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Louis Vuitton Teen Line: Purses

McKenna Krul & Natalie Lally

4 October 2017
As the Head Product Managers for Louis Vuitton, we have had a sparked interest for a focus on a
Teenage Line. Over the many years our brand has been around, our CEOs have realized we have
produced the same colors and patterns. Our hope as a company is to reach out to a younger generation.
In this line, we would like to introduce a variety of colors and styles to suit the average high school girls
wants and needs 2. We realize that not every teenage or high school girl has the ability to drop the money
needed for our brand as is, so in this line, the prices will be dropped accordingly for high school students
by 25% from our original prices. Throughout the process, we conducted several surveys to see what
colors, styles, prices, and previous brands our target consumers prefer.
Survey Questions Regarding Purses

name of student and favorite color style preferred (big, brand preference? price limit
grade level small, long strap,
short strap)

Rebekah Bollman 9 black long, small kate spade 100

Ainsly Bissett 9 black long,small coach 100

Elizabeth Feczko 9 beige short, big kate spade 125

Isabella Madonna 9 beige long, small kate spade 150

Ally Kosinski 9 black long, small michael kors 150

Avery Polak 9 blue long, small kate spade 100

Delaney Lah 9 blue small, long kate spade 150

Lily Lamb 9 brown long, small coach 150

Emma Popisil 10 blue small, short tory burch 100

Sara Virostek 10 black long, small kate spade 100

Brooke Sturgis 10 black long, small coach 100

Gracie Muth 10 black long, small kate spade 100

Emma Pherson 10 white small, short coach 250

Ava Whietsel 10 black long, small coach 75

Gabby Dinucci 10 black short, small kate spade 100

Alayna Yost 10 blue small, long kate spade 150

Dominique Smaldino 11 blue big, short coach 80

Lauren Mathlage 11 red big, short coach 70

Olivia D 11 black big, short michael kors 200

Emily Gregor 11 white big, long kate spade 200

Gabriella Mudd 11 brown small, long Louis Vuitton 500

Isabella Iozzi 11 white small, long Louis Vuitton 125

Maddy Stewart 11 black long, big kate spade 200

Claire Green 11 brown long, big kate spade 50

Maggie Bartony 12 brown long, small kate spade 100

Sophia Whitesel 12 black long, small kate spade 100

Brooke Carmazzi 12 black long, small kate spade 100

Emma Ivory 12 black long, small coach 180

Grace Schneider 12 brown long, small kate spade 150

Kim Lichaver 12 brown long, big michael kors 100

Gillian Ward 12 brown long, small kate spade 80

Kaitlyn Grubbs 12 brown long, small coach 50

Price Limits for Purses
Classes Frequency Relative Cumulative Midpoints Boundaries
Frequency Frequency

50 - 140 20 0.625 20 95 49.5-140.5

141-231 10 0.3125 30 186 140.5-231.5

232-322 1 0.03125 31 277 231.5-322.5

323-413 0 0 31 368 322.5-413.5

414-504 1 0.03125 32 459 413.5-504.5

Price Limits for Purses


Price Limits for Purses


This box and whisker plot lays out the data of the Price Limits for Purses, found in our survey.
This graph shows the median, IQR, maximum and minimum of our data collection. By looking at the
graph, we can see where the hotspot for prices girls are willing to spend on a purse.

IQR: 50

Mean: 133.9

Range: 450

By looking at the IQR of 50, we can see a better spread of our data not affected by the outliers.

When looking at the mean, we know the average price point that is suggested from our data. The range

suggests More the higher or lower side of prices we can have, but not target around.

Standard Deviation: 81.5

The standard deviation of our data tells us how close each individual data value is to the mean.

This gives us a better understanding of how to price our products.

Purse Color Preference

In the pie chart, the different color preferences are shown based
off our our survey data. We can see that the most popular color is black
followed by brown, then blue, white, beige and red. When making our
new products, it is important to keep in mind what colors are preferred
compared to those that are not.