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Transaxles TXLs for Forklifts

Our transaxles (TXL) are suitable for internal combustion forklifts having power from 38 to 55 kW
(51 to 75 HP), are then successfully used on forklifts having a lifting capacity from 1,5 to 3,5 tons.
Those transaxles are available in 2 sizes, TXL20 and TXL30 families: are easy, strong, offer flexible
layout and are suitable for diesel and LP gas forklift trucks.
The reliability, the performances and the minimized and easy maintenance offer excellent total cost of

Type of Input Max. input torque to Minimal lenght - wheel center to Dynamic load
Brake dimensions Ratio
transaxles power transmission at stall torque converter housing capacity

kW Nm mm mm kg
TXL20 38 410 494 254 x 48,5 5000 1:13,8

TXL30 7250 1:11,2 or 1:14,05 or

55 630 508 310 x 60 1:15,42 or 1:16,58 or
TXL35 8200 1:19,35

Type of Converter housing size
max Electric control Inching Power take off
transaxles connection to engine flange

TXL20 Connection flange SAE A, 2 holes (SAEB opt.), R
Hydraulic or mechanic
1:1,069 to the engine, continuously transmittable
TXL30 2800 SAE3 or SAE4 26W Max 12V or 24V with horizontal or
torque 130 Nm, spline 16/32 = 30 11 teeth;
vertical control lever set
TXL35 13 teeth opt., peak torque 142 Nm

* Oerlikon Graziano holds the right to change the mentioned specifications without any previous information.


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