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Reggio Kindergarten- November 2017

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Mac Island Art October NO SCHOOL
Field Trips (AM & Assemblies Professional
PM) (8:15/12:10) Learning for Staff

Milans Birthday!

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Heers Birthday! NO SCHOOL Remembrance
Remembrance Day
Hasyas Birthday! Day Holiday

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Day In Lieu of due today!
PTIs *Pic Retakes
(during PM)

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Lilys Birthday! Field trip to Reggio Family Darshs Birthday! Term 1 Report
Construction Site Game Night Cards go home
(AM and PM) 6-7 today

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PM class field trip Parent Teacher Parent Teacher NO SCHOOL
to Art Foundry Interviews 5-8 Interviews 3-6 Professional
with Pocket Heart Learning for Staff
Lady Jacobs Birthday!

Pond Trip #3

Its hard to believe its already November. We have a busy month and we will continue our work reviewing letter sounds and working on forming letters properly in
our printing books. In Math we will focus on sorting, as well as beginning to explore numbers to 10 by making sets. We are continuing to focus on learning the 7
Habits and will be revisiting our classes mission statements. Project work will continue on caring for our pets, construction, and the pond as well. We will also be
working with artists in our classroom and the community as we explore various forms of art making together.