the Agriculture Agenda

Week Aug 23-29, 2010
Events directly and indirectly related to agricultural development

Mon 23
Small Ruminants Week Bahamas 22 – 27 August, 2010

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The week-long event supports the development of local staple-food industries and offers an opportunity for both prospective entrants and veterans to broaden their knowledge and skill. Small ruminants are an important source of incomes in agriculture and food security in the region. This program is being coordinated by the IICA Bahamas office, The Ministry of Agriculture and CARDI. International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition is a United Nations observance worldwide. It is not a public holiday. This day is meant to pay tribute to the men and women who played a significant part in the abolishment of slavery system, the slave trade, and colonialism. Agriculture was a main stay of the early colonies and patterns of production and tenure were changed in the post-emancipation Caribbean. A delegation of eight (8) farmers and agriculture stakeholders from the North East Farmers Organisation (NEFO) of Grenada and the Guyana Agricultural Producers Association (GAPA) of Guyana who will be visiting St. Vincent and the Grenadines on a Study tour commencing on Tuesday 24th August – Saturday 28th August, 2010. The Study tour is aimed at giving the delegation an insight into agriculture production in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Focus will be made on farming practices, the different types of crops produced and the technical assistance needed to produce crops such as sweet potatoes, yams, dasheens and eddoes. The delegation is expected to visit several farms including dasheen, yams, eddoes and sweet potato farms. The Study tour is currently being organised by the CaFAN through ECTAD under a Letter of Agreement with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) with funding from the European Union All ACP Agricultural Programme (EU AAACP). In 2009, ECTAD farmers benefitted from training and technical support provided by FAO and the EU AAACP. In 2010, ECTAD will receive further support to strengthen its capacity in the production and marketing of roots and tubers under the EU AAACP. The Department of Marine Resources through its Food Safety and Technology Laboratories is coordinating a series of technical workshops. This workshop is designed to provide scientific information, demonstrate proper processing procedures, in-house quality control procedures and issues regarding food safety, Good Manufacturing Practices and personnel hygiene. It will further stimulate the interest of the small and cottage entrepreneurs and the potential processors and enhance their capacity to provides Bahamians with food that is competitive, nutritious, safe and wholesome. The forum is geared towards young professionals from public and private institutions involved in the agricultural sector and agricultural producers from different regions throughout Saint Lucia. Its purpose:- to enable them to acquire a global vision of agriculture thus enhancing their leadership skills; establishing them in a position to promote a series of strategic dialogues from which they may derive an in-depth view of those processes that influence agriculture and rural development in the hemisphere. The aim is to enhance their abilities to grasp the new roles they must play at national and international levels. The Eastern Caribbean Trading Agriculture and Development Organisation (ECTAD) in its continued effort to promote farming as a viable and sustainable business will hold a one day Crop Production and Marketing planning conference on Wednesday August 25th, 2010 at the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) training room in Kingstown commencing at 10:00am. The planning committee, set up in 2009 to organize crop production linking to targeted local and overseas markets; link food production to health, nutrition, tourism; and link crop production to the overall marketing programme of the Caribbean Farmers Network (CAFAN), will review ECTAD/CaFAN’s production and marketing strategies and the current production in SVG, identification of marketing opportunities available both local and overseas and introduction to ECTAD sister organisations from Grenada and Guyana among others. This event is hosted by Choices Restaurant, College of The Bahamas and offers an opportunity to taste the imaginative three-course meals prepared by chefs from the ‘Mystery Basket’ containing a range of food items: local items undoubtedly being the favourite. The Agriculture Think Tank is an effort by IICA-Bahamas and the BAFY–Bahamas Agricultural Forum for Youth – which brings youth in agriculture and professionals together with a view to encouraging the youth to choose careers in agriculture. Also, through its monthly meetings (March – October) solutions to various issues and topics in agriculture are tackled. The forum which is scheduled to take place at the Finn Damtoft Agriculture Library is also a wonderful avenue for networking. A traditional fishing village, Anse-la-Raye, located on the west coast just south of Castries hosts its SeaFood Friday which provides a readily accessed market to local fishermen and supports other agri-food businesses which participate. A wide range of local seafood, which is globally promoted as the ‘healthier protein’, will be available to all visitors. Fish festivals are a fairly popular avenue to promote the fishing industry and garner support for the industry in the region. The Dennerey Fish Festival, held in the east coast and traditionally fishing village of Dennerey, is a major attraction and provides important support to the local seafood industry and agri-food sector.

International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition Worldwide 23 August 2010



ECTAD Study Tour by North East Farmers Organisation (NEFO) to St. Vincent & Grenadines 24 –28August 2010

Dehydration Workshop Food Safety and Technology Laboratory Bahamas 24 – 25 August, 2010



Young Leadership Forum Bay Gardens Inn St Lucia 25 – 27 August 2010

ECTAD planning meeting St. Vincent & Grenadines 25 August 2010



Taste of the Caribbean Luncheon College of The Bahamas, Bahamas 25 August, 2010 Agriculture Think-Tank Summer Student Intern Program 2010, Bahamas 26 August, 2010





Anse-la-Raye Seafood Friday St. Lucia 27 August 2010 Dennerey Fish Festival St. Lucia 28 August, 2010



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