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Welcome to your guide to If It Fits Your Mac-
ros provided by IIFYM.com. This guide has
been written so that you can get a better sense
of exactly how to get started with tracking
macros and see maximum fat loss success.

My Name is Anthony Collova, and I am the

founder of IIFYM.com

My Goal is to help you burn as much fat as

possible in the least amount of time with
the least amount of diet suffering (ie. Hunger, cravings,
moodiness etc) as possible.

Over the last 7 years, me and my team of expert coaches

have helped over 15k clients burn fat while eating the
foods they love, without the suffering that you might
expect from traditional dieting.

When it comes to rapid fat loss, people often miss out

on a few key details, and fail to see results. Its not the
fault of the plans, but simply, lack of information and

So my mission is simple. I want to teach you how to

force your body to trigger immediate fat loss today!

Whether you want to lose 5 or 150 pounds, IIFYM will

work for you, as long as your macros are set up properly.

Thats the great thing this plan works for 100% of the
people that follow it. Once you have the basic guide-
lines down, you are the master of your fat kiss destiny.

So lets dive right to it and give you the step-by-step

plan you will need to start burning fat today!!
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A Word on Calories
What Are Macros? A calorie is a simple unit of energy. A measurement.
Nothing more. Calories are not tangible things. They
There are four macro nutrients. are not visible, just like an ounce or a gram is not
Here they are in the same order you will find them on the directly visible. When scientists want to figure out
USDA nutrition facts label: how many calories are in certain food, they set it

Fat on fire, under a can of water and measure the tem-

perature increase in Celsius. The number of degrees

Carbohydrates the water rises above room temperature is called

kilocalories (we shorten it to calories for simplicity).

Protein The more energy a

thing has, the more
Alcohol calories it has. Gaso-
line for example has
These 4 macros are the only place that 31,000 calories.

calories come from.

he reason this matters is because macros are
the ONLY PLACE calories come from when it
comes to food. No where else.

Carbs and protein each provide 4 calories per gram,

Fat contains 9 calories per gram.
Alcohol provides 7 calories per gram.

These numbers are very important

whencalculating your macros.

Why follow macros rather serve muscle while in a deficit (thanks

than calories? to protein), have enough energy for ex-

alories are the number one dicta- ercise, recovery and metabolism health
tor of fat loss or gain. Eat too (thanks to carbs) and well balance
many we store fat for use at later hormones (thanks to fat). If we only
date. focus on calories we neglect each of the
Eat too few and our bodies burn fat specific duties the macros perform and
for fuel. When it comes to weight loss we limit the speed at which we burn
calories are king. When it comes to fat fat and the amount of muscle that we
loss, hormone balance and muscle preserve while dieting.
preservation, macros rule the land.
When we focus on macros, rather than If you want to make the fastest fat loss
calories alone, we insure that we feed results imaginable, focus on macros, and
the body exactly what it needs to pre- in doing so, your calories will add up
every time. There is no way around it!

Copyright IIFYM.com 2016. All Rights Reserved.

o kick things off, youll want to If you're serious about burning the most
figure out your targets for your amount of fat in the least amount of
macros and calories. Id highly rec- time, the Custom Macro Blueprint is just
ommend checking out our IIFYM Macro what you need.
Step 1: Calculator as this takes all of the More than just custom macros, this is a
KNOW YOUR guesswork out of things for you. complete strategy designed specifically

for you, and only you, based on your
The calculator will take into account body, your energy levels & your goals:
your body type as well (something that
most other calculators will not do), -Custom Macros
ensuring that you get the most -Meal Plan Example
accurate numbers. -Carb Cycling Instructions
-Refeed Macros & Schedule
If you still want even more precision & -Cardio & Workout Suggestions
accuracy, Id suggest that you have one
of our IIFYM expert coaches design a Ready to get started?
Custom Macro Blueprint for you. Click > > Custom Macro Blueprint


kay, this step is super important. If you want to might get 15 or so calories more than what you should.
succeed with this plan, you absolutely must begin While this 15 calories may not seem like much, if you do this
weighing your foods. same mistake with other foods another 10 times per day, thats
150 calories you are now off on your
Now, some people choose to measure daily total.
their foods instead. They cut out the cups,
measuring spoons, and so forth and mea- This adds up! Over time, it could en-
sure how much they are eating this way. tirely take away from the results that
And while this can work, its not as ideal you are hoping to see.
as actually weighing your food out on a
food scale. A digital food scale makes things easy
and crystal clear. There is simply no
The reason? room for screw-ups when you use
Inaccuracy of measurement. Lets say your food scale.
you put that tablespoon into the peanut
butter container and dish yourself out your serving. If youre You can get a digital (gram) food scale for about $20 at Ama-
a little overly generous with your measuring spoon, you zon and have it shipped right to your door.

Step 3: SIGN ON TO
his is where the real magic hap- For instance, 100 grams of chicken
pens. I want you to log into Mac- breast raw will come in at 110 calories.
roTracker.com and start logging However, if you cook that chicken breast
all the food that you eat. Remember and measure the same 100 grams, youll
to log it in grams, not volumes. Again, now have 165 calories per serving.
if you are using your food scale, this
should be no problem as that is what This will make a huge difference in
your food scale will be measuring. your total macros for the day. If your
macros are off, your progress will be off
Also keep in mind that you must log too! Best to do it right from the begining,
your food according to how its cooked. don't you think?
Copyright IIFYM.com 2016. All Rights Reserved.
Generally speaking, it doesnt really keep your macros in a per gram value, track your food as soon as you prepare
matter which option you choose as rather than converting it to percentages. it (or after you finished eating) as this
long as you are consistent with it. If you way there is less of a chance that you
always measure raw, try and keep it that While percentages are helpful to look accidentally forgot what you ate.
way. Likewise, if you always measure at, its per gram that you are really look-
cooked, try and do that all the time. ing for here as that is what will help While it may seem silly that someone
you reach your targets. would ever forget this, it does happen
This way there is less room for and can really throw your numbers off.
error over time. You can also cy-
cle your carbs and
If you want to get super technical about calories on a day to
it, weigh any food that you cook , as dry day basis if you like.
as it gets. So chicken breast dry out as
you cook them, and lose moisture and Set up your Mac-
fat. Weigh it cooked, and log it cooked. roTracker to track
Pasta on the other hand is most accu- your calories, carbs,
rate when it is dry. Since cooked pasta is protein, fat, fiber,
mostly water. Get it? as well as sodium
(especially if you
The great thing about using Macro- are physique com-
Tracker.com is that it will allow you to petitor). Try and

A Word on Sugar A Word on Sodium

Now, many of you may have health standpoint, it isnt as I mentioned sodium above. If the above amounts of sodium,
questions about whether or not ideal. you are physique competitor most people will be safe as a
you should track sugar. Sugar is or bodybuilder, youll definitely long as drink more water than
the enemy, right? This said, theres no reason to want to be tracking sodium. No they need. (Sodium binds to wa-
completely eliminate it unless question about it as your sodi- ter, so the more water you drink,
Well, not quite. you want to. You can include up um intake can play a key role in the more sodium you will flush
to 20% of your total carb intake how lean you look. from your system and with it,
Theres no getting around it, per day from sugar and still see goes the water weight).
sugar isnt exactly the health- great results as long as the rest The other people who may wish
iest thing to be putting into of your carbohydrate sources to track sodium are those who
your body, but from a pure body are more nutrient dense. are concerned with their blood So if one day you are consum-
composition standpoint, if you pressure levels. If you are cur- ing a very low sodium diet and
have 20 grams of sugar versus In the end, its up to you. Some rently experiencing high blood then next day you have a plate
20 grams of say complex starchy people want the flexibility to pressure or heart disease runs of nachos and salsa, you may see
carbs, it isnt going to matter eat foods that they crave that in your family, youll want to be that scale go up by 3-4 pounds.
that much provided everything are higher in sugar more often tracking sodium. You dont want to stress about
else stays equal. while others prefer staying this however as it is just water
healthy 100% of the time and Some of you may simply want weight.
Now if you werent tracking your choose to cut it out. to track it for overall health
macros, theres a greater chance sakes and for simply knowing This is one more advantage of
youll be hungry sooner again Both people can see good your intake and thats fine too. tracking your sodium intake.
after the 20 grams of sugar, so results provided they hit their By doing so and keeping it in a
that may then cause you to eat macro targets for the day. Women should be aiming for tight range, you can have great-
another 20 grams of carbs an about 1500-2500 mg of sodium er control over your weight and
hour later and if those are addi- I just dont want you thinking per day while men should aim fluctuations.
tional carbs you wouldnt have that you have to cut it out en- for around 2000-3500 mg per
eaten had you had the complex tirely. That isnt the case. day.
carbs in the first place, now you
have a problem. The only people who I would One thing that you do want to
recommend track their sugar keep in mind is that large jumps
But since you are tracking your more meticulously are those in sodium intake can cause your
macros, this isnt a concern. who are diabetic. If thats you, body weight to shoot up. If you
also be sure that you speak to arent tracking your sodium in-
The bigger issue with sugar your doctor about the upper take, you may mistakenly think
is the fact that it provides no limit of sugar you can consume this is fat gain. Remember that
nutritional value. You get your per day. As sugar consumption when your sodium increases,
carbs and calories, but you dont can become very dangerous for your fluid/water retention will
get any vitamins, minerals, or you, you need a bit more guid- also increase, however data
antioxidants. So from a pure ance on this. shows that even if you double

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Step 4:
O ne step that will determine the success of this plan is how often you are track-
ing. Track 100% of the time and you will be on track to 100% success.

Track 50% of the time and.well, you can imagine what this means for your suc-
cess rate. If you want to see the best results possible, you must track every single
piece of food that comes into your mouth.

This includes the half a cookie you shared with your significant other, the small
chocolate you ate at your co-workers desk, or the crusts of the remaining sandwich
your kid brought home with them from school.

If you eat it, it gets tracked. Make that your new mantra!

of it. Most women need about 2-3 liters

Step 5: of water per day while men will need

TRACK YOUR about 3-4. If you are exercising very

heavy and/or live in a hot climate and

WATER are sweating a lot, you may want to up

those numbers slightly by half to one
more liter.

hile it is your calorie intake
You want to make this pure water here
that will dictate whether or
not the coffee you had for lunch or
not you lose body weight,
the energy drink you had mid-afternoon.
there is one other thing that Id suggest
Pure water.
you start tracking and that is your water
The only other liquids that can count to-
wards your water intake include herbal
Water is essential for life and most
teas and the water that you add to your
people currently are not getting enough
protein shakes.


t times, there may be a day where need to make any adjustments the next
you happen to go over your day. Just don't make a habit of it as this
macros. Perhaps you had a fancy could slow your results. Look at tracking macros like balancing
dinner out with your significant other your checking account.
for your anniversary or it was Christmas If you totally mess up and go over by 30 Just as if you are keeping a financial
dinner. or so carbs, or more than 10 grams of fat, budget, you certainly cannot go over
then pull back the next day by that your budget all the time and not
Whatever the case, dont stress. You amount. expect to end up in debt, the same
can always pull back on your macros applies to this. Go over your macro
the next day if you want. Do your best however to get within 5 budget and you will be gaining body
In cases where you only go over by 10 grams of all your macro targets each and weight.
grams of carbs or so, you really don't every day and keep moving forward!

Copyright IIFYM.com 2016. All Rights Reserved.

he not-so-fun part of diet- may be that your reduced cal-
ing is the plateau that you orie diet intake has now be-
will (likely!) eventually hit. come your maintenance calorie
Almost everyone goes through intake.
it, so dont think that you are
ever immune. If youve lost 10-20 pounds
without re-adjusting your cal-
After a period of prolonged orie intake downward, this is
dieting at a reduced calorie likely the case. Try recalculating
intake, your body will begin to your macros based on this new
adapt and your metabolic rate body weight and then go from
will begin to slow down. there.

As this happens, do not panic. That should get things

Yes, it can be frustrating and moving along again.
yes, you may worry that you are
not going to reach your goals. Alternatively, you can also sim-
You will. You just need a proper ply reduce your carb macros by
game plan to put into place. about 10-15 grams. This will of- Calculator) and eat at that level
ten get you moving along again for one to two weeks. If its been a few weeks or
The first step to do is to keep until you hit the next stall, at longer since youve seen any
going as you are for 10 more which point you can lower them Both of these strategies can weight loss, a full diet break 2
days. Be extra diligent with again by 10-15 grams. work well to help reset your weeks at maintenance eating,
tracking your macros to make metabolic rate so that when may be more appropriate.
absolutely sure that you are in If that isnt the case (or you you then go back down to the
fact in a plateau. have already taken these steps), reduced calorie diet intake, you With either strategy, still track
then it may be time for a met- start seeing fat loss progress your macros the same as you
For some people, this will be abolic reboot, also sometimes moving along again. always would, just adjust your
enough to get them to come referred to as a re-feed. calorie intake accordingly.
out of it. If that still doesnt You can do two things here. You Which strategy you select de-
work, then you may need to can either eat a much higher pends on how much time you If you are still struggling, Id
make a few changes. calorie intake (focusing on add- have to wait to get back on the highly suggest consulting one
ing most of these extra calories diet and how aggressive you of our IIFYM coaches.
There are two steps to from carbohydrates) to your diet want to be. *Bonus reminder. When you
consider taking. for 2-3 days, or alternatively, Refeeds (2-3 days of higher cal- order a Custom Macro
you can bring your calorie in- orie eating) tend to work well Blueprint, we offer you a
First, if you have been losing take to maintenance levels (fig- when you have just hit a pla- massive discount on our 1 on 1
weight quite well, the problem uring that out using the IIFYM teau and arent too deep into it. coaching program!

s much as possible while fol- Your Macros Approach. This will also
lowing this program, do try and Step 8: ensure that you get your micronutrients
keep your food intake to healthy vitamins and minerals met as well.
options. This isnt a diet where you are HAVE FUN WITH
cramming as much junk food as you can
into your body. HEALTHY Id also recommend that you try out
healthy recipes as often as you can.

You still need to value good nutrition

and overall health. Choose unprocessed
natural foods and then supplement-
FOODS Dietary boredom is one reason many
people fail on their diet plans, so in-
clude as much variety and interesting
foods possible.
ing every now and then with foods you
crave. With so many different recipes now
available online, there is no reason you
The people who do this will have the cant find a healthy but delicious meal
most optimal results using the If It Fits to prepare.

Copyright IIFYM.com 2016. All Rights Reserved.

hich brings us to the next step meal preparation.
As much as you can, Id highly recommend that you
Step 9: prepare your meals ahead of time.

GET INTO THE HABIT OF Those who plan their diet out and always have healthy food

MEAL PREP with them are far less likely to eat foods that are less healthy
and/or that they havent figured out the macros for.

The more often you can cook in advance, the

more likely you are to fuel your body well.

Furthermore, by cooking larger batches of food at one time,

you can prepare 4-5 meals all at once.

This not only saves you time in the kitchen, but also saves
you having to re-calculate the macros for each meal since
you already know what youre getting.

All in all, meal prep will simply make your life that much

Now, you have two options. long as you are hitting your numbers
Step 10: properly the rest of the day, you should
You can order single-ingredient options be fine.
LEARN HOW TO (a chicken breast, steamed broccoli) and

EAT OUT so on and measure each food according-

If you are someone who eats out fre-
quently, youll likely want to go with the
former option, however if you are only

inally, the last step is learning how Or, you can order what you really want eating out a couple times per month,
to eat out. There is going to come lasagna, pasta, pizza, etc., still weigh it the second option should be fine and
a time when you are going to want but then estimate the calorie and macro shouldnt impact your progress all that
to eat in a restaurant. content. You are never going to achieve much.
100% accuracy while eating out, but as

Copyright IIFYM.com 2016. All Rights Reserved.

Moving Forward
o there you have your complete guide to the If It Fits Your
Macros approach. Millions of people are having great success
with this plan and I know that you can too if you utilize it

Just be sure that you get all the tools and resources you need in
place your food scale, your MacroTracker.com account, as well as
if you need it, proper coaching through our IIFYM coaches.

Consistency is really key with this approach. If you are consistent,

you will see results. Its that simple. Fat loss is very much a science
and through this program, you can control those numbers and mas-
ter the science.

Good luck!


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