cadet Biela, Cadet Recruiting
Officer, implemented an impressive plan and
managed to meet and surpass his goal of 70 cadets
by recruiting over 80 new cadets.

As an Air Force instructor, Captain Miller is tasked

with the job of introducing students to the Air Force
way of life, and he has provided valuable insights on the Intelligence officer career field. His dedication to
doing his job to the best of his ability will continue to affect Det 145 in more ways than one can imagine.
Cadet Panina sums it up well, People like Captain Miller are the reason I know I made the right decision
enrolling in ROTC, and hopefully one day serving in the USAF. Thank you for that.

Welcome NCO Ryan Holland!

By Cadet Jaron Irons
While welcoming SSgt Holland to Det 145, I asked him
a couple of questions ranging from his previous
assignments to some tips he has for cadets trying to
commission as 2nd lieutenants in the USAF. SSgt
Hollands first assignment was at Scott Air Force Base,
Illinois. He served in a Communications Squadron and
also was the executive assistant to the Communications
Group Commander. When speaking about the
assignment, he stated the hours were long; however,
the job was interesting because he was able to see the
inner workings of the communication between the group
commanders, squadron commanders, the wing, and the
MAJCOM altogether. After discussing his first
impressions of ROTC, I followed up by asking him for
any advice he had for commissioning cadets. He said,
As all of you become officers, there is one thing you
should always think about, your AirmenWithout your
Airmen, the mission could be at jeopardy.

Welcome to Det 145 and our Seminole Family!

Field Training
By Cadet Tom Wolk
Our newly minted POC returned from Field Training this summer carrying away six Distinguished Graduate
(DG) and one Superior Performer (SP) designations out of 20 cadets who attended.

It should come as no surprise, the award winning Det 145 has consistently produced cadets capable of
crushing Field Training every year. However, even the best can lose sight of their own accomplishments.
Cadet Kennedy DiBerardino, one of our Distinguished Graduates, remembers one moment: When I was
feeling my all-time low, my FTO told me that I'm the best squadron commander she's ever seen.

Det 145 is no stranger to producing greatness. Three cadets, now seniors, went back to work as Cadet Training
Assistants (CTAs) and to uphold this legacy of excellence. Cadet Audrey Wilson described her duties as being
expected to assure the safety of my cadets by providing all the necessary resources to maintain their
mental, physical and spiritual health. Cadet William Chirinos spoke on the benefit of having gained priceless
experience working for active duty officers, who held us to a standard they would expect of any Junior officer.
Cadet Laura Meunier expressed similar feelings, speaking of the benefit of getting genuine and raw
mentorship from the incredible officers and NCOs I worked with.

Meanwhile the POC below visited the U.S. Air Force Academy
to embark on summer training opportunities!
Left: Cadet Joey Hunter
Below: Cadet Jacob Hyman
Airmanship 490 (AM-490)
Field Engineering and
Basic Freefall Parachuting
Readiness Laboratory

Above: Cadet Chris Reigel

Airmanship 251 (AM-251)
Basic Soaring

Game Day Flyover
By Cadet William Dell
The Det 145 Air Force ROTC cadets joined a formation of Joint service cadets to march on the field for the Military
appreciation game on 23 Sep 2017. As the last note of the National Anthem played, a two ship of F-16s roared over the
stadium. The lead pilot was Lt Col Jeff Entine (FSU Det 145 grad 2008) from the 55th Fighter Squadron at Shaw AFB.

Following the game, Lt Col Entine and his team provided the cadet wing the opportunity to attend a static display of the
aircraft to learn about the F-16 and its mission. We are so thankful for this amazing experience and the time these
Airmen took to teach and inspire cadets at Det 145. Getting to sit in the cockpit of one of the most recognizable
airframes in the U.S. Air Force and meet the pilots who fly them was an outstanding experience. Aim High!

Below: Cadets at FSU Military Appreciation Game

Above: Static Display of F-16 and Cadets

Air Force 70th Birthday!

By Cadet Gabrielle Payne

Sed venenatis, augue non

On Septembervarius
18th tempus,
1947, the National
metus nibh Security
Act was signed to create the worlds greatest Air
mollis erat, a tempus neque
Force. On September 18th 2017, 70 years later,
ipsum sit amet nisi. Donec
we had the honor of celebrating this significant
elementum, 145
birthday with a Detachment justoDistinguished
pulvinar tincidunt, mauris
Graduate from the class of 1969. Lt Col (Ret)
nunc consectetuer
John Crowe delivered mi,speech
an inspiring eu to our
ornare augue
cadets and continued ligula a nibh.
the tradition of cutting the
cake with the oldest and youngest cadets in the
Wing. We are grateful for the continuous
support and involvement of Det 145 alumni,
which allows us to maintain tradition while
continuing to grow Air Force leaders.
From left to right:
Lt Col (Ret) John Crowe, Cadet Greico, Cadet Rogers

Fall 2017

Seminole Airmen Det 145

Det 145 Cadets looking sharp as they march to the Bobby Bowden Field at
Doak Campbell Stadium for the 2017 Military Appreciation Game

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