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Remote Regression and Remote Spirit Releasement

A Manual for Clinical Hypnotherapists

Third Edition

Greg McHugh CCHt


Copyright 2005 - 2007

Gregory McHugh
PO Box 100067 Denver, CO 80250 USA
1 303 995 4276
Introduction 1

What it is 4

Recommended Training/Experience for the Therapist 5

Surrogate Requirements 7

Remote Work Process Model 9

Deepening Awareness 17

Guidelines for Enhanced Awareness 18

Cellular Release Therapytm 19

Cases 20

Number of Sessions 33

Contraindications 33

References 35

Dedicated with love and appreciation to Mary Bearman and Cam Vuksinich, two
wonderful friends and colleagues who have been surrogates in this work and who
kept pressuring me to write this so the world would know and benefit.

Remote Work ii McHugh

Greg is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. He received initial training in Client
Centered Therapy (1965-67), training in Gestalt Therapy at Esalen Institute of Big
Sur, California(1967) and at the Gestalt Institute of Multiple Psychotherapy in San
Francisco (1968 -71). He had a practice at the Gestalt Institute of Multiple
Psychotherapy and in Nevada County, California in 1970-72.

During the period of 9 years from 1972-79, Greg received intensive spiritual
training and initiation in the Ancient Mysteries in a semi monastic Christian Mystery
School of the Gnostic tradition and provided ongoing spiritual counseling and
training during the latter half of that period. This experience and his continuing
spiritual journey and training have contributed significantly to his work as a

Since 1988 Greg has received certification in Alchemical Hypnotherapy from the
Alchemical Hypnotherapy Institutes in Santa Rosa, California and Seattle and
Cellular Release Therapy TM as created by Anne Drucker. Greg has also received
training in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) at the Institute for Therapeutic
Learning in Seattle and received training (and certification) at the Colorado School
of Counseling and Hypnotherapy Training. Greg is a professional member of
IARRT, the International Association for Regression Research and Therapies.

He is certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist by Association for Transpersonal

Psychology and Hypnotherapy and has served on the Board of Directors of the
Colorado Association of Psychotherapists since 2001. Greg is co founder of the
Golden Portal Institute and is credentialed as an instructor in hypnotherapy by the
State of Colorado, Commission on Higher Education.

Greg has a practice in clinical hypnotherapy, teaches and provides mentoring to

other therapists. He resides in Denver, Colorado, USA, with his wife, Denise, and
their dog, Kody.

For information on his teaching schedule and mentoring groups, go to his web site
at www.gregmchugh.com or email him at gregmchughcht@earthlink.net You may
call him at 303 995-4276.

McHugh iii Remote Work

The intention of this manual is to bring into practice a powerful and effective resource
for the experienced practitioners in the field of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, to
educate those entering the field of hypnotherapy to the workings of this wonderful
tool, and to facilitate greater healing experience of the Transforming Light of the Self
in the lives of clients and subjects. There is no intention here to communicate that this
tool of Remote Work is unique or original. Like so many other modalities in the field of
hypnotherapy and regression therapy, Remote Work is an amalgamation of many
processes, concepts, inspirations, therapies, and experiences.

The implications of the expanded use of this tool are quite dramatic and profound. It
is my hope that by the time you get to the end of this manual, you will have many
more ideas on how it could be applied than are addressed here.

How did I arrive at this process? Have you ever looked back at your life and seen that
you were being prepared or trained for something, yet were unaware in the process
that it was taking place? It was an evolution and not a revelation. After what I would
call an awakening in my early twenties, I found myself engaged in remote healing
for a few people when their strife and conditions were brought to my attention by a
friend of mine. I had no doubts at that point, just a matter of doing, visualizing the
person, and the particular body part as healed. We would get feedback that the
healing had worked.

In the late 1960's, in my training and experience in Gestalt Therapy with some very
wonderful characters and mentors, I watched and participated in the then very
innovative process of the Gestalt Therapy dialogue and felt or witnessed the powerful
effects that occurred when clients became the other person in their process. In my
own work in Gestalt and in working with others, I saw that there was an interesting
dynamic taking place when one person would switch chairs and become the other
person of the relationship that was at issue. Not only did a change come about in the
patient/client, but also, a change seemed to occur in the behavior and tone of the
other that the client was being in the dialogue.

What I did not know then was that this process, theoretically only a projection of the
client, was a precursor for much deeper work in altered or trance states in the
development of Regression Therapy, Alchemical Hypnotherapy and in my
discoveries in Remote Work later on.

Much later, during a period when I lived in a Gnostic community, I learned much of
the power of remote healing by more doing. Members would send us the names of
those who requested prayer and healing of specific ailments. In the process of doing
this, I found myself experiencing a particular knowing that the healings had occurred.
I learned that this experience of the element of Knowing was of great importance and
actually part of the healing itself. During this time I also had experience with demonic
beings and the old Piscean mode of exorcism and its failures.

Remote Work 1 McHugh

In a later period my life became a theater where my own healing became a necessity.
This deep healing began through Alchemical Hypnotherapy in the late 1980's. During
this process I had experiences of becoming the other as I call it, or Etheric Plane
Communication (EPC) as David Quigley calls it. (Quigley). David had created an
amalgamation or synthesis of tools (including the Gestalt dialogue, psychodrama, and
others) and applied it into practice in altered states or trance.

During the Alchemical Hypnotherapy work, I had several experiences where the other
person I was having a significant relationship with in a past life session or in a
regression into an earlier period in this life was dramatically affected after my
completion of that session.

Some years later, in the study of Regression and Past Life Therapy, I came upon the
work of William Baldwin, Shakuntala Modi, Edith Fiore, regarding attachments and
releasement, I also studied the works of Louise Ireland Frey and Irene Hickman
concerning remote releasement or remote depossession as Irene Hickman called it.

In transcriptions of case studies of spirit releasement I noted that the client or patient
would often directly express the voice of the attached earthbound entities and the
therapist would have the attached earthbound regress to their life before and during
the death experience. In remote releasement or remote depossession sessions the
therapists would have the surrogate (who was already being the client) express
directly the sentiments of the attached earthbound, have the earthbound regress to
issues in their death, process those issues and then finish the releasement into the

However, while some practitioners were doing remote spirit releasement work that did
incorporate some elements of remote regression, no one in the literature seemed to
be doing remote regression work intentionally or explicitly.

Several years ago a client of mine was sharing about how her husband would get
very morose and make certain excessively dark statements in certain social settings.
She asked on his behalf if there were anything I could do to help him with this. I did a
remote depossession by myself. After placing myself in an altered state through a
meditative process similar to self hypnosis, I remotely called her husband forward and
became him. Then I felt and saw the attachment, a looming dark or demonic being. I
used the same tools I used in one-on-one sessions but here I was being both the
therapist and the subject/client. The outcome was the husband no longer exhibited
that dark behavior. A year later he was still clear of that behavior.

Then as some clients would become stuck in their process, I began to do remote
regressions for them to the cause of their predominant stuck issues (with their
permission of course). The results were also dramatic and enduring in most of these
cases. I also started doing more explicit remote regression sessions for clients
children. The outcomes were very satisfying for the parents and the children.

Remote Work 2 McHugh

When I was doing the remote regressions and releasement for children through their
parents (mothers) I saw the advantage of having a surrogate for the subject/client and
began doing the remote regression and releasement sessions with the use of a
surrogate who was also a hypnotherapist.

During these experiences, certain aspects required for effective remote work became
clear. Certain elements showed themselves to be critical for a successful session and
effective outcomes. Some of them were the same ones I had learned in Gestalt
Therapy thirty years earlier. These are the elements I write about in this brief manual.
I truly hope that others will pick up this process and find application for it, healing of
the lives of others.

McHugh 3 Remote Work

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy is based upon the assumption that the healing of a
clients presenting conflicts and emotional pain and sometimes physical dis-ease can
be found through the clients own spiritual or inner resources and the use of tools
often associated with Regression and Past Life Hypnotherapy, Spirit/Energy
Releasement, Soul Retrieval, Soul Fragmentation Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, NLP,
Cellular Release Therapy TM, and Alchemical Hypnotherapy.

Practitioners in this field generally recognize that the clients conflicts, negative
beliefs, and associated undesirable experiential and emotional patterns are most
often the reflection of unhealed repressed childhood and past life trauma. (Clark)
Additionally, other cultures and societies have long recognized the influence of other
entities, both earthbound human spirits and dark force entities in disease and
behavior. (Baldwin) In the past 15 years there has been a growing recognition in the
United States that sometimes patterns of conflicts, beliefs, and behavior may also be
a result of the presence of such attached entities. (Clark)

The effect of the appropriate application of tools of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy can

be an immediate change in the reflected daily world of the client and a major
improvement in their sense of emotional and spiritual well-being. Today there is an
increasing amount of literature, books, manuals, journal articles, and monographs by
professionals in this field with case studies on how these therapeutic approaches of
Transpersonal Hypnotherapy are much more effective than traditional talk therapies
or psychoanalysis. (Clark)

Remote Work is the remote application of these same tools, modalities, and
principles of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy described above. However, the work is
done in the physical absence of the client through the presence of a surrogate. The
client (through the surrogate) is participating in this therapy within the realms of their
psyche and subconscious and within those realms is experiencing and processing
feelings, memories, lives, releasement of attachments (where appropriate) and other
inner experiences critical to effective hypnotherapy.

What is not present in Remote Work is what Jack Elias calls the egoic minding of
the client, the critical mind function of the conscious mind and ego that wants to
doubt and judge the therapy process, interfere, or act as a subterfuge. (Elias)

Several significant books have already been written about Remote Spirit
Releasement (also called Remote Depossession). Though there has been
controversy around Spirit Releasement or Spirit Depossession, remote or non
remote, there is very clear documentation as to its effectiveness. (Ireland-Frey)
(Modi) (Hickman)

Remote Work 4 McHugh

As with any healing therapy, the utilization of the various tools of Remote Work is an
art. Outcomes will vary due to a large number of factors. It is not my intention that
Remote Work be approached casually by inexperienced practitioners, but only by
those therapists and surrogates who meet the requirements recommended here.

Tools and Experience Recommended for the Remote Hypnotherapist

The therapist performing Remote Work is not doing this service with their greatest
potential for effectiveness until he or she has a depth of experience and learning in
the fundamental modalities of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy. When one is
comfortable working with these tools AND has had their own healing experiences in
the client role in these therapies, then providing the facilitation as the hypnotherapist
in Remote Work can be a most fruitful and successful role.

1) A fundamental understanding and experience of the relevance and application of

the basic principles of Gestalt Therapy that have been generally integrated into
transpersonal and regressions therapies applies here:

A) Viewing experiences and feelings as if they are happening in the now.

Though Regression Therapy generally uses the concept of time in its frame
work of regressing back to something, it is important that the client be guided
to express their awareness and experiences in the present tense.

Expression in the past tense only aids to remove the client from the critical
awareness and feelings of the significant event or element and so removes
them from the potential for healing. Expression in the present tense anchors
the client in the feelings, awarenesses, and the process of the experience.

B) Using various tools to heighten awareness of feelings. This may include

having the client exaggerate the feelings or the physical expressions in the
body, such as sound, movement, tension, whatever elements come into
awareness. When the awareness of feelings or the environment is magnified,
other elements of significant nature seem to move into the clients experience
or event horizon that might not have been visible or available otherwise.
Heightening awareness may also mean giving expression through the body to
the tendency to movement, giving voice to a particular feeling in the body, or
going into the center of a particular feeling that has been located in the body.

C) Dialogue communication with the other in the regression scenarios and

becoming the other. Also known as Etheric Plane Communication, this is one
of the most important contributions of Gestalt Therapy. It has found a major
role in Alchemical Hypnotherapy, and others. (Quigly) It often facilitates a
radical awareness and shift or transmutation in the energies of blame, anger,
and resentment that occur in relationship trauma. It is a process of dissolution
of some of the projected veil of separation between us all. Becoming the other

McHugh 5 Remote Work

players in the environment in trance can lead to significant insight.
In Remote Work this tool is even more powerful due to the reduction of the
critical mind function of the subjects ego.

D) Being aware of the clients process. In Regression Therapy and Spirit

Releasement the therapist sometimes needs to promote the clients
awareness of the feeling sense of his or her process or way or manner of
being in the different experiences. This may include feelings, beliefs and
attitude. Distinction of attitude can also play a helpful role in differentiating
between subpersonalities, demonic or dark beings, or attached earth bounds
and the clients personality. In Remote Work this awareness through the
surrogate is even more important, if not critical.

2) A fundamental understanding of hypnosis and the mechanics of trance and of the

subconscious mind.

3) Training and Experience as the practitioner in spirit releasement that includes an

understanding of the spiritual dynamics of attachments and experience as a client or
subject of the spirit releasement/depossession process.

The therapist should be able feel a sense of fearlessness or confidence throughout

any releasement session and not be fear-based in their spiritual orientation.

4) Training and experience in Regression Therapy including Childhood Regression,

Prenatal and Birth Regression, Interlife and Past Life Therapy.

5) I generally recommend that hypnotherapists receive training in Cellular Release

TherapyTM. It is not a widely known modality. It is a very detailed protocol for clearing
experiences, trauma, feelings, beliefs and causal experiences of patterns and
themes by circumventing the conscious mind and working directly with the
subconscious mind through the use of ideomotor signals. With certain client
patterns and trauma, it can be extremely effective and very efficient. Yet it does not
require the client to revisit with the conscious mind the experiences or trauma being
cleared and released.

While it would certainly not be a prerequisite for effective Remote Work, Cellular
Release Therapy TM can definitely be an effective added tool. Hypnotherapists who
are interested in receiving training in this protocol can contact Anne DeChenne
Drucker at annedrucker@comcast.com or through the Golden Portal Institute at
www.goldenportalinstitute.com or through the Colorado School of Counseling
Hypnotherapy at www.coloradohypnotherapy.com.

6) Experience or knowledge of the unity of all beings and things, plus regular
meditation experience and an ongoing commitment to realization of True Being and
doing your own work. In any session with a client, whether remote through a
surrogate or in a one-on-one session directly with the client, the consciousness of
the therapist and his or her commitment to being present with the client or surrogate

Remote Work 6 McHugh

is very important. The capacity to be present is driven by the therapists total
commitment to their own Self realization and service.

Working with surrogates that meet most of these requirements below maximizes the
opportunity for deep healing for the clients.

Requirements for the Effective Surrogate

1) Experience: It is preferable that the one who is to be the surrogate has had
experience in their own regression, spirit releasement, experiences as a client. The
surrogate should be already familiar with the feelings sense and subtleties of the
trance work and the interior processes in regression work. The individual need not
be visual in interior perceptions in regression, but should have a kinesthetic sense or
recognize the impressions that come and know how to relax into the awareness of
those impressions.

2) Being Clear: The surrogate should be clear of any attachments that may hinder or
interfere with his or her being the client. Preferably, this would call for a spirit
releasement process as appropriate in a separate session prior to any work as a
surrogate (Modi).

It is helpful for the surrogate also to have a spiritual focus that recognizes the unity
of all being and a commitment to their own realization. The surrogate should not be
fear based in his or her spiritual orientation, and should be able to recognize the
presence of attachments in a detached fashion when in trance. The surrogates
function should not be one of an empath, or taking on others feelings as their own,
though the individual does need to feel the clients experience. The surrogate should
not view this work as channeling, surrendering of the personality or ego for the entry
of another being.

3) Capacity to go deeply into trance and easily become the client. (Some surrogates
may not need to be taken into trance because they are already available to become
the client.)

The Clients Therapist as Surrogate

For some therapists who want to bring remote healing to their clients, being the
surrogate can be easy, like slipping on a familiar glove. Assuming that a
therapist/surrogate can let their own critical mind functioning take a vacation, the
familiarity of the therapist with the client can be an aid in taking on the qualities and
aspects of the clients personality and making the connection. On the other hand,
such familiarity can be a detriment if the therapist is holding opinions or an agenda
about the client. In such cases the remote work may have reduced effect as the
perception of the clients psyche will be impeded.

The Requirements of The Parent as Surrogate

The same basic aspects of an effective surrogate (above) apply here. There must be

McHugh 7 Remote Work

a willingness to open to the trance experience and easily become the son or
daughter without trying to will ones own opinions of the solutions into the remote

To Know or Not to Know: Prior knowledge of clients or subjects issues

It is important for the therapist to have a basic outline of the presenting themes.
However, this knowledge need not be shared in any detail with the surrogate. The
purpose of this knowledge for the therapist is two fold.

1) To have elements to measure for the outcome of the remote session.

2) To make the prayer and intention for the session explicit and thereby give
direction to the subconscious of the client or subject as to what needs to be
brought into awareness on the journey. (see Process Model, below)

The Surrogate as an unconscious filter

Certainly, any process such as Remote Work will involve the inherent qualities of the
psyche or personality of the surrogate, no matter how clear the surrogate may be in
their functioning. But the clearer their functioning, the greater the potential for depth
of experience and feeling - requisites for effective healing in this Remote Work

Remote Work 8 McHugh

It is assumed that the themes to be addressed in session have already been either
identified by the client or on behalf of the client, or that the process for making
effective inquiry that might be needed is already known to the therapist. So there is
no protocol addressed here for a thorough inquiry of the client.

Listed and described below are references to the other suggested stages and
modalities for Remote Work. I have not suggested major protocol changes in the
area of Remote Spirit Releasement as has been developed by some of the major
writers in that field. (See References). I leave this work up to the practitioners own
experience and training.

I do suggest a somewhat different protocol in Remote Regression than is taught for

regular Regression Therapy by most writers. I use a general protocol of having the
client return to the cause of a theme and experience and deeply feel the critical
incidents and then access an aspect of Self or the Light and bring it back as a
healing and transforming resource to those original experiences to watch the impact
and change. I call this recontextualization.

Identification of the Presenting Themes by the Therapist or the Client

Just as in regular Regression Therapy and Spirit Releasement, so in Remote
Regression Therapy, the presenting issues or themes that are raised by the client
are the usually the ones to be dealt with. A major theme is reduced (preferably in the
clients words) to a phrase or brief description and used in the intention and
induction process for the surrogate.

In my Remote Work and in the case applications below, the surrogates usually have
not had any background given about the client prior to the session except the
presenting theme about which the client has asked for help in healing.

Ideally, identification of the issues or themes to be addressed in the remote session

is done with the client before the remote session. But in some cases this is not
practicable. Sometimes the information may come the referring source and not from
the client directly (i.e. small children).

In some cases inquiry or an expanded inquiry is made with the client through the
surrogate. This takes place after the induction of the surrogate and the surrogate
becoming the client. (See below).

The Prayer and Intention focus

Prayer makes explicit to creation what the intention of the work is. This can be
enjoined privately by both the therapist and the surrogate to clarify their intention for
the session and to bring to bear on the session the power of their own purpose and
desire for healing of the clients or subjects difficulties. Prayer or intention
(conscious or otherwise) is an act of creation and used deliberately helps to bring

McHugh 9 Remote Work

focus and the creation of a healing outcome for the clients journey.

In fact, the more the reality of this creative principle is recognized, the more effective
the work of the therapist in remote and one on one sessions. It is through this
principle that all positive or negative experiences have been made manifest and
through which all healing and the Source of All Being operates.

One may include in this intention focus a call to guides and angels whose function is
to be in accord with the White Light and assist in accord with the highest good of the
client and the surrogate. This reduces the attractions of ill will beings in the etheric
or astral realms other than those who already may be attached to the client or
subject in the subconscious realm. It will also make the therapist and surrogate more
open to inspiration, guidance and effective listening.

Induction of the Surrogate

The deeper, the better. Deepening of the trance state promotes greater assurance
for minimizing the egoic minding and critical mind function of the surrogate from
the outset. Of course, as the feelings of the client are explored, the trance of the
surrogate will deepen also.

I often use a process of following the breath and sinking into each exhale, then
counting from seven down to one on each exhale and sinking into the bottom of the
breath. This is followed by a bath of soft rose pink light bathing each area of the
body, its muscles, organs, and cells - progressively. I may substitute the bath of rose
light with the metaphor of an elevator descending and carrying the person down to
the next level of trance. The surrogate will know when they reach that next level of
trance when they experience a shift in their energy. They can indicate that they have
reached that level by speaking the word ok. This process may be followed by
further deepening as necessary.

The Garden or Natural Setting

I ask the surrogate to imagine a garden and describe what is growing, what the sky
is like today and the form that the water is taking, etc. and then to report back on his
or her awareness. All this descriptive detail is for testing the state of the surrogate
and deepening their altered state through anchoring and pacing.

Calling Forward the Client

I have the surrogate call forward the client and identify when there is a presence of
the client. It is important to note that it is not necessary for the surrogate to be visual
in this experience. Instead, impressions and feelings and information are the critical
components. Seeing in regression, spirit releasement or Remote Work varies from
individual to individual.

Gaining Permission
Either the therapist or the surrogate can ask the client for permission to do this
healing work today. If there is some hesitation or reluctance, the therapist can work
with the client to process that reluctance. However, not only should the session

Remote Work 10 McHugh

never be continued without permission for either the client or their Higher Self, it
generally can not happen with out such volition, anyway.

Becoming the Client

The surrogate allows him or herself to become the client. For some it is like putting
on a coat of personality or energy. It is not the surrender of ones vehicle or ego to
the subject or client as in channeling. That distinction is very important. Yet this is
where the emphasis on the feeling experience really does come into play. The
therapist may want to direct the surrogate to explore and report back on the
experience of being the client with questions addressed to the client such as: What
is your sense of how you are today? or What are the feelings you are aware of
right now? Then allow the surrogate as the client to ask his or her god or Higher
Self to expand awareness of the current state.

I have found that if the surrogate meets the requirements set out above then
becoming the client does not present any risk or danger to the surrogate as long as
a clearing mechanism that integrates the assistance of angels at the end of the
process. This process is detailed in the Processing Remote Regression section of
this manual.

Remote Interview
Further inquiry can be done directly with the client through the surrogate as needed.
Simply ask questions and pace with the client in the inquiry process. You may
become aware of the clients personality traits and characteristics showing through
out this remote session.

Remote Scan and Spirit Releasement

Remember, at this point there is no need for induction since we are already
addressing the client through an altered state.

* Have the client now imagine a Magic Mirror with a frame. Ask the client to
describe the frame so that more anchoring takes place for the surrogate. The
therapist shares with the client,

In a moment when I count to three, residues of trauma, energies,

attachments (if there are any) or devices that need to be addressed for
todays healing will appear reflected in or around the reflection of your
energies in the mirror. One, . . . Two, . . . Three

(Proceed by noting first impressions, or begin at the head.)

* If energies or attachments are observed then have an inventory, differential

identification, and process spirit releasement as appropriate.

* Ask the entities that appear what their impact on the client has been. Use this
information for later review. It may also be helpful in addressing the clients
vulnerability that drew the attachments.
McHugh 11 Remote Work
* If there are energies that are identified by the client as being related to past
life or this life trauma, then make note to work with the client in the regression
phase of the remote session or at a later time.

Remote Retrieval of Lost or Fragmented Parts

When the releasement process is completed either ask the client or his or her Higher
Self if there are any parts of the clients energy that have been lost or fragmented
due to the intrusion of the now released attachments. If the answer is yes, then call
for a retrieval of lost or fragmented parts in the following manner:

I call for the angels of the White Light to seek throughout all Creation to see if
there are any parts of this ones energy, personality, or soul that have been
fragmented, scattered, or lost due to the presence or intrusion of those
attachments we have just released. If there are such parts, to find them, heal
them in the White Light and return them back into this ones energy system,
right back into her soul, now!

This invocation is not to be taken lightly. Angels of the White Light will show up. This
is their nature, to respond to any request that is in accord with the state of True
Being that is the White Light. In a manner of speaking, they cannot not show up to
serve that Purpose. Wait and check with the client to see what the experience is and
to encourage him or her to sink deeper into the breath as this work is being done on
the clients behalf by the angels. The client does not have to be active in this part of
the retrieval.

Review to see if the Spirit Releasement you may have just processed cleared the
cause of the major theme that you may have planned to also address through
remote regression. You may want to wait for conscious feedback from the client or
the referring source (i.e., parent) then decide whether to return and do a Remote

If the client or the referral source is not available for a direct review interview, you
can ask them remotely through the surrogate.

Remote Regression to Cause of the Main Theme or Issue

Remember, here also, there is no need for induction since we are already
addressing the client through an altered state. Using a magic doorway or other
simple regression process, take the client back to the cause of the identified theme.
Process this regression (to childhood, prenatal, Interlife or other life) as you would in
a regular non-remote regression session. You may also want to make use of any
energies identified in the mirror scan (above) that are identified as having to do with
a past or current life issues as avenues for immediate regression to the causal
trauma or life situation that is presented.

Remote Work 12 McHugh

Processing Remote Regression
There are excellent descriptions of the different processes used by different
innovators in the field of regression therapy in the various volumes I have listed in
the References section of this manual. Just about any modality that you can use
effectively in a regular Regression Therapy session will work in a Remote Work
session. Below I have emphasized the main direction that I take as a general
process in Remote Regression Therapy. I use the Higher Resources of the Self or
the Light for recontextualizing the clients original egoic misperception and
positionality. As I mentioned above, this is the same basic way I work in regular
Regression Therapy.

Remote Regression to Childhood

* If childhood is where the client ends up, have the client investigate the
trauma(e) as you would in a regular one-on-one session.

* Have the client move to each significant event in that theme in their
childhood. Apply the tools familiar to you in fully exploring the emotional
charges in those negative experiences or trauma. This might include
deepening the clients awareness, asking Higher Self to magnify awareness
of certain aspects of the experiences, etc. (see Deepening Awareness below)

* After this, bring in the healing energies of the Light of the Self. One way to do
this is, after the client has been through the significant experiences of
childhood around the main theme, have the client then regress back to the
Light of the Interlife (It is actually the same as the Light of the Self) and the
planning stage prior to conception and birth - and feel the experience and
particular aspects of that Light that show up.

Have the client languish in those feelings and awareness and then carry
those feelings and the Presence of that Light to the childhood experiences
you just visited and ask the client to note and watch the impact. Usually there
is shift in perception of those experiences. This is due to the consciousness
of the Presence of an aspect of the Self or of the Light. This aspect of the Self
or the Light clears the egoic misperception of the event and the emotional
magnetic attraction field around it.


* Another modality/metaphor of the Light of the Self that is very effective is

using the presence of an angel to bring healing to the significant trauma
events in that childhood. After exploring the significant events then:

I ask for the presence of the Angel of Love of the Heavenly Mother to
come forward now and touch (clients name) in that childhood scene
she is in right now with her loving presence.

McHugh 13 Remote Work

Revisit each significant event and invoke this angels presence. Ask the client
to share their awareness of her impact upon that event.

These steps are not to be a cognitive reframing or rescripting, rather an experience

of the transformation of those life experiences by the Light of the Self. It is a way of
recontextualizing the perception by using an aspect of Source instead of the rational
mind or ego as often is the process in reframing.

* Ask the Angels of the White Light if there are parts of the clients energy or
soul that were fragmented, scattered, or lost due to these childhood

I call for the angels of the White Light to seek throughout all Creation to see if
there are any parts of this ones energy, personality, or soul that have been
fragmented or lost due to the experiences we just visited. If there are such
parts, to find them, heal them in the White Light and return them back into this
ones energy system, right back into her soul now!

Remote Regression to past lives, through death into the Interlife.

* If the client ends up in a past life, then process that life and its significant
experiences and then process the death and Interlife period. Be sure to take
every opportunity to see that the clients awareness and feelings in the
significant events are thoroughly experienced.

* Bring the consciousness of the experience of the Light from the Interlife back
into the life or lives just processed and watch the impact. Again, this step is not
to be a cognitive reframing or rescripting, rather a passive experience to the
transformation of life by the Light of the Self.

* The transformed energies of that life and the Light of the Interlife can be
brought forward into this present day life to watch the unfolding impact in this

* This step may also be followed by a future pacing with all these new resources
and energies and watching their impact.

* When these steps are complete, bring the client back to the garden. Invoke
the angels of the White Light to clear residue that may remain that is not of the
clients nature:

I call upon the angels of the White Light to come now and to draw
through this one a web of Gold White Light picking up any residues that
may remain in this ones atmosphere or energy system that are not of

Remote Work 14 McHugh

his or her own True Nature. . . to gather these residue energies and
return them to their appropriate place in the White Light.

* Have the client be bathed by the angels in Golden White Light, while making
suggestions as to the healing impact of the experiences that have taken place
in this session.

* Allow the surrogate to let the client go and then perform the same clearing on
the surrogate:

I call upon the angels of the White Light to come now and to draw
through this one (surrogate) a web of Gold White Light picking up any
residues that may remain in this ones atmosphere or energy system
that are not of his or her own True Nature. . . to gather these residue
energies and return them to their appropriate place in the White Light

* Bring the surrogate back into the room.

Remote Regression visiting the experiences of the main theme or issue in childhood
of this life and then to the main causal experiences in another life,

* Depending on the time you have in a session, if a client regresses first back
to significant experiences and trauma in this life in childhood, you can process
the feelings and the experiences in the childhood and then give instructions to
the client through the surrogate to go back directly to the life where the cause
of those patterns or experience took place.

* Then process the significant events as described for remote regression to

past life and death and Interlife (above).

* Then gather the experience of an aspect of the Light from the Interlife and
carry it back to watch the impact on the original versions of experience to
have the client experience the recontextualization of those once traumatic

* Then carry the resource of that aspect of the Light into the childhood
trauma of this life and watch the impact.

* This step may also be followed by a future pacing with all these new
resources and energies and watching their impact.

* Ask that the Angels of the White Light gather parts of the clients energy or
soul that were fragmented, scattered, or lost due to these childhood

McHugh 15 Remote Work

I call for the angels of the White Light to seek throughout all Creation to
see if there are any parts of this ones energy, personality, or soul that
have been fragmented or lost due to the experiences we just visited. If
there are such parts, to find them, heal them in the White Light and
return them back into this ones energy system, right back into her soul

* When these steps are complete, bring the client back to the garden. Invoke
the angels of the White Light to clear residue thats not the clients:

I call upon the angels of the White Light to come now and to draw
through this one a web of Gold White Light picking up any residues that
may remain in this ones atmosphere or energy system that are not of
his or her own True Nature. . . to gather these residue energies and
return them to their appropriate place in the White Light.

* Have the client be bathed by the angels in Golden White Light, while making
suggestions as to the healing impact of the experiences that have taken place
in this session.

* Allow the surrogate to let the client go and then perform the same clearing on
the surrogate:

I call upon the angels of the White Light to come now and to draw
through this one (surrogate) a web of Gold White Light picking up any
residues that may remain in this ones atmosphere or energy system
that are not of his or her own True Nature. . . to gather these residue
energies and return them to their appropriate place in the White Light.

* You can also use the presence of the Angel of Love of the Heavenly Mother
to bring a blessing to the surrogate. Surrogates often report that they feel this
is a tremendous benefit and gift at the end of the work.

I call upon the Angel of Love of the Heavenly Mother to come and
touch the heart of (surrogate) and to strengthen her heart in this work
and her loving.

Remote Work 16 McHugh

The remote regression process requires an even deeper identification with the
character of the past life of the client than in a regular one-on-one regression
session. Here the surrogate is stepping into the life of yet another personality while
still retaining the connection and consciousness of the client. The therapist may
need to promote this identification with patience and with suggestions for continued

The emphasis on the feelings of the client through the surrogate is critical here as it
is in most effective modalities of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy or psychotherapy
when the client is consciously participating and physically present. In Remote Work
the surrogate who is being the client must deeply feel the feelings of the client and
whatever experiences are happening. Allowing the awareness to magnify and be
deeply felt is a very significant part of the way for true releasing and clearing, and
also is a powerful catalyst into the opening to all the relevant or significant and
aspects within the psyche of the client. It is my belief that the degree to which this
element is present throughout the session will reflect the degree of healing in the
addressed theme of the client.

Various innovators in the field of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy,

and, of course, Gestalt Therapy, have clearly identified the powerful impact of deep
feeling awareness and deepening into the present awareness as a critical key in the
effective healing process. The same has been found with Remote Regression
Therapy. The surrogate should and can feel the clients feelings, energy, and
trauma, the environment, the other players, the place, sense of self and

Guidelines can be applied here (see below) to maximize assurance that this aspect
of the work is fully explored in each session. Experience has clearly shown that if
this protocol or some other similar method is not used to maximize the feeling
awareness experience, the effectiveness of this Remote Work may be significantly
diminished. This observation seems to be particularly true with Remote Regression.
But when such a protocol is followed, the client easily finds the souls scenario
unfolding and the significant elements and events exposed for strengths or for

McHugh 17 Remote Work

Guidelines for Enhancing Awareness and Deepening the
Experience of Remote Regression

Throughout the regression portion of the remote session have the client
intermittently ask his or her Higher Self (or God) to magnify the awareness of the
particular experience or feeling he or she is having. It has been found that such an
intention or request will also open awareness to other incidents or events relevant to
the clients, or subjects journey.

Of course this intensifying is NOT appropriate when the client has become aware of
the presence of a demonic being or earthbound. Once such contact awareness has
been made or the attachment identified, such magnification is not necessary and
would only bring confusion to the client.

When the client is experiencing deep feelings, do not ask him or her questions that
require mental observation or factual, informational responses having to do with the
regressions historical direction. Let the client stay in the feelings until they are
completed. Clients may express just as intense feelings through the surrogate as
they would if they were physically present.

When inquiry with the client leads to bodily sensations, it may also be very
appropriate to use Gestalt techniques to have the client exaggerate the feelings
being experienced in the body. Additionally, suggestions such as having the client
breathe into the feeling awareness of a particular moment can be of immense value.
Have the client take time to explore the bodily sensations that arise around certain
significant experiences and follow these leads, and process them fully.

There may be situations where a client expresses fears of going further into a
particular setting and wants to avoid feeling or having an encounter in the
regression. This choice should be honored. The session should never be forced. No
fruit is ever to be born from such efforts. It may be helpful to give them permission to
go with that avoidance and follow it through all the way until it is complete. Use
suggestions such as:

For now, you may want to allow yourself to avoid or turn away from (such and
such). It is good to know that you will find yourself going to that (encounter)
only when you are ready and feel safe and certainly no sooner than that.

Sometimes having the client exaggerate the tension that may be experienced in the
regression portion of the remote session will lead to a catharsis. Asking the client to
give voice to a particular bodily feeling or give a sound to a feeling will increase that
awareness. It is not recommended that such exaggeration be used during a scan
for attachments or during a releasement process as you may inadvertently have an
attached entity that is actually the source of the feelings and not know it at that point.

Remote Work 18 McHugh


It has been recently found that Cellular Release Therapy TM as developed by Anne
Drucker can be effectively applied in Remote Work sessions. For hypnotherapists
trained in such protocol and wanting to use it in Remote Work, the therapist would
only have to give instructions to the clients subconscious through the surrogate and
ask relevant questions that could be answered by the clients subconscious through
ideomotor signals of that protocol developed by Anne. Any or all of the elements of
that protocol can be applied through a surrogate in a remote session.

For more information on the training and protocol, contact Anne Drucker,

Anne Drucker
10278 Tracery Court
Parker, CO 80134


McHugh 19 Remote Work

Application: In therapeutic settings where the client seems stuck
Remote Work can bring healing or release to those other life circumstances, trauma,
subpersonalities, or attachments that for one reason or another have been hidden
from the scrutiny of therapeutic inquiry or have seemed unmovable in regular one on
one sessions. In these cases Remote Work may seem to have the effect of
unlocking the client so that they are much more available for the ongoing therapeutic
one on one process.

Some adult clients who are locked into their story of victimization are sometimes so
entranced by their stories that their egos deep involvement and attachment in
dramatics seems to bleed over into regression work, making the regular Regression
Therapy journey just another imagined victim experience with no depth of a true
healing process at all.

Remote Work can bring about a significant shift and change for those clients as it
circumvents a major portion of the personality or egoic minding of the client. The
faith of the client in the hypnotherapist may also be a significant factor in the healing
outcome of the remote session.

Case #1
Male, age 50, with depression and rage

Presenting Issues
In the beginning of regular hypnotherapy the client felt that he had hit a wall. He
had thoughts of suicide but no planning. There was a deep sadness, depression,
and rage beneath a victim exterior. He had experienced extreme sexual abuse as
infant and as a child by mother, grandfather, and brother. This included anal
penetration with a broom stick by mother and repeated anal sexual penetration by
older brother. His father was absent in childhood. He experienced ridicule and
constant rejection by mother as child. He was homosexual and came out of the
closet at age 37.

Treatment for First Four Months

During this period the work consisted of Regression and Cellular Release Therapy
addressing childhood trauma and past life trauma. The themes were mostly of
victimization in other lives in addition to this one. There was some significant
change, but the client seemed wrapped up or entranced in his victim role so much
that some of the regressions healing did not seem true or to stick. He would
continue to generate a whining tape, the pity pot, as he called it.

In the fifth month I did a remote session for him (with myself as surrogate)
regressing back to a life where he had experienced a cause around this theme of If
they knew who I was they would kill me. The cause unearthed in that remote
session had been the driving factor that kept him isolated from the world. I followed
that life through various feelings and into the Interlife and experiences there. There
was a strong connection there with an aspect of pure Being. Following this remote

Remote Work 20 McHugh

session other work began to bring about major change. He started feeling happier.
Work on healing of the victim aspect, shame, progressed comparatively well after
that session.

Further work ensued. Yet, he still remained entangled with the psyche of his mother
and so he requested that my surrogate partner and I do a remote session for him
regarding his relationship with his mother and getting her claws out of him.

Remote Session
Following prayer and induction and the surrogate becoming the client, there were
immediately some very prominent spiritual symbols that arrived - fiery crosses that
emerged (upon expansion) into brilliant lights. There was a processing of the clients
own internal stubbornness and identity before his mother arrived. Then came the
expression of anger that he had never been able to express in the one-on-one
sessions. The catharsis of anger was facilitated through the use of Gestalt tools
(exaggeration of resistance to expressing the anger). He received very strong
guidance for his spiritual work from a spiritual guide at the end of the session.

There was also important work that was done with his mother at the end of that
session. This was done in two ways. The first was having the client become his
mother so in effect it was as if it were a double surrogate process. The second was
just having the surrogate become the mother.

Outcome of Session
Feedback from the client in the next weeks: Lighter, . . Calm . . Relaxed . . . No
depression, no rage responses . . . Still some shame. One month after the remote
he went to visit his mother (out of state) for the first time in 11 years. His one-on-one
work after that session was easier. Though other issues remained, he found himself
happier and stronger than ever. Three months later he moved out of state and
continued to work with me via phone and later requested another remote on a
different theme. At last contact he stated he had visited his mother often, helping her
in selling her business, being with her in sharing charitable efforts in her community
during holidays and getting to enjoy being with her and her fianc.

Case #2
Woman, age 68, with pattern of feeling unworthy

Presenting Issue
The client had worked with me for about 3 months and had progressed well. A lot of
the work had dealt with the healing of the causes of being critical or experiencing
criticism by others. Some work had been done regarding her relationship with her
husband. The client was aware of an undercurrent of feeling unworthy. Though a
few regressions to cause had led to the childhood in this life and work on rescuing
the (inner) child had been successful, the feeling theme of unworthiness still was
present in her awareness.

McHugh 21 Remote Work

Remote session
The surrogate became the client and I had the client regress back to the cause of
the pattern of experience of feeling unworthy. She found herself in a life about 120
years ago in a Midwestern setting where her dad ran a boys school and she was a
little girl and had several brothers. Her mom had become chronically ill and died
earlier in her childhood. Her aunt had come to live with them during the terminal
stage of the mothers illness to help in raising the children.

During this period her aunt had kept the client away from the mother on the pretense
that her mom was so sick and tired, too tired to be with her daughter. The client
owned this as rejection. After her mother died, the little girl missed her deeply.

As time went on, her father decided when she was 12 that it was best for her to go
away to a girls' school. She had already developed the perception in the male
dominated atmosphere that nobody listened to her. So when she did voice her
feelings that she did not want to go away to the school, she perceived that her father
discarded her view.

At the same time she felt her dad did not know what to do with a girl. She felt that if
he spent the same kind of time as he did with the boys in the family and at the
school, she would feel differently about herself. She felt mad and sad being sent
away to the finishing school. This rejection was more than she could bear. At the
finishing school everyone seemed unhappy, the other girls picked on her, and the
teachers and the staff all seemed to fall into the same behavior of picking on her or
ridiculing her.

At age 15 her aunt called her home, as her father had become very ill. She came
home and shortly afterwards her father died. She noticed that she felt quite
distanced from that experience.

Later she got married, had a baby and felt incompetent as a mother and very scared
with the tasks of motherhood. Her baby died and she felt responsible and guilty for
the childs death. This experience was devastating for her and her heart went
away. She got pregnant again and the delivery was stillborn. Again, she took on the
responsibility of the second childs death and found herself feeling very distant. Her
friends related that she was not herself anymore. I dont want to be myself anymore,
. . . I just sort of check out, she said.

Much later, at age sixty, at the end of her life, she died as she was sitting in the
kitchen. She experienced this death as release. She felt alive (Here the face of the
client through the surrogate went through a noticeable shift of lightening).

In her review of her life after leaving the body, she related understanding that her
parents both loved her a lot as a child. She saw how she had spent all that time not
feeling good enough. But that wasn't it at all. I did not trust myself to see through
different eyes. I am never going to be good enough if I am seeing myself through

Remote Work 22 McHugh

others eyes.

This realization was immense for her and yet so simple. As this feeling deepened
she found herself in that place of light and no thought . . .It just is.

Upon my suggestion she carried the light and the feeling of place of no thought back
to that life to watch the impact on that life. Starting from her childhood and moving
forward she got to live that life in (her) fullness. At the end she commented, I dont
have to live my life in others eyes.

Outcome of Session
A week later the client reported that she no longer was having thoughts or feelings of
being unworthy. Three months later she still was aware that this was not an issue for
her any longer.

Case #3 (Two remote sessions)

Woman, age 61, with feelings of depression, sadness, failure

Presenting issues
The client had been working with me for about 3 months by the time of the first
Remote Work session. At the outset of her work she had the presenting themes and
issues of depression, unworthiness, sadness, failure, and hopelessness. Additional
descriptions included that she was bothersome to people and there was
something wrong with her. Much of these feelings were integrated with the
presence of physical symptoms of fibromyalgia, bells palsy, and chronic neck pain.
There was also strong pattern of communicating to loved ones and friends about her
physical pain and problems as a means of gaining attention and affection.

Treatment during the first three months

During the first few months of therapy we used Regression Therapy and Spirit
Releasement. In her regression sessions she had a pattern of either feeling such a
failure that she would end up weeping and absorbed in her belief that she could not
do this work well or she would regress to a life where a particular cause was
unearthed and process that cause, but after the processing would immediately
return to the feeling of unworthiness or failure and begin weeping again. She
behaved as if there had been no release of any of the residues from the regression
that had occurred several minutes before.

Remote Session
At her request I did a remote session for her on healing of the cause of the theme of
unworthiness. As the surrogate became the client and regressed to a life that was a
cause of this low sense of self, a boy appeared in a white tunic garb in a life
somewhere in the eastern Mediterranean about 2500 years ago. The client, as this
boy, had been trained from early childhood by priests. He was a particularly gifted
healer. He had received secret knowledge as to healing with herbs and other

McHugh 23 Remote Work

spiritual means. His position in the society was very high and he was regarded with
great reverence for his powers. He had never failed to bring about a healing with
anyone that was brought to him. As a result of his egos interpretation of these gifts,
he had grown very arrogant.

One day the parents of another boy brought their son to him for healing. He
mistakenly gave their son the wrong herbs, which resulted in the outbreak of a very
painful rash and death of the son. As the horror of this death appeared before him
and the rage of the parents of the child followed, the boy healer felt totally distraught.
His arrogance left and he vowed that he could never do this again. He would never
use his power again.

The remainder of the former healers life was processed. At his death he carried the
horrific charge of that memory the childs death and carried his conviction that he
should never be in his power again and that he was worthless as a person.

In the Interlife, dialogue was fostered between the parents, the child, and the healer
(client) about the incident that changed their lives. Processing in this realm
eventually led to forgiveness that was experienced by all parties and the presence of
the Light was felt more and more deeply by the former healer.

Outcome of Session
One week later in the first regular session after the remote, the client appeared
much softer and her face more clear. She said she had felt very full with
enthusiasm since the remote with more joy and more energy. Even her
relationship with her husband had improved. She felt a sort of return to her own
power and for weeks continued effervescent about the change since the remote.
Her issues of unworthiness and something is wrong with me no longer appeared.
Her relationship with her children and grandchildren shifted as she no longer felt as if
she were bothersome to them. Gradually, a strengthening developed in her as she
moved forward to address other issues.

Several months later, additional regression sessions to causes of other patterns lead
to a series of past lives that had similar process patterns at the end of each session.
Even though she might be feeling a shift immediately after a regression, she would
often slip into the pattern of the drama of failure within a period of ten minutes or
so. This being a failure was often related to her experiences of physical pain due to
her bodily ailments.

Second Remote Session

I suggested another remote session. This session uncovered a lifetime where the
client had been a 13 year old girl on a horse farm in Kentucky. After a fall in a
jumping competition that was stimulated by her own fear, she became permanently
disabled and died after two years of physical suffering and subsequent pneumonia.
During this time she had learned that she could not receive love from her parents by
expressing her emotional feelings but only by expressing her distress about her
painful and deteriorating physical condition. (Her skeletal structure had been

Remote Work 24 McHugh

crushed from her waist on down.)

In processing her Interlife experience, the issue of her choice between moving into
the consciousness of the Light or immersion in the drama of suffering and self
indulgence became even more explicit. The awareness of the continuity of this
pattern in the life and the therapy of the client offered a focus for future regular
session work - to facilitate experiential sessions of higher altered states and
Presence of the Self. I chose to do this to bring more experiences of higher states of
being to help her be more clear as to her choices.

Outcome of Session
Over a period of several months the client began to make steady strides in leaving
the old patterns of identity with the pain of the body and communicating about the
pain to gain recognition or attention. She began to reduce the number of weekly
visits to various physical and energetic therapies. Though there was vacillation
between old and the new pattern of being more in touch the Self, a strength was
beginning to appear in her presence. Conscious experiences of connections with her
inner being became more frequent in the sessions and she began to open to such
experience with more and more receptivity. Additionally, she found herself drawn to
spiritual teachings of a particular writer that supported the shift in her focus.

It is, of course, difficult to link this clients growth and healing directly to the remote
sessions in this case as many other regular sessions have occurred since the two
remote sessions. But mirrors of the two sessions continue to show up in the regular
one on one sessions. A couple of months after the second remote session the client
even repeated verbatim particular statements she had made through the surrogate
during the remote. (She had not heard the tape of the session nor had she had any
information as to the content.)

Application: Remote Healing for Children

A childs healing may easily be facilitated through Remote Work where otherwise
direct work with the child may not yield any enduring healing results. Childrens
healing of past life issues or attachments may not be addressable in a one on one
(physically present) due to their age or demeanor (such as hyperactivity, attention
deficit, etc.).

Case #4
Female - Age 4 with physical balance problem and hysteria

I had worked with the remote clients mother for 8 sessions. The mother had shown
herself to be very open to deep trance work, with an ability to report excellent detail
and find herself totally immersed in the feelings in the process of regression in other
lives. Additionally, we had done Spirit Releasement process and cleared out several
attachments at the beginning of her therapy. She had cleared out a great deal of
past life trauma, She was available to do this remote for her daughter and be the

McHugh 25 Remote Work

Presenting Issues
The childs mother related that the daughter had been experiencing several
problems since she was a baby. Among them were: delayed crawling and walking
development, feeling and expressing terror, body shaking when her body was in
motion or she was anticipating motion such as on a swing; hysterical around big
dogs; frequent screaming and crying since she was a baby. The daughter also
expressed belief to her mother that the kids her age didnt want her around so she
would not go out and play with them even though they had expressed to her mom
that they wanted her to come out and be with them.

Remote Session
After induction of the mother I had her call forward the daughter and become the
daughter. Then I had the daughter begin a scan of her energy system checking for
any attachments or the energies of any traumas of this life or another. She saw an
image of a baby and she regressed back to her birth and delivery in this life. She
related being in the womb and Close to Mommy, and how tight but warm and good
it felt. She related how her mom felt scared and so the daughter did not want to
move. She could see the doctor pulling her out and doing so real fast, then
brushing her and tapping her foot.

Everything is so bright, she said. I know I am not with my mom. Everyone sounds
so scared. I can feel them scared and hear them saying things like my mommy does
not want me. That is scary. I can feel a woman holding me on a cart and moving
fast. She is scared. Im scared. I feel like I did something wrong.

As the daughter continued processing the experience after the delivery she related
becoming aware that she had known this being scared and everything moving so
fast was going to happen. She related that she also had known beforehand that it
was going to be hard. This was not the first time I had tried to be with Mommy, she
said. I was always around her.

I instructed the daughter with the help of the angels of the White Light to go way
back to an earlier significant event with her mom. She found herself in a stage prior
to birth and related how she and her mom had made an agreement before she was
born. She also shared the awareness that here is (the presence of) a lot of love
and we love each other so much.

I had her bring the a lot of love back into her experience in the womb and the
delivery and afterwards. As she did this she related, There is a light in the room and
I feel safe. It is a white and yellow light like the light where I came from.

I had her move forward and watch the impact of that light on her experience. I still
see the light, she exclaimed. Everything (in the birth and delivery and post delivery)
is more safe. She reported that the movement of her and those around her at the
delivery and afterwards was no longer scary.

Remote Work 26 McHugh

I asked if there was any other fear or terror. She related that she saw something
dark and scary in her room and that it moved around the house. I did a releasement
process and cleared out a dark entity that had been haunting the house.

Outcome of session
The mother commented after the session that she, herself, felt a lot better about a lot
of things while she was being her daughter AND realizing her part in the agreement
the daughter had referred to. She also realized that she had not failed her daughter
and feeling the love in that place (prior to her daughters conception) was so

One week later, the mother reported that her daughter no longer felt scared in the
house and that she had begun to go out with the kids and play as if she had never
had an issue with that before. She also allowed her mom to swing her upside down
and when she tried to ride her bike and fell she got right back on with out any fear or

Three years later, these improvements remained.

Case #5
Female, 9 years old, with separation anxiety

Presenting Issue
The girls mother related that every time the mother would prepare to go away on a
business or pleasure trip, the daughter would experience separation anxiety, get
nervous and anxious, become very angry with those left to care for her in the
mothers absence. She would also become hostile toward the mother prior to her
departure. The daughter was also on medication for a diagnosis of ADHD and was
under the treatment of a psychiatrist for that disorder and for her separation anxiety.

Remote Session
Working through the surrogate and with the permission of the daughters Higher Self
in the beginning of the session, we proceeded with the interview and then had the
daughter regress back to the cause of the pattern of separation anxiety. She found
herself witnessing the scene of an automobile crash just after it had taken place. The
bodies of two adults were found in the auto by the people who discovered the
accident. Then we identified that the client was also a 9 year old girl in that life and
that her parents had gone out for the evening. Both were killed in the auto accident
and the girl was raised by relatives. She became aware of several feelings and
themes that developed as a result of this trauma: she felt abandoned, angry and
depressed. For the rest of her life it was difficult for her to have relationships of trust
and she died carrying that anger and bitterness about the loss with her.

We processed the death experience into the Interlife, where in the presence of the
Light she was reunited with her parents, expressed her anger, experienced
forgiveness within herself about their departure in that life and felt reunited with

McHugh 27 Remote Work


That evening, two hours after the remote session, I called the mother to share the
notes about the remote session for her daughter. The mother stated that she had
been getting ready for a trip that was to follow in two days and had reminded her
daughter that she should begin making her plans for how she was to spend her time
while her mother was away. This instruction by the mother was a protocol that had
been developed with the psychiatrist for managing the daughters anxiety in these

To the mothers surprise, the daughter reacted in a very calm fashion and did not
seem disturbed at all in anticipation of her mothers trip away. For the four days of
her mothers absence, the daughter stayed with the grandmother who reported that
the daughter was fine and happy the whole period.

Two years later, the outcome remained the same and no reoccurrence of the
presenting symptoms had been noted.

Application: After a nearly successful suicide attempt

There seems to be no limit to the applications of Remote Work. Below is a case that
was rather dramatic and in the end very fulfilling for the client and the therapist. In
retrospect, it shows the unusual ways a soul will arrange for its healing and

Case #6
Woman, age 33, with multiple symptoms, panic attacks and recent suicide attempt

Presenting issues:
Client had just attempted suicide with an over dose of medications. She had nearly
succeeded and did remain in a coma while in the emergency room. She came out
of the coma and was held for observation and then placed in an inpatient drug rehab
program. A week or so later she was in the outpatient program.

Prior to suicide attempt, client had been very angry for a long time. She had been
experiencing extreme loneliness, panic attacks, excruciating pain and a sense of a
huge gapping hole in her chest and stomach. In addition she expressed feelings of
worthlessness, devastation, confusion, fear of abandonment. She had a pattern of
obsessing about relationships with men and aching for sexual union to reassure
herself of her value and worth. Client had a history of substance abuse since teen
years and in early twenties had been in a residential program to address a pattern of
addiction to relationships with men.

She was on prescription (Prozac) and had severe depression and suicidal ideation in
the past. Under the care of the psychiatrist and the medications, the ideation had

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Treatment Prior to suicide attempt and Remote Work:
Over several sessions a large amount of clearing was attempted using Cellular
Release Therapy and Regression Therapy. We also used spirit releasement. There
was definite progress but then there would be falling back into depression and
suicidal thoughts. Arrangements for her to make contact with her psychiatrist in
case of planning a suicide were reinforced.

During all this time, unbeknownst to my self, the client was using and abusing other
sedatives and medications from other sources. So some of the regression sessions
did not seem to take and most of the issues remained.

Three months after the first session, client attempted suicide. She had called the
prescribing physician about her plan. She noted later that when she had had earlier
severe depression episodes and called him about them, he told her to increase her
dosage of Prozac. The day of the suicide she called him and left a message about
her desperate state. He never returned the call.

During the first ten days after the suicide attempt, I did four remote sessions for her.

First Remote Session

Inquiry of the client through the surrogate in the first remote session revealed some
views of the clients motive for the suicide attempt. She wanted to stop the pain.

A scan of her energy system found several attachments, dark beings that were in
control, according to the client. These were cleared out.

Client shared through the surrogate that prior to the attempt she had been very
vested in a pattern of putting blame on others in her life for her circumstances and
pain. She became quite descriptive of that pattern of blaming her parents and others
in this life and we did regression to the cause of it. She found herself in a life where
she had been blamed for the house fire in her home that killed all her family except
her. There she grew up with the experience of being totally ostracized by the town
and believing that the townspeople were right. So she blamed herself and never got
close to anyone else her whole life.

At the end of that life she concluded that someone has to carry the blame for things
and also that she was not worthy of having a family. The death and Interlife of that
life was processed and after she had been in the Light of the Heaven worlds for a
while I had her bring that energy back to that life. She felt it transform the trauma of
the fire and death of her family. She then realized that she was not alone and that
there was relief in realizing that there was no right or wrong and no blame for her (in
truth of the Light).

Second Remote Session:

In the following remote session the client reported that she felt much lighter and

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hopeful. We looked for other lifetimes that were causal to the pattern of blaming
others and uncovered another where, as a Native American woman, she did not like
being female and was unhappy. The United States Army had moved her tribe to a
different reservation and she missed her home.

She described a big space around (her) heart which came about when the army
had taken her tribe and she felt that the men in her tribe should have refused. In the
US government school she was very angry and held on to blaming the men in her
tribe for not standing up to the army. She died in her teens.

We processed that life through the death and into the Interlife after the death and
into the Light. We then carried back the energetic experience of the Light to that life.
In that perspective she saw that the men were not to blame and she had not needed
to struggle so hard. She was peaceful.

As we carried the transformed view of that life forward to see the impact on this life,
she had an epiphany. She saw that she could be without blaming of others and as
she expanded on that she realized then I would be responsible. Then she felt her
stomach turn over as she became aware of the pattern in her of the fear of making
mistakes. I would have liked all my screw-ups to be somebody elses. But now I am
hopeful and calm and not scared.

Third Remote Session:

At the beginning of the session, the client shared that she needed to work on her
anger towards men. We did a remote regression to the cause of that anger.

In the regression we came to a life where she was an infant and had been born with
a disfigured face and left on a rock in a river to die. The men in her African tribe
called her a bad omen. Her beliefs from that life were that she was not welcome
and if I am not perfect, Ill get sent back.

Again, we processed the death and the journey into the Light of the heaven worlds
and carried that Light back to revisit the life. She felt safe being born this time. She
saw how she had blamed the men of the tribe and had an inner dialogue with the
chieftan. She then found herself accepting her own personal power and concluded
at the end of the session that I dont have to give my power away to men.

Fourth Remote Session:

In interview with the client through the surrogate at the beginning of this session, the
client indicated that there was more to address around her anger toward men. We
did another remote regression to the remaining causes of this pattern.

As an infant girl she was left by her mother in the hospital and then temporarily taken
in by a family. But the man in the family ended up saying no, well have no more
babies and a huge fear went ripping through (my) chest. She concluded Oh,
nobody loves me enough to stand up to the men. The world is not a safe place for

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Eventually, she was taken in by another family but as she grew she noticed that her
heart was easily broken in relationships no matter how much you guard it. Growing
up she saw herself not trusting boys and not allowing herself to be close to boys. I
dont get hurt, but I dont get what I want and dont get my hearts desire.

In processing the death in that life, she realized that her beliefs had kept her from
her hearts desire. She saw pictures of the men in her life she had blamed. After
entering into the Light and carrying the Light back to watch its impact on that life
from the birth on, she saw that I dont have to base my beliefs on the actions of
others. It is so clear that it was NOT about me and whether I was good enough. It
just was!

Carrying forward these realizations and the Light into this life she saw that others
choices do not reflect on me. She felt a strength in herself.

A short while after the four remote sessions the clients family noted how the client
had changed and was no longer the angry woman she had been.

After she entered into the drug rehab outpatient program I continued to work with the
client, but on a one on one basis. She processed her sessions and regression
healings well, and remained off medication or substances. She continued to grow
and heal in many areas. A year after the suicide attempt, she no longer felt any of
the symptoms described at the beginning of this case. She had had no more suicide
ideation and was no longer angry but a very funny, happy person with a strong
sense of self.

Other Applications: Other cases where clients may request Remote Work who
are not able (for various reasons) to be physically present with the therapist.

If the remote client is new, it is advisable to do one phone session prior to the
remote to establish rapport and identify themes or issues to be addressed in the
remote session. This approach in turn can enhance the clients trust and belief in the
process. In recognition of the power of his or her own intention for healing,
encourage the client to make a prayer or intention to the universe or Higher Power
for healing of the causes of the issues that have been identified in the phone

Simple consideration should yield the conclusion that, in some cases, Remote Work
cannot replace the one-on-one contact with a client by a therapist and the necessity
for such therapeutic interaction based upon the demands and request of the client.
But some clients are not available physically or emotionally. Remote Work can be a
good way by circumventing the egoic minding of the subjects resistance.

McHugh 31 Remote Work

A client may be willing to become the other person (from a relationship) in order to
facilitate healing in that relationship.

A regular one-on-one session for a client may be in process. The intention may be to
arrive at the causes of patterns of experience in relationship with a particular person
in this life. During the session, the client may regress to a life where they are being
with the other person and explore the experiences and process the significant
experiences and events and feelings/beliefs of that life and the relationship
thoroughly. The client then can process the death and Interlife experience in the
Light and return back to bring the impact of the Light to that targeted life.

This observation can be followed by the client in that life becoming the significant
other in that earlier life and doing the same processing through the death and into
the Interlife and bringing the Light of the Interlife experience back to the targeted
past life of the significant other. This awareness can not only lead to a true
experience of forgiveness and compassion on the part of the client, but also
contribute to healing of the cause of the others trauma or negative behavior.

William Baldwin in his manual, Spirit Releasement Therapy suggests the viability of
becoming the other as a benefit only to the client, though the inference is that there
is impact on the other party of the relationship (Baldwin). David Quigley encourages
this process as a benefit to the other in his teaching regarding the process he calls
EPC, Etheric Plane Communication. (Quigley)

There are any number of possible variations and applications of this process of
having the client becoming the significant other person in a clients life and then
having the client (as the surrogate for that person) do regression to cause of relevant
themes or issues (and appropriate releasement).

Client - 34 year old male becomes surrogate for his fathers regression to heal
fathers anger

Presenting Issue
Client (a recovering alcoholic) was experiencing panic and fear when considering
mundane tasks of managing some of his practical responsibilities of joint ownership
of a property. The pattern of fear and panic had been pervasive in his adult life and a
great deal of regression to childhood and past lives and releasement therapy had
been done over a period of twenty previous sessions. His childhood had been
saturated with physical and emotional abuse by his parents and some sexual abuse
and was a reflection of similar patterns of victimization in other lives. Prior to this
session a great deal of healing had taken place and the pattern of panic and fear
had diminished significantly.

At this juncture in the therapy, the client was moving out of feeling like a victim into

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wanting to experience being responsible for himself and his wife and children.

Regression Session with Remote Component

Regression to the cause of the fear of being responsible brought the client to
recollection of a series of events in early childhood (7 years and early teens) when
parents were extremely critical of him. Finally, upon seeing his fathers deep and
constant anger, the client wondered out loud, Why is he so angry?

I had him become his father to feel what was happening in his father. The words of
his father came forward, I feel like I could die. With that expression, I addressed
his father, suggesting that he go to the source of that feeling and he regressed to a
life where he was working in a coal mine, was always scared that there was going to
be a cave in and, in fact, met his death early on in such an accident.

His father felt angry that someone else had not done his or her job appropriately and
was very unhappy. He felt fear in his death about who was going to take care of his
family and became aware that his anger was increasing. Meanwhile, he was just
waiting above his body and not progressing to the light. Suspecting an attachment, I
had the clients father look to see if there was any. A black demonic was identified
and a releasement process ensued.

As the father rose into the light after the releasement, he entered into a state of
compassion and love towards others. I suggested to him that he carry that feeling of
love and compassion into this life and see what the impact would be upon his sons
(The client had one brother). The father responded by apologizing to his son, the
client and stated that I can see him now as he is - not as I want him to be!

Then I had the client return to being just himself as the child and he was freer and
happy. Returning to the room and the day, the client noted he felt calmer and had
much insight into his father.

Two weeks later the client stated that his relationship with his father had changed
considerably and his father no longer expressed criticism or anger towards him. One
year later those changes in the relationship remained.

Number of Remote Work Sessions

Generally, long term application of Remote Work (more than one or two sessions)
requires an ongoing feedback mechanism for outcome measurement. Ideally, one
would want feedback directly from the client as to awareness of change in their inner
and outer processes and experience. Further inquiry would be needed to confirm
impact of each session and to assess other issues or themes to be addressed
through additional Remote Work sessions.

Without the availability of direct feedback and inquiry, the therapists must make

McHugh 33 Remote Work

inquiry through the surrogate and facilitate her discernment of the progress and
changes to the emotions and patterns of the psyche of the client.

This work never ceases to amaze me. It is a constant reminder that the limits to how
healing can be brought forward are only within our own beliefs, mindsets, and

I have found that there are some personalities where this work has not appeared to
have brought a benefit or positive change to a clients life. Those who are
determined to not take on the yoke of their own life and the responsibility for their
own life appear to be those who do not seem to manifest any change from a Remote
Work session. To date this has been a small minority of the cases.

Remote Work 34 McHugh


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For review and summaries of most of these titles go to www.gregmchugh.com

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