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Individual Presentation Topics (Business Economics)

Dear Students
Communication skills are among the intangible skill sets most valued by employers. The ability
to communicate effectively, especially during oral presentations, can boost your marketability
and viability for work in a variety of careers. To develop strong presentation skills, you need to
consider both the verbal and nonverbal factors involved in delivering your message.

1. Why should we study economics as business students?

2. Different economic systems
3. Microeconomics vs Macroeconomics
4. Market, features and examples of Competitive market and monopoly market .
5. Demand, demand law, demand schedule, quantity demanded, individual demand curve,
market demand curve, demand curve shifters.
6. Supply, Supply law, Supply schedule, quantity Supplied, supply curve, market supply curve,
Supply curve shifters.

7. Market equilibrium, Market disequilibrium, excess supply, excess demand, effects of the
change in demand and supply on equilibrium price and quantity

8. Elasticity

9. Price Floors and Ceilings

10. Tax on buyers and sellers, incidence of tax

11. Accounting profit and Economic Profit

12. Short run costs and their curves

13. Elasticity and the role of price elasticity of demand and income elasticity in business
14. Compare between monopoly and perfect competition.

15. Consumerism and its relation with Economy.

16. Materialism and Happiness

17. A comparative analysis on Capitalism and Islamic Economic System

18. Role of zakah in stabilizing economy

19. Consumer surplus and producer surplus

20. Features of perfectly competitive market and price, total revenue, marginal revenue and
average revenue of a typical firm under perfect competition

21. features of monopolistic market and oligopoly market with examples

22. A competitive firms profit-maximizing level of Output, its decision to shut Down, to exit a

23. Monopolys Revenue and its profit maximization

24. Sunk Cost, Economies of scope, Collusion, Cartel, Price Discrimination, price leadership,

25. Production and Factors of Production

26. Production Function , Fixed and variable factors/inputs of production ,Short run and long run
in the context of production

27. Short run Production Function and Total, Average and Marginal product

28. Short run Production Function and the law of diminishing marginal returns

29. Long run Production Function and Returns to scale

*You can create your own topics but must be related to economics.

Each student will choose any 1 topic and prepare for individual presentation
with audio- visual aid.
30 to 40 minutes of each class will be used for Presentation.
Each student will have no more than 6 minutes for presentation.

Presentation of 6 to 8 students will be held in every class.

After presentation send your power point slides at sharif7394@gmail.com

Asst. Professor Md. Shariful Islam